Wednesday, April 28, 2010

drop mails not bombs!

below is something i got in the mail late last week. the new thrasher magazine, bitches! even tho' i've already own two copies of the same issue prior to this, don't ask me why and don't ask me how? sometimes miracles and magick just happens to the best of us. a'ight, 'nuff and all 'bout that!

but anyway, since i don't have a proper digital camera with me at the moment and the one that my eldest sister uses and owns, don't do good with close up shots, i'll just use these couple of pictures from the ones i tweet-ed on twatter. yes, twatter. a micro blog that has messed up my life almost completely, like a bitch in heat! okay, enough about bitches in heat, let's get on with the kitab*.

ironxhanger ©the beaten up and repacked mailer. thanks singpost! splendid job! looks lik'a f'kin' dog gnarled into it and shit! but apparently, it's still wrapped up in that plastic bag. ebay gold someday (?). hahaha!

photo: pinkviolence

ironxhanger ©tha muthafuckin' mag, yo! got this a week before the mail dropped in.

first look: a short clip of tnt grilling through the may issue of thrasher magazine above.

* kitab is an arabic term for book / magazine.

Friday, April 23, 2010

in the park...

with taylor smith.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

r.i.p fausto vitello.

thrasher magazine ©click on the image above to enlarge.

fausto vitello (august 7, 1946 - april 22, 2006) was an american businessman and magazine publisher. vitello is the creator of thrasher magazine and co-creator of independent trucks.

read more here.


"illustrious truck warlord fausto vitello passed this life on april 22nd, 2006. we know that somewhere out there he's having a blast. four years? we miss you."
thrasher magazine.


some new read...

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

i got this book above, "skateboarding is not a crime : board culture past, present & future" by james davis with photographs by skin phillips earlier in the evening from a trade with straits records, with the money from my vinyl records that they have been owing me but that's another story.

i have yet to get on to reading this but most of the features in this book, seems pretty enticing, as i was flipping thru' it. i will definitely do a review / write up along with some of my other previous skateboarding related books purchased.


Sunday, April 18, 2010



bacon skateboards ©
check out bacon skateboards.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

asian skateboarding dvds reviews, sorta...

panaroma - di mana kita berada
ironxhanger ©i copped this dvd a few years back from a local skate store and have only watched it a few times since. the footages in this dvd are not too shabby neither are they "professionally" done but it's good either ways. it features mostly skateboarders from all parts of malaysia and dang, some of these peeps shred really hard and they have good bags of tricks on 'em too! there are also a couple of skateboarders from hong kong, if i am not mistaken, whom are friends of the producers, featured in this too. this dvd features malaysian skateboarders such as syakir, joe ipoh, ah thong (he fuckin' ollied over a honda cup!), usher, fuad, pa'adin musa, keiron brodie, kecik kepong and loads of other malaysian locals. this was done in 2007 and most of them have progressed to levels on par as that to most american and european amature skateboarders. do not under-estimate these malaysian skateboarders just 'cause they are asian malays. running time of this dvd is estimated at approximately seventy minutes. i am not sure if this particular dvd is still available out there but if it is, you betta cop one and witness this one for yourself. i'd rate this dvd 7/10, 'cause it could have been a lot better in my opinion. maybe i had high expectations from this (?).

check out skate malaysia.

30 days - skate video project
ironxhanger ©this is a really interesting dvd that i purchased a few weeks back from krookz, a skate store in kuala lumpur, malaysia. it was shot within 30 days, hence the title. the footages in this dvd are so fuckin' bad and i seriously do not understand why they had to do such a rush job (?). this is more like a documentary film as such to "a day in a life of..." more or less, if you catch my drift. directed by munir muhammad, this dvd features malaysian skateboarders such as usher, fuad, eyman tk, azreen, adam, a few other malaysian locals and the hom hom family. i wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase this dvd even tho' it only cost 12rm. i have nothing much to say about this particular video and honestly, this could have been a whole lot better but what do i know, right? oh well... i'd rate this dvd 4/10, 'cause d.i.y does not have to be crappy, 'nuff said.

check out the mont-k.


p.s. i am searching for preduce skateboards "sambai" dvd. it'll be a great help if anyone knows where i can get myself a copy, here in singapura or if anyone has a copy for sale, please hit me up here. much thanks!

updates: already got me'self the preduce's "sambai" dvd.

i left my heart in san francisco.

mayer hawthorne ends his two-month long us tour on april 15th in san francisco. to commemorate the occasion, stones throw has teamed up with local powerhouse huf and designer freegums on an exclusive mayer hawthorne collabo pack featuring a t-shirt + heart-shaped usb with mayer hawthornes rendition of tony bennet's classic "i left my heart in san francisco" pre-loaded onto each usb.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

skateboarding periodical reviews well, sorta...

the skateboarding revolution issue no. 103
ironxhanger ©
a'ight, a'ight... where do i start? i purchased this from a giant bookstore in kuala lumpur, malaysia and adam ismail gave me a bunch of the same issue to pass around to my homies. inside this thin slab of bi lingual (english and bahasa malaysia, though it's more in bahasa) malaysian magazine are a bunch of the same ol' shenanigans as like the previous issues. just to be honest, what i dislike most about this magazine is that it features bmx as well, wtf? and it's still called "the skateboarding revolution". contradictory? maybe so. this one features a bunch of malaysian and singapura's skateboarders. nothing much to say about this magazine but it's alright. this is more of an entertainment magazine rather than an informative one, 'nuff said!

concrete wave vol. 8 no. 4 • winter 2010
ironxhanger ©
100% skateboarding, damn straight! still not a fan of longboarding but as always, it features the good ol' regular skateboarding too! lots of good features, reviews and shit you might find in other skateboarding magazines. cop this magazine for yo'self and find out more, a'ight?

color magazine
volume 8 issue 1 spring 2010
ironxhanger ©
my favourite canadian magazine! what disappoints me about this issue that i have, is that it features the alternative cover of ryan smith doing a backside nose blunt istead of the keegan sauder portrait, so i'm pretty much bummed out about that. as always, this magazine features a lot of good shit from the northern side of the american continent as well as amerikkka. what more is there to say about this slab? it's bad ass! so grab one for yo'self and find out more putos!

transworld skateboarding april 2010
ironxhanger ©
i hardly purchase transworld but a friend gave me a copy of this and i never say no to free skateboarding mags. hahaha! yes, yes, i am a freeloader, not! thanks ghost! best feature in this slab is the "10 best nollie back heels"! boo yah!

thrasher magazine april 2010 - issue #357
ironxhanger ©
once again, i am so fucking disappointed with the subscription department of thrasher magazine, 'cause i did not receive my april 2010's issue and i had to cop this from a local bookstore. fuck that! what a waste of good moolah but besides that, thrasher magazine, the magazine, never disappoints me, 'cept that the fact that chris cole won thrasher skater of the the year 2009... fuck that! biased poll! fuck that shit! phelper's taking bribes! imma email the subcription department about not receiving my april 2010's issue at the end of this month, fuck!


Tuesday, April 06, 2010


drew dezort from hudson, ohio! hammering and slaying one after another! chekkit!

this young talent rides for innes clothing, adio footwear, pig wheels (flow) and of course, he now rides for blood wizard! my senses tells me that he has a good future ahead and he's gonna be thrashing around for a very long time, so ya betta recognise!

adio footwear ©blood wizard ©
check out adio footwear and blood wizard.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

black fryday hand-painted deck!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

done by malaysian graffiti artist, kenji chai a.k.a black fryday. what an excellent hand-painted job to say the least!

mad props and major big ups! i hope to see more skate decks soon by black fryday. consider me a fan, mr. chai!

black fryday ©
check out black fryday illustration.


p.s. kenji chai also owns black fryday clothing line. check it out here, yo!