Sunday, January 31, 2010

freedom of space.

freedom of space is a very interesting film, by steve olpin and tim irvin, about skateboard culture in public space. it has a look at the street skaters and their social and political conflict with the urban environment and publicity.

the film comments on the modern functionality of urban landscape/ public space and tries to get to the bottom of skateboarding as critical redetermination of our habitat. well worth seeing!
i'm gonna go push. enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2010

skateistan movie trailer.

skateistan is afghanistan’s (and the world’s) first co-educational skateboarding school. the school engages growing numbers of urban and internally-displaced youth in afghanistan through skateboarding, and provides them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment programs. the students are selected from all of afghanistan’s diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. they will develop skills in skateboarding, skateboarding instruction, healthy habits, civic responsibility, information technology, the arts, and languages. the students themselves decide what they want to learn; we connect them with teachers who will enable them to develop the skills that they consider important. since skateistan has been active in kabul, we’ve seen that afghan youth of all ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds love to skateboard. skateistan brings them together, equipping young men and women to lead their communities toward social change and development.
- skateistan.
skateistan ©
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screamin' inc.!

screamin' inc. is one of the last few remaining companies from the usa that still handscreen skateboards. they are based in fullerton, california and they have been screen printing skateboards since 1988. above is a short video showcasing chicken, explaining about the benefits of a screen printed boards compared to a heat transferred decks. enjoy!

screamin' inc. ©
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

magazines un-reviews.

my baby sister's back from melbourne, australia for three weeks for a short visit. the image below are some local aussie skateboarding magazines which she got me.

do reviews for them, you say? not any time soon and yes, i know i haven't been doing them lately.

reasons being: firstly, it's really time consuming and secondly, i am not getting paid to do so. unless, someone sends me magazines for reviewing, of course.

why not grab yo'selves those mags and do a personal review instead of relying on this crappy blog here? 'cause i know this personally, that most of you out there don't bother to purchase skateboarding magazines for yourselves. just saying...

ironxhanger ©photo: pinkviolence
from left:
slam skateboarding - photo annual 2010 and slam skateboarding - january 2010 issue 163.

also the january 2010 issue of slam skateboarding comes with a free ashbury - part & parcel pilgrimage tour dvd, which was not available here in singapura. f'n bummer, right? i know... maybe, it was only available in down unda'? plus slam skateboarding mags sells for 14sgd++ here. i say, fuck that shit!

anyway, thanks baby sister and much appreciated! and don't forget to mail me more local aussie skateboarding magazines when you return back to melbourne, okay? hahaha!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

under the bridge.

under the bridge, a diy skatepark video about the never-ending quest to keep pouring mud.

five epic skateparks, dozens of epic dudes.

quit bitching, start building.

featuring: burnside, washington st, bordertown, channel st and fdr.

with skaters: omar, hosoi, russo, rattray, drehobl, hewitt, heddings, navs, duncombe, hitz, mountain, red, monk, guzman, tnt, ox, and many more...

thrasher magazine ©
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skateboarding related book synopsises (part duex).

concrete to canvas: skateboarder's art by waterhouse & penhallow
ironxhanger ©
since a graphic was first hand-drawn onto a board, the culture of skateboarding has been creative and visual, with by-products such as videos, stickers and magazines, board graphics and clothing. in the recent years more skateboarders than ever have turned to art as another outlet for their creativity, skateboard magazines have begun to include more features on artwork, and an increasing number of exhibitions focus on art produced by skateboarders. concrete to canvas brings together for the first time a wide variety of the finest work by these artist, whether on skate deck, canvas, computers, in sketchbooks, or on the streets.

many of the artists selected for inclusion have used the streets as their canvas, as well as exhibiting in galleries, often fusing spray paints and marker pens with oils and acrylics. as well as skateboarders, this book will appeal to a wider art and design audience of graffiti and street artists, illustrators and graphic designers. it opens with an introduction by the authors explaining the concept of the book and examining the link between art and skating. artists are featured alphabetically, with examples of their work accompanied by a brief commentary, including quotes from the artists discussing their work and its relationship with skateboarding.

vans: off the wall (stories of the sole from vans originals)
ironxhanger ©
for more than twenty years, vans have helped turn pop culture inside out as the ultimate symbol of california cool. now, vans: off the wall tells the story of the community of artist, musicians, trendsetters, and action sports legends that inspired it all - as well as the iconic shoes keeping it all together. this personal, insider account features stunning photography and oral histories of the vans originals.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

minuit teaser.

minuit is a film by yoan taillandier due out later in 2010 featuring: masaki ui, alex richard, antoine roussel, sebastien daurel, leo valls, quentin sene, gaetan salvignol, gautier rouger, antoine riviere, soy panday, akira imamura, and many more. this looks like it is going to be amazing and you can’t beat raw street skating at night either. for more info check out here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

scored some reading materials recently.

not in the slightest mood to review these magazine below. but i'll do so when i feel like it. blah!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence
from top left:
thrasher magazine december 2009 - issue #353 and lodown
  magazine  #68 october/november 2009.

from bottom left:
thrasher magazine january 2010 - issue #354 and color magazine volume 7 issue 6 (special edition).

wanted: thrasher magazine october 2009 - issue #351. will pay cash money for it, hit me up here if you're willing to part with your copy. thanks!


update: already copped myself the october 2009 issue of thrasher magazine.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


better recognise.

vans shoe company ©

Sunday, January 10, 2010


below is an extract from "the poetics of security: skateboarding, urban design, and the new public space"; an essay by ocean howell.

"skateboarding is a thorn in the side of landscape architects, planners, and building owners; so much so that there are now design workshops that teach a series of defensive architectural tactics for deterring the activity."

what what?! but the urban landscape and architecture is our playground!

read the full essay and more here.


* the literal translation for "read" in islamic context.

Friday, January 01, 2010

ba. ku. lives!

taken from their segment in creature's new full length "hesh law". chekkit!

hail thy barrier kult!

barrier kult ©
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happy orwellian new year!

ironxhanger ©peace.