Friday, September 25, 2009

magazine reviews.

the skateboarding revolution issue no. 99
ironxhanger ©the publisher for the skateboarding revolution, adam, sent me this along with a few back issues in the mail a few weeks ago for review. inside this thin bi-lingual skateboarding magazine from malaysia are interviews with malaysian skateboarders; ja and apit from kedah. also featuring fuad’s pro(?) set up, fairuzal from penang, bank 2 bank competition review that was held at cineleisure damansara sometime back, espn summer x-games 2009, terror from los angeles, california and carpathian isolution tour. also some news, product reviews and tons of nicely shot skateboarding photographs. issue no.100 will probably be out sometime next week, so look out for that.

check out the skateboarding revolution.

color magazine volume 7 issue 3 2009
ironxhanger ©wow! this special edition of color magazine is big, physically! there’s so much jammed in this colourful issue and i don’t even know where to start. this issue features the next and the best of the north american skateboarding scene. amazingly good read! there are a plenty of great stuff inside this ginormous slab and all i can say is, you have to check it out for yourself. amazing, simply amazing! also just fyi, color magazine is published on recycled paper and uses soy based inks to print with. that always makes me smile and also makes me look forward for upcoming issues. color 7.4 is already out and i'm anticipating for it to hit local book stores.

check out color magazine.

lodown magazine #67 july/august/september 2009
ironxhanger ©another great issue by this german/european publication. this magazine covers skateboarding, lifestyle, fashion and art. interviews with skateboarders; stefan janoski and anthony van engelen. also features tons of band interviews (too many to name drop). there’re also news, product reviews and abundance of fabulous fashion and art photography. pick this issue up if and when you can!

check out lodown magazine.

thrasher magazine september 2009 - issue #350
ironxhanger ©what can i say about this one? over two hundred pages of madness! have you picked up yours yet? october’s issue is out and i have yet to grab mine. skate and destroy!

check out thrasher magazine.

shiftymag. - august 2009 volume 1 issue #4
ironxhanger ©i picked this up at a mph book store in seremban, negeri sembilan, malaysia. there’re interviews with skateboarders; azreen from penang and deni tx from jakarta, indonesia. also featuring terence c about his skateboarding yester years, the opening of juice in kl, 8tv’s shout awards at bukit jalil last july, motion skate team from bali kl tour, klue’s urban scapes festival 2009 at klpac, the launch of the new push skate shop located at one utama, street horn syndicate and bangkit, malaysian’s own get up kids (pinkviolence: o rly?). some old news, product and sound reviews and well shot skateboarding photography. oh well, not too bad for a magazine that cost me rm5.50. september issue #5 is already out but i may be mistaken.

check out shiftymag.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

indonesi’am - winner, best international 2009.

directed by sébastien abes (france)

this film captured so much of what we were hoping for in the international category: a foreign location, filmmakers and skateboarders from outside the united states, and a story to be told with good skateboarding in it.

we’ve decided to make the entire film available for you here on the site if you weren’t able to see it on the big screen at the festival.

synopsis: six french skateboarders explore the country of indonesia, it’s culture, and it’s skate spots in a documentary like fashion.

taken from the skateboard film festival.

Friday, September 11, 2009

ba. ku.!

skateboarding on barriers, metal, satan, skateboarding and more metal! this is the barrier kult horde video from 2004 for mature audiences and not for the weak hearted. indulge thy fanatics.

barrier kult ©
read more about the barrier kult, here.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


i'm sorry that i have not been updating ironxhanger for quite some time now. i've been rather busy with my other obligations and also partly lazy to work on this blog. besides, there wasn't much news nor info for me to post up on here. i'll be sure to be back on my feet and not to slack in the future. and also there is a stack of skateboarding magazines yet to be reviewed and to be honest, i'm not in the mood to write reviews for them as we speak, but eventually they'll get done of course.

i would also like to thank all those who've been supporting ironxhanger by continuously checking out the blog and also thanks a lot to those who have been emailing me to enquire about ironxhanger's upcoming skate decks and t shirts. your emails always make my day and motivate me to keep working harder for ironxhanger, much appreciated. i am just as excited as you folks are.

below is a full length video by transworld skateboarding call "right foot forward". some of you may have already watched it, but those who have not, check it out. it's one of the best full length street skateboarding videos that came out in a long time in my opinion, besides nike sb "debacle" and adidas skateboarding "diagonal", but to hell with those major sporting goods brands trying to cash in on the skateboarding culture, tho' i have to honestly admit that the cinematography and editing for those two videos mentioned were bloody impressive.

'nuff about that. just watch the video below and enjoy, a'ight? it also has a great soundtrack too!

transworld skateboarding ©
check out transworld skateboarding.