Friday, January 20, 2017

fukk skateboarding, yo!

and fukk you! a trick” or treat, honestly?

heath kirchart ©

on fukkin' point, and this is probably one of the best quotes in skateboarding's history, in my bloody opinion. =)

this is also one of the few reasons that i personally dislike methods, style and technicalityaspects on how to push a fukkin' skateboard properly. so distasteful and seriously, who really gives a fukk?!!!

no, i am neither mad nor angry, i am just sayin'... so, 
you go ahead and do your thang, and i'll do mine, aight? thats' it, end of story.


everyone wins!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

“skate on film” - the history & importance of skate videos!

“pixxx or footy or it didn't happen!”. =Þ

espn x ride channel ©
click on the image above to watch the full episode of “skate on film” on espn.

jerry hsu, tony hawk, jamie thomas, geoff rowley, matt hensley, andrew reynoldschris cole & many other skaters tell us why skate videos are so important to our culture.

narrated by mike vallely“skate on film” gives skaters a full understanding of the “what” and “why” that goes into making skate films.


pathways (full length skate video)!

brett nichols x pathways x vimeo ©
click on the image above to check out more of  brett nichols videos on vimeo.

pathways is a skateboarding film focused on modern architecture, drawing its influence from the skate videos of japan. 5 years in the making and filmed primarily in the san francisco bay area, it stars chris jatoft, josh paz, and many more.

learn more about this project in reel talk with brett nichols over at the transworld site, here.


if vimeo happens to be unavailable in your region, alternatively, you can watch the full length version of pathways, here.

enjoy the muthafukkin' piece of art, yo!

Friday, January 13, 2017

work in progress: the carharrt wip archives book!!!

carharrt wip ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

about this book.
back in the eighties, when the western world was deluged by a wave of blue denim, carhartt’s brown duck work coats entered the streets as an antidote. detached from their original raison d’être of attiring hard-working men in mines and on railroad tracks, they arrived in our cities as some sort of new anti-denim. soon after, and largely due to the efforts of carhartt’s european distributor work in progress, the american workwear classic evolved into the international streetwear icon by which we know it today.

work in progress: the carharrt wip archives is the first comprehensive publication exploring that remarkable evolution. edited by michel lebugleand anna sinofzik, with texts by gary warnettmark kessler and anna sinofzik, it features more than 350 images including heaps of hitherto unpublished photographs, artworks, as well as ephemera drawn from the company’s own archives and different private collections, providing an unparalleled look into the brand’s bustling universe.

featuring the extensive story of the brand from its humble beginning to their most popular garments like the detroit jacketwatch hatsiberian jacket, and cargo pantswork in progress is a celebratory, transatlantic stroll through the company’s rich and colorful history. this collection will appeal to both fashion enthusiasts and devotees of american cool.

about the author.
gary warnett is a fashion and culture journalist, copywriter, and consultant based in londonmark kessler is a writer, translator, and copy editor based in freiburgian luna is an author and editor based in new yorkmichel lebugle is an editor and designer based in düsseldorf. anna sinofzik is a culture editor and writer based in berlin

carhartt work in progress (carhartt wip) forms a division of the american brand carhartt, one of the first company’s to pioneer workwear in the usa. founded in europe in 1989100 years after hamilton carhartt established his business in detroitmichigancarhartt wip has been carefully adapting and modifying carhartt’s core product characteristics for a different audience of consumers who value refined design and quality while remaining true to carhartt’s brand origins. since the beginning, carhartt wip have built a strong, organic relationship with unknown, inspiring, provocative and upcoming figures in music and sport, becoming an iconic and well respected brand in underground scenes, from hip- hop to skate, from graffiti to cycling, as well as working with labels such as a.p.c.neighborhoodpattavansjunya watanabe and many more. starting with one store in london in 1997carhartt wip have meanwhile opened flagship stores in more than 60 locations and can be found in over 2500 stores worldwide.

carharrt wip ©
check out carhartt wip.


scrapple: throwaway footies from lost soul skateboards “magic camera” film! \m/

the shenanigans that did not make it into the magic camera dvd, but t'is still gold, none the less! eh yo, mr. ray gurz! what does a person like me hafta do to be flow-ed for some ov 'em lost souls boards from you? =D

all the good stuff that didn't make it into magic camera” earlier this year (2016)!

music by lumpy & the dumpersman is the bastard and brainbombs!

you can still purchase a copy of “magic camera on dvd format, here!

lost soul skateboards ©

tune in and enjoy, yo!

oh holy, wow!!! thrasher publishes magazines now!!!

who would have thought, am i right?!!! hahaha! =Þ

thrasher magazine x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

got the new issue of thrasher magazine february 2017 - issue #439 last week, with yonnie cruz smacked on the front cover of the slab! i'm not even gonna give any sorta comment on this one, so why don't ch'all go out and get ya'self a copy, a'ight?

but if you wanna know more tho', go watch the short clip of the first look below video. thanks!


first look: february 2017 issue ov the bible with nora vasconcellos!

nora broadcasts live from the arctic circle, where the weather is frigid, but the new issue brings the heat.

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.

icymi: heroin skateboards - video nasty (full length)!

this shit below, is dope! the whole heroin skateboards international jingbang, in one sweet killa film, from 2013, yo!!! snooze and you'll lose, sukkaz! chekkit out, y'all!

video nasty features the whole heroin skateboards team and was filmed all over the world, from manchester england, osaka and okinawa in japan, vancouver canada, paris france, los angeles california, and even more exotic locations that i've forgotten the names of. video nasty is no means your average skateboard company video, it blends creative skateboarding at strange spots with eccentric personalities, the result is a skateboarding video unlike any you may have seen before.
- fos.

heroin skateboards ©
check out heroin skateboards.

enjoy the film, yo!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

hey eee eh...! yeh eee yeh...! i got this book the other day!

globe international ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

purchased this big ass globe international book, as show in the image above, a day before new years eve last year (2016) at a local book store. well, i actually made them bring it in store for me, as it would have definitely cost hella lot more if i had mail ordered it myself and by the way, this book weighs a ton! i fukkin' kid you not!

unemployable: 30 years of hardcore, skate and street, consists of 705 pages from cover to cover! this muthafukka is jam packed & filled with more than 500 photographs and illustrations, with hardcover binding and weighs a little over 3 kilograms! no fukkin' lie, i tell ya! more like a couple of cinder blocks rather than a book.

i strained my right shoulder from the sheer weight of it gravitating down on the slings of the tote bag that i was carrying this book in, during my whole day out. what a fukkin' pain in the neck!

alright, alright... let's get on to business now. actually, i had already mentioned about this book before purchasing it in a few posts sometime back. so, go and read it, hereyou lazy arses! well, that makes us even, since me own arse is too damn lazy to write a personal take and / or review for this ginormous beast!

anyways, fuck the world, go read as many books as you can, take photographs and while you're at it, don't forget to push your skateboards too, muthafukkaz!

globe international ©
check out globe international.

peas 'nd curry!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

two! two! two posts in one!

oh look, a clothing company made a magazine!

hahaha! if you don't get the header, you never fuckin' will... =D

thrasher magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

got the new issue of thrasher magazine january 2017 - issue #438 a few weeks back. what a fucking gnarly issue this slab of pulp is! i got the alternate cover, with the late dylan rieder (rest in peace) on it. this issue come with a sheet of stickers and a whole lot more jam packed in the pages. y'all gotta cop yo'self an issue of this, yo! or you might regret missing out on one of the best magazine released for 2017... go out 'nd git some!

watch below as marc johnson flips thru' the pages ov the bible in the first look.


the man with the magic feet sits down to pour through the january 2017 issue. spoiler alert—it’s heavy from start to finish!

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.


ollie! ollie! ollie, yo!

ollie magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

alright, okay... here's an issue of ollie 12 2016. december vol.212 (my own bread). this japanese street / skate culture magazine is kinda a'ight... nothing much to review in here, unless you want me to describe to you in details about the photographs and images in it, 'cause most of the text published in this magazine is in japanese, hence... =|

ollie magazine ©
check out ollie magazine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

skateboarding.3d - the book!

i finally got my hands on this gem of a book below, a few weeks back. the 2nd revised edition of skateboarding.3d by sebastian denz. it is definitely one hella bound full of dope-ness! \m/

sebastian denz x prestel publishing ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

put on the 3d glasses and immerse yourself in a hyper-real world of vibrating color, extreme tricks, and professional skateboarders. featuring the european carhartt skate team and inspired by virtual spaces, this award-winning volume brings the culture of skateboarding to life while exploring the thrilling possibilities of 3d photography. skater and photographer sebastian denz spent three years travelling across europe photographing some of the best skateboarders within its borders. long before 3d became popular in current cinema, denz used its effect to capture these striking images, including portraits of skateboarders as well as action shots in various locations from diy spots to skate bowls situated in barns and backyards. denz built his own large-format camera to take the 3d pictures in a never-before-seen quality and produced unique images which come to life in three dimensions and pay tribute to skateboarding culture.

texts by martin roman deppnerklaus honnefgottfried jäger and sebastian denz.

112 pages with 88 colour illustrations (3d-anaglyph), hardcover & inclusive of two 3d glasses. edition of 3,000 by prestel publishing.

sebastian denz ©
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

yuh who?

this video footage was uploaded a few days back, on vimeo by the rad dudes at lost soul skateboards. amazeballz! chekkit, yo!!! \m/

yuh yanagimachi's part from magic camera.

pick up a copy of the full video, here.


“berlin”!!! \m/

just be very careful for what you wish for... 

lodown magazine x berlin ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

this time around our mission was to do an entire issue on our hometown of “berlin” - an ode to the city’s future and past with some present thrown in the mix for good measure.

and here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our “berlin” issue.

- david lichtenauer... is dividing his time between building high-concept skate ramps, high-concept airplanes and high-concept miniature filmsets - amongst many other creative high-concept things.

- thomas von wittich... has been following berlin’s notorious graffiti crew “berlin kidz“ for two years - and luckily for us he always carried a camera with him. 

- moscowman... probably is the hottest ticket on today’s dance floors, not only in berlin but world wide - and we had a long conversation with the young Israeli about his mission to free all dance floors. 

- ruth wolf-rehfeldt... is an unfairly forgotten genius from the former gdr, whose art is very complex, very skilled, very elaborate - and it was entirely created with her trusted typewriter.

- more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “berlin” from the likes of: lukas feireiss, andreas gehrke, anna uddenberg, live from earth, conny maier, zhivago duncan, alex gnädiger and many others.

cover by daniel josefson  (r.i.p. 1961 - 2016).

the “berlin” magazine has the format 200mm width x 250mm height and features high quality print, different paper stocks & comes with flaps + specials colors!
lodown magazine.

lodown magazine ©
check out lodown magazine.


girl's new collaboration with ian reid pushes the envelope!!!

warning, the footages you're about to watch are NSFW, guise!!! so all ov y'all, please view at your own discretion, a'ight? thanks!

between the lines: ian reid x girl skateboards!

photographer ian reid and girl skateboard's co-founder mike carroll give us the lowdown on the opening of reid's new exhibition, “a day's work,” at these days, which not only showcases a healthy amount of reid's fetish photography, but marks the exclusive release of his skate deck collaboration with girl.

havoc tv ©
check out havoc tv.


girl skateboards x ian reid collection | out now!!!

girl skateboards x ian reid collection are available now in select shops and online at these days, here!

our man ian reid is one of the most gifted and original photographers and we teamed up for a new collaboration between girl skateboards and ian featuring his photography. check out some fun we had during the opening of his new show “a days work at these days gallery.

featuring: ian reid, mike carroll, tyler “manchild” pacheco and riana.

filmed and edited by john marello.

crailtap ©
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