Thursday, July 30, 2009

skateboarding related book synopsises.

disposable : a history of skateboard art by sean cliver
this book shironxhanger ©owcases over a thousand skateboard art graphics from the last thirty years. it contains recollection and stories from notable skateboarders such as jim phillips, lance mountain, pushead, ed templeton, jason jessee, steve caballero, jason lee, tony hawk, steve rocco, natas kaupas, todd francis, mike vallely, jeff grosso, craig stecyk iii, jeremy klein, bam margera, tommy guerrero, mike mcgill, thomas campbell, rodney mullen, rob roskopp, christian hosoi, steve alba and many others, providing a fascinating account of art in the skateboard subculture.

skateboard art of jim phillips
this retrironxhanger ©ospective on jim's skateboard art bombards the reader with colourful skateboard decks, logos, ad art, ad layouts, photos and stickers to illustrate the history of skateboarding from the urethane revolution up to the present. you are invited for aride, an inside view of phillips studio, to observe the wacky world of his crazed studio artists, and examine their graphic assignments.

the story traces the roots of skateboarding with more than half-century of phillip's involvement. it provides insight into the creative evolution of the sport and the worldwide interest and influences that has occurred from this california artist.

skate and destroy : the first 25 years of thrasher magazine

ironxhanger ©in january of 1981, a group of skateboarders in san francisco put together the first issue of thrasher magazine. today, thrasher is bigger and better than ever - it's name is synonymous with both skateboarding roots and constant evolution, international corporate bigwigs try to buy into thrasher's credibility, while kids tattoo the magazine's mantra, skate and destroy, into their skin.

skate and destroy
is more than just 288-page retrospective. the magazine's staff - past and present - left no ramp unturned or old concrete park unearthed in seeking out the lost photos, the covers that never were, untold stories of secret skate missions, and accounts from skateboarding's top riders of what thrasher has meant to them. like those tattoos carved into the arms of skaters worldwide, thrasher is forever.

thrasher epic spots : the places you must skate before you die
ironxhanger ©this photo book showcases the world's best, biggest, and gnarliest skate spots, and describes why each one made this book's list. some spots are just around the corner, some spots are around the planet. you have to check this book out for yourself to enjoy the ride.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

all hail cardiel!

the longest and most videos in one post on ironxhanger by far of a true living legend, john cardiel a.k.a dj juan love, remember that name! the baddest hardcore motherfucker on four wheels in my opinion. no one can imitate nor even come close to what he does or did. hope you get back on your feet and shred harder than you used to cards. this is my tribute and respect for my all time favourite skateboarder! all hail cardiel!

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.

below is a video of john cardiel's biography. a must watch! ©
check out

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Monday, July 27, 2009

july magazine reviews.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence
from top left:
concrete wave vol. 7 no. 5 • spring 2009
to be honest, before i read this magazine, i didn't really fancy the longboard much. but this mag has changed my perspective of the longboarding culture. if you're interested in longboarding and hill bombings,
this would be the mag that you'd wanna pick up. honestly, i was really oblivious that longboarding is fuckin' gnarly and it's whole different scene of the skateboarding culture altogether. inside this slab there're interviews with jay mandarino, a long time skate boarder and a very successful businessman who owns canada's cj skateboard park and school; on how he got the project started and also an interview with brandon ziskind, just to name a few. also featured in this slab are the ripper art show, featuring many global skateboard artists and artivists, brianne davies who is female speedboarder of the year. tons of great photographs not limited to only longboarding but also pool and shortboarding. some product reviews and all the other shenanigans featured just in other skate magazine. this is 100% skateboarding.

concrete wave vol. 8 no. 1 • summer 2009
again like i mentioned above this magazine does not only cover longboarding but all forms of skateboarding.
like what it says on the cover, 100% skateboarding. inside this slab features interviews with paul kent, aaron enevoldson and adam colton on their longboaring expedition thru bolivia and jay vonesh, a youth pastor who rides an eight wheeler. how fucking gnarly is that? also featuring birth of icons, a book about the history of vans skateboard shoes, beat the bastard 2009 which was held in queensland, australia, california's surf and skate museum, the results of pro-tec pool party, mad to skate by marcus bandy about his skate crew goofing around, attack of danger bay 2009, some article about skate activism, rodrigo gonzales a.k.a rodgon about how he got started doing art for skate companies, a scene report of spring salom & freestyle which was held in austin / marble falls, texas and tons of other stuff that would usually be featured in other skate magazines.

thrasher magazine august 2009 - issue #349
ly, this slab doesn't need a review. it speaks for itself, so grab yo'self a copy now! and if you're a skateboarder and have never heard of this magazine, you do not know what you're missing out on. i can't believe that i missed the july issue of this magazine. sigh...

the little zine at the bottom:

lowcard issue #29 06/09
a black & white, pro printed 'zine format straight outta san francisco, california. interviews with danger from consolidated skateboards, a fucking hilarious one about david gravette from creature skateboards on him taking a shit and piss while sleeping drunk on dan dreholb, while he was sleeping (wtf?!), salman agah (the person who is guilty of starting the whole switch stance skating) interviewing the gonz (that's mark gonzales, in case some of you are unaware), andrew "cuzza" currie from down under, jason wussler, jim lalonde about his upcoming bay area video and a band interview with hammers of misfortune. also featuring phnx 09' presented by c1rca, sweet tats and more sweet tats sections (some of them are stupidly ridiculous if you ask me) and p-stone pages chock full of photographs. also product reviews and tons of awesome transition photographs packed in this tiny little lame zine (i meant that in a positive way, of course). check it out and judge for yourself. i believe that issue #30 is already out but i may be mistaken.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

take it back!

don't do it ©click on the image above to enlarge.

i've been pushing planks on and off since i was fourteen years old. back in the mid 90's, a time when there was no espn, easy internet accessibility nor affordable cell phones. what i relied on was the non-constant distribution of skate mags here in singapura to find out about the latest updates in the skateboarding world. what started out as a hobby active only on weekends and during school breaks, turned out to be a passion and a lifestyle for me fifteen years later. i never claimed to be good at it but at least i try.

sometimes it saddens me to see that most of the young skateboarders these days are way too serious. yes, i have to admit that they rip hard and push themselves harder merely to get sponsorship but it seems that they take things for granted and also lack the fun aspects. personally, i do it simply because it is fun and out of passion. i eat, sleep and breathe skateboard. i keep it unconditionally low key and underground. always remember that less is more and nothing in this world spells out freedom better other than cruising around the city on my wood and scouting for rugged, obscure and untempered spots to skate at.

the purpose of this blog is to create and promote awareness to those who are oblivious to the fact that the skateboarding culture as we speak has been exploited and bastardised by corporate sporting goods giants and also to convert those who blindly purchase skateboard related products and are unaware as to where their money goes to. back to core skate shops and skateboarder owned companies or to the lard ass in a suit and tie behind the desk counting his earnings and doesn't give a shit about skateboarding, just as long as it's profiteering? you be the judge. if we stop purchasing goods from these clowns, eventually their empire will crumble. one skateboarder can make a difference but together, we can make a change.

revolt and take skateboarding back!

- pinkviolence.