Wednesday, March 31, 2010

finally received "prevent this tragedy" dvd in the mail!

what a lovely surprise! received this cons presents "prevent this tragedy" dvd from thrasher magazine earlier today, that was supposed to be included in the february's 2010 issue of the mag. got this for free, as promised! super stoked! can't wait to pop this in the dvd player and watch this!

ironxhanger ©the mailer.

ironxhanger ©the dvd.
photos: pinkviolence

much thanks thrasher magazine!
converse skateboarding / thrasher magazine ©
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

calling all d.i.y / independent skateboarding artivists worldwide!

hear ye! here ye!

ironxhanger is looking to work with sincere d.i.y / independent skateboarding artivists worldwide. designing or doing collaborations / crossovers artwork(s) for decks, t shirts and whatnots for / with ironxhanger.

it'll be commissioned based but to be honest, i cannot afford to pay much, in monetary sense. the most, if not all i can provide in return, are some of the actual products which your artwork(s) were used for. also, you are allowed to keep the original copies of the artwork(s).

interested parties, please hit me an email here and kindly leave your contact details. such as name, location on planet earth, artist moniker, medium / style, aim or skype screen / user name and a best sample (in *.jpeg, *.png or *psd format, preferably in 300 dpi or higher resolution) of the style of your art (need not worry, i won't use the sample of your artwork sent) and we can discuss the project from there on.

but please bear in mind that it'll take a while for the project(s) to be finalised, as i can get pretty busy with my other obligations.

i'm really looking forward and excited to do this. much thanks for your time and i hope to hear from any of you artivist out there who frequents ironxhanger.

"create and skate!"


Thursday, March 25, 2010

owle bubo plus cam caddie.

okay, just to make this clear. first and foremost, i am not an iphone user but this gizmo, shown below, is making me have second thoughts on getting one.

owle bubo is a device which mounts your iphone (3g and 3gs only) onto it and basically shoot skateboarding videos or whatever you want, fisheye lens style with your iphone at the fraction of the cost, compared to conventional video cameras.

and also, to use the owle bubo to its fullest potential, you might also need to use a cam caddie, for more steady and stable shots while trailing your subject skate, while you're riding your plank.

skate all cities ©front view of owle bubo attached to a cam caddie.

skate all cities ©back view of owle bubo attached to a cam caddie.
the accessories included with the owle bubo are, wide-angle / macro lens and a vericorder microphone. iphone is not included.

below is a short tour footage of the contents and accessories that's included in the owle box.

owle ©
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p.s. credits to skate all cities for unauthorised usage of those two photos above. sorry ricky! please don't sue my broke ass. thank you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

watch. get hyped. go skate.

"stay focused" features skateboarding from florida, baltimore, boston, philly, and new york.

true east coast skateboarding. chekkit!

focus skate mag ©
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

the man, the living legend!

ten skaters who changed the decade featuring john cardiel!

the clip above was taken from transworld skateboarding's 2001 "sight unseen" video. commentary by the man himself. i can never get enough of my hero, cards! chekkit!

all hail cardiel!

transworld skateboarding ©
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Sunday, March 07, 2010

magazines reviews and stuff. yes, stuff.

it's been a while since i've done proper reviews for skateboarding magazines and honestly these are all personal opinions as i have my rights to have opinions, no? anyway, here goes nothing.

shiftymag. - december 2009 volume 1 issue #7

ironxhanger ©got this as a gift from a friend when he visited kuala lumpur, malaysia. inside this thin slab of english language magazine from malaysia are interviews with joey, who's claimed as "king of handrail" in malaysia's skate scene, mario from bali, indonesia and e, who runs cloth & clef. also a band interview with malaysia's pop band, black coffee honey. a bunch of news and reviews and the same ol' shenanigans. great photography inside this issue and that's the only good thing i can say about this mag. what cracks me up every time i read this magazine is the "mail box" section. fuckin' silly arse questions!

the skateboard mag issue 72 march 2010

ironxhanger ©the year's best am: tyler bledstone. blah blah blah! don't fancy this particular periodical personally and i got it for free in the mail, well, sorta. go check it out yo'self and april's issue is already out in the local book stores. bleah!

thrasher magazine february 2010 - issue
ironxhanger ©#355
since i did not receive my subscribed copy in the mail, i had to go all outta the way to look for this one, since i hate missin' an issue of thrasher magazine. unfortunately, i was told that converse's "prevent this tragedy" dvd which was supposed to be included with this particular issue was for us' residents only. fuck that! anyway, what else is there to say about thrasher magazine? this issue is fuckin' bad ass and i stayed up all night reading this issue as well as march's issue, both at the same time. beat that suckas! hahaha! anyway, thrasher magazine, the magazine so to speak, can never go wrong!

thrasher magazine march 2010 - issue #356
ironxhanger ©got this in the mail. read above about what i have to say about thrasher magazine. another bad fuckin' ass issue! never fails to make me enthuse to look forward for the next issue. april's issue is out and i can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. can i say, stoked? yes, i can!

poweredge - number two 2010

ironxhanger ©so damn stoked when i saw this at a local borders book store. a li'l expensive but what do i expect? it fuckin' borders! all imported magazine are expensive there, when this one clearly states that it cost 3.99usd above the barcode. maybe i should subscribe to poweredge as well (?). i'll see how that goes. anyway, inside this not so thick issue are interviews with the hale and gray brothers, willy santos (yes, what ever happened to him? he's still shreding in the dark!), ben schroeder, deer man of darkwoods/the barrier kult (hell fuckin' yeah!) and a double interview with norman woods & derek "ghost" burdette. a hilarious article call,"hey man can i sleep under the ramp?", lol! tons of random skateboarding photography and the usual shit you find in other skate mags. i am very glad that poweredge ressurected. 'bout fuckin' time!

ollie - 11 - 2009 #127
ironxhanger ©if only i can read japanese, i'd do a long write up about this thick slab of a magazine. but since i can't understand a single word, i'd just describe to y'all about this one, a'ight? it's a steet fashion cum skate come music crossover magazine. tons of great skate fashion photography and "stuff". this magazine is very consumer based, it makes me wanna buy, buy, buy clothes but no, i'm not gonna do that! it's a very "street jack" kinda magazine for the hip, cool and trendy kooks out there who are into street and skate fashion but can't do a simple fuckin' ollie, if you know what i mean (?). ha! but honestly, i picked this up just 'cause it comes with a vans knapsack premium and that's about that. fuckin' superficial, i know. ha?

go google these magazines to find out more.


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

art, skateboarding & life.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

i copped this andy howell's - "art, skateboarding & life" book at one of my favourite book stores earlier, for cheaps! he is definitely one of the most prolific artist in history of the skateboarding culture.

this coffee table book also includes two dvds which i have yet to check out but i assume they'll kick ass, just like the book!

i'll be sure to do a short write up / review about this book as soon as i am done with it (in the near future, hopefully...). in the meantime, check out the link below for the synopsis of the book.

andy howell ©
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Monday, March 01, 2010

we are skateboarders.

an upcoming documentary about the evolution of skateboarding and where it's heading towards.


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