Friday, February 19, 2010

mailbox friday!

ironxhanger ©the mailer.

ironxhanger ©the magazine.
photos: pinkviolence

guess what else popped in my mailbox earlier today? the new, march 2010 issue #356 of thrasher magazine!

besides that, i am still
pissed and bummed out on the fact that february's issue didn't reach my mailbox! i was really looking forward to the converse "prevent this tragedy" dvd that's included with that issue.

i've emailed thrasher magazine's subscription department twice and this was what tina yamagata, the person in charge of subscriptions, replied in the second email:

"please allow until the end of feb and let us know if you do not receive it by then. thanks!".

it better reach my hands, by hook or by crook!



so f'n random!

ironxhanger ©random mailer!

ironxhanger ©random shit!
photos: pinkviolence

received these random shit above in the mail earlier today. an indy t shirt and a march 2010 issue of the skateboard mag from so cal skate shop. also, something else that i'll post later.

a'ight, wanna go make myself a sammich and then head out.

later blader hater!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in skateboarding i trust...

thrasher magazine / independent truck company / vans shoe company ©anti hero skateboards / spitfire wheels / bones bearings ©

names in the history of the push culture that i fully trust and stand beside, always! they can never go wrong! fuck the rest!

i regard these as brand loyalties.


re: codeine eye...

a repost from urzb's blog.


working together with ironxhanger for something we love. an interpretation of each other.

urzb ©urzb ©urzb ©urzb ©
illustration and photos: urzb

keepin' it traditional and raw!



ten tricks each featuring canadian skateboarders such as paul machnau, spencer hamilton, ryan decenzo, russ milligan, chris haslam, alien, deerman of darkwoods, nate lacoste, bradley sheppard, nate roline, bryan wherry, derek swaim, magnus hanson and many, many more.

don't sleep productions ©
check out don't sleep productions.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

f*** you fixies*!

ironxhanger ©
trend-oid hipster, motherfuckers! critical mass my ass! a few years too late into the revolution! yet you still drive around in your daddy's car when you're not riding your "bikes". fuck you and your crew! 'nuff said!

this video below is a parody of your stupid arse culture!

vamos son of a bitch!

* to those who are offended by this post, this applies to you and please carry on being offended.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

king for ironxhanger!

king / ironxhanger ©image: pinkviolence

above is a li'l something dating back from 1995. an ancient documentation archive of personal artworks from my secondary two art class' sketchbook. this one above, by the way, was drawn by king.

king might be doing some graphics and designs for ironxhanger in the near future, so keep on the look out for 'em.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

a package from shirts and destroy in the mail!

i placed an order for a substance abuse skateboards "black metal hardware" t-shirt from shirts and destroy exactly a week ago and it arrived in the mail earlier today, as i was on my way heading up town.

it's a bloody fucking amazing fitting and looking t-shirt with metallic gold prints on both front and back!

fuckin' scored and it arrived fuckin' fast too! all the way from peabody, massachusetts! hells yeah!

ironxhanger ©
the mailer.

ironxhanger ©
the front print.

ironxhanger ©
the back print.
photos: pinkviolence

substance abuse skateboards © shirts and destroy ©
check out substance abuse skateboards and shirts and destroy.


one time.

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: shahidil saleh

this is probably the only cleanest image of me jugglin' my plank, that i can find captured on a still camera in the longest time.

this was taken some time back, on 26th march 2009, of me doing a half cab heel flip to drop at a not so secret location. but the ledges at this particular spot are rough as fuck to be slid or ground on. it'll eat your planks like cookies, if you attempt to slide it and practically mince your trucks, if you grind them.

no matter how much you wax those bloody ledges, it'll still eat your skateboards up. f'n hell! this spot is only good for attempting jugglin' tricks to drops and manuals. but also beware, 'cause the ground is laid outta bricks. so, it's a gore fest, if you bail/spill and scrape your skin and flesh on it.

the big man's architects are seriously doing a marvelous job narrowing down and minimizing all the great spots and locations that are suitable for the art of street skating. there're always hassles one way or another when pushers find comfortable spots to session at. we seriously don't need any more skate parks, please. ecp, com'on... it should be rated as one of "the wonders of the world" for wanting to achieve great heights as an "international standard" skate park. what a waste of tax payers money for an overly ambitious and elaborated project. what we really need are hassle free real street spots.

i mean how bad can skateboards thrash on granite or marble ledges? they have placed stoppers on beautiful ledges and marble curbs and what's worse, some of these ledges have been ground down to act as blockers. some of these spots have been skated on for decades and have never been ground down as bad as how the park authorities' contractors did. these people are the ones who should get fined and summoned, not us. we are just tryin' to have some fun, mr. man.

a fine example is "memo". where skaters have been sesh'ing that spot since the early 80's. it's built outta granite blocks, weighing tons but it's still looks good as new, 'cept for the wax covered darkened areas. isn't drilling holes and locking in stoppers much more an "act of vandalism" to the monument? and let's not get started on cbd/raffles place. that place is almost baron now. we seem to be losing our playgrounds one at a time. it's a form of urban reconfiguration and that's sad news for us who have never caused any trouble, what so ever at these spots.

we are all public citizens, aren't we? so why are we not allowed to have fun in public spaces and places? and further more, we are tax paying citizens too! am i right? lets claim our streets back!

hammers, chisels and portable hand held power tools are our keys to unlock the doors. liberating one spot at a time.
- pinkviolence.


Monday, February 08, 2010

leisurator tm - a book on kinetic architecture.

leisurator proposes an interactive athletics surface. the design proposal by marco pastore, valentina sabatelli and nilufer kozikoglu, with the consultancy of arup and buro happold, for an adaptive, interactive, sport fields on the upper podium level of london's barbican centre combines off-line activities spaces with an on-line programmable, interface that allows users to schedule and plan events at the site. the book-lenght monograph documents all stages of the project design and development, including the combination of linked performative physical study models, prototypes, scripted IK digital models, and project drawings and images.

leisurator provides a reconfigurable field that engenders a variety of leisure, sport and improvisational activities. this field is programmed with a set of variable configurations, the transformations of which offer emergent conditions suggestive of alternate social organization and cultural dimensions of game-like activities. borrowing the urban sensibility of skateboarding culture, the design of the structure is informed by the series of temporal sessions, which by repetition over time will provide specific localization. the field structure will respond in two ways to the users. first, the kinetic mechanism will adapt to the existing programs considered as a timeline with environmental parameters. this pre-defines numerous configurations which are inscribed as latent performativities of the surface. secondly, the adjacencies and relationship in each of the configurations is to catalyze new way of using surfaces, walls and edges of the field, providing both defined boundaries for existing leisure activities (e.g., tennis, jogging, playground), surfaces for non-formalized games (e.g., skating, casual play, etc.), and zones which allow the occupation of space in a game-like manner.

taken from archinect.

leisurator tm ©
check out leisurator tm.


burnside - locals only and no bmx!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

that article above was taken from one of ride bmx's magazine circa 2005. my scanner's broken, so i had to take a hi res' image of it instead. i hope it's clear enough to be read. please take some time to read and educate yourselves. thanks!

for skateboarders by skateboarders!

por vida!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

free ironxhanger "skate rat" buttons!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

that's right folks, free! all you have to do, if you wanna cop one, is to send me a self addressed stamped envelope, if you're living in singapura. elsewhere in the world, all you have to do is send me 1usd to cover postage cost. email me here for my mailing address. limited to one per person, so don't be greedy, a'ight?

these buttons are limited to a hundred pieces and are for promotional purposes only, not for resale! i'll hunt you down if i were to find out that you resell them!

these button were produced courtesy of epidemic rexdistro buttons from singapura. thanks a lot epi! much appreciated bro' for giving me such a good deal for them!

support this independent / d.i.y folks!

epidemic ©


updates: we're all out of "skate rat" buttons. please look out for new designs to come in da near future.

Monday, February 01, 2010

gore skate art record sleeves!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

the image above are some intense grindcore bands' seven inch records that has some siq ass gore skateboarding related artworks on their record sleeves.

the one on top with the blue vinyl record, is a split seven inch of total fucking destruction and agoraphobic nosebleed. the artworks for the sleeve cover was done by none other than florian bertmer, who has done some siq plank designs for creature skateboards and substance abuse skateboards, just to name a few.

the one on the bottom is 50/50's debut seven inch. a gulf coast skate gore band that was released on agromosh records & 625 thrash. the artworks for the cover sleeve was done by daniel "sawblade" shaw of mangled graphics, who has done tons of artworks for underground grindcore bands. simply siq!!!

i'm too fuckin' lazy to link up those names, so y'all just go google them yourselves, a'ight? okay, i'm done.