Sunday, October 23, 2016

peace park - the documentary trailer.

peace park is a documentary about a turf war ragging in a small park in the heart of montreal’s downtown core. fighting for the public space is a community of lifers that consists of drug dealers, crack addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and the homeless. there is also a community of skaters who use this spot because it’s perfect for skateboarding. the two communities battle daily over the space, but there exists a larger conflict with the city and broader elements of society who see both groups as “undesirable”.

local skateboarder david bouthillier has chronicled these conflicts for the past 12 years as the city and police embarked on measures bordering on the absurd in an attempt to rid the park of these communities and clean up the area’s image.

the documentary explores the historical importance of the neighborhood and how a series of attempts by the city to clean up the area has contributed to the current situation in the park. it looks at the present political conflicts between corporate greed and grassroots artists, and how different forms of underground culture, particularly skateboarding and graffiti, have made their mark on the public space.

a theme of tolerance is weaved throughout the story, told through interviews and personal accounts matched with raw, violent and highly disturbing footage that reveals a unique glimpse into the reality of the street life for many metropolitans.

a human perspective is maintained by showing individuals with problems that need addressing instead of a single problem while highlighting broader social and urban problems.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

magazines, mutafukkas!

first look: november 2016 of the bible with andrew reynolds.

the boss catches a copy of the new issue and waxes poetic from figgy’s front all the way to the back cover. we’re still making 200 page mags!


thrasher magazine ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

got me'self the latest issue ov thrasher magazine november 2016 - issue #436 and i think the boss has got to be the first person ever, to be featured on the first look video of thrasher magazine to point out how many fucking shoe advertisements there are featured in the bible. ha!!! =D

also, fuck the 2020 olympics, which will be held in japan to have skateboarding as an event. fuck that bullshit, seriously! but if you’re into that sorta shit, and your perspective and angle of skateboarding is a form of “sport”, you do you, a’ight? who the fuck am i to force feed my personal views of the skateboarding culture to anyone, right? it’s the end of skateboarding as most of us have known it to be...

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youth by lodown magazine.

youth x lodown magazine ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

after the big anniversary issue #100 we thought it’s a brilliant idea to deal with youth and its subsequent cultures - before we’re getting too old to have a clue about it. this is the first issue in a series of shape-shifting editions in a mono-thematic fashion.

and here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our youth issue

- don letts... the original culture clash master, who single-handedly turned a generation of punks into reggae enthusiasts, speaks his mind about youth culture’s rich past and rather sober present.

- mark oblow... has been busy building his own brand moblow between surfing, skating, consulting, shooting photos for various clients and enjoying the beaches and food of costa mesa. 

- less... the celebrated south korean photographer is an expert when it comes to capturing seoul’s youth, which has the tendency to completely lose it as soon as the weekend arrives.

- sylvan rand... was there, he witnessed all the new styles and movements and protests of the last five decades, and saw how the youngsters finally liberated themselves - and luckily for us, he finally decided to open his impressive archive to the public.

- more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “youth“ from the likes of: trevor jackson, zuza krajewska, mike blabac, the internet, gaurab thakali, kazuhiro hori and many others... 

specs for the trump card players: 220 mm width x 274 mm height, portrait format, high quality print, different paper stocks, uv lacquer.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

ride in peace, dylan rieder...

today is a really sad day for the skateboarding community worldwide...

news came in all over the skateboarding social media, that dylan joseph rieder, passed on earlier today, the 12th of october 2016, at an early age of 28, due to complications battling cancer, leukemia to be precise.

you were really one of a kind, the best at what you did and also, a truly inspirational individual. yet you have gone too young, too soon... maybe the skate gods have better plans for you up there, somewhere...

ride in peace, dylan and my regards to all the legendary skate rats that have passed on and are there with you above the clouds.

legends never die and you'll forever be remembered in our hearts. thank you for the mark and impact that you have made for the skateboarding culture, community and skate souls worldwide.

dylan joseph rieder ©

ride in peace.

Monday, September 19, 2016

hoojemaflap online blog 'zine about 'zines!

some ol' newzzz...

hoojemaflap ©
hoojemaflap ©

hoojemaflap wrote about ironxhanger some time back in '09. such an honour to be ranked one of the top online skate 'zines by them. the online web 'zine which was based in the uk, came to a halt at the end of '11. oh well... that's that! =|

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

first look at the october issue ov the bible with arto saari...!

living legend arto saari, our 2001 soty, takes a thorough journey through the latest issue.


thrasher magazine x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©

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photo: pinkviolence.

great issue ov thrasher magazine october 2016 - issue #435 (a free sheet ov stickerzzz included too, yo!) as seen in da first look video with arto saari above, but in all honesty, “do you even subscribe, bro…?”=D

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Thursday, September 08, 2016

san antonio de los baños: a visual vignette!

the video is a 3 minute mood piece mostly shot in a small town called san antonio de los baños, cuba - where the second biggest skate scene on the island resides. on every trip to cuba, we visit this small town to deliver skate gear and support the town's emerging skate community. we bring havana skaters on these trips, and it's a great way to build and grow the island's skateboarding family. shot in july of 2013.

a big thanks to insightful for the licensing of his music!


veedro films follows a crew of talented and restless skaters from havana, 23yg, as they team up with american skateboarder miles jackson to build a state-of-the art skate park and vie for a chance to host their country’s first-ever international skate competition. the crew faces challenges. their current skatepark is decrepit and needs repairs before they can host a first-class skate competition, sponsors are hesitant to work around a harsh american embargo, and there are many bureaucratic hurdles in the way before the cuban government approves construction permits.

but over the 9 months it takes to build the park, jackson and 23yg will prove that they can overcome cultural prejudice, bridge the gap between cuban and american bureaucracies, and host a skate competition, opening cuba to a global cultural movement.

cuba skate ©
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Monday, August 29, 2016


this crazy, beer guzzling, metal up your ass shredder, jerry gurney, turned pro during the blood wizard x element's tour some time back. it's been a fuckin' long time coming, ever since he appeared in the opening sequence of blood wizards'masters of wizardry vol. 1. that shit was hella tight, so it's not a surprise why tho'. anyways, congratulations and watch the muthafukkin' video below, if you have not. hells to the yeah!!! \m/

jerry takes tricks from different skate eras, adds some rockin' music, and puts it all in a blender. the result is one hell of a good time and a killer edit. congrats on going pro for blood wizard!

blood wizard ©
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