Thursday, July 29, 2010

blowin' it!

second full length video from independent skateboarding filmographer, will rosenstock featuring heads such as andrew and zander moehling, tyler steele, justin boyd, gilbert crockett, josh swyers, jordan bradshaw, tyler beall, richie dahland, xavier willie, chad midkiff and many more!

chekkit out and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tony trujillo's first part.

tony ma'fukkin' trujillo has got steez! chekkit, yo!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"modern needs" trailer.

here's another video for today. enjoy!

trailer for the next lost soul video titled "modern needs".

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lowcard volume four.

here's a short clip from lowcard mag'.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

skateboarding magazines haul from the past few months.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

above are a bunch of push culture magazines haul that i scored from the past few months. i may or may not write reviews for these magazines. go check 'em fo' yo'selves, a'ight?

from top left:
the skateboarder's journal issue #15, slam skateboarding - june 2010 issue 168 and thrasher magazine july 2010 - issue #360.

from bottom left:
thrasher magazine august 2010 - issue #361, lodown magazine #71 may/june/july 2010, sauce 'zine #008 and sauce 'zine #009.


august 2010 thrasher mag. issue #361 dropped in the mail yesterday!

ironxhanger ©the mailer.

ironxhanger ©the magazine.
photos: pinkviolence

received the latest issue of thrasher magazine in my new residential mailbox yesterday! i have yet to go thru' it tho', should be good! super stoked!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my loot from thrasher magazine!!!

first and foremost, i hafta apologize to all my fellow ironxhanger viewers and followers for not having been updating this blog lately. i've been super busy with my other obligations and like i always say, there's not much to update here sometimes, as you can find out more info on other skateboarding sites and blogs on the world wide web.

secondly, finally my "big black cap" from thrasher magazine arrived this morning, when i was out running errands and came home to this surprise! t'was worth the wait!

i also received a complimentary sheet of thrasher magazine "sk8goat" mob grip! hells yeah!!! thanks to the peeps from thrasher magazine! much appreciated, shukran*!

ironxhanger ©the parcel.

ironxhanger ©the content.
photos: pinkviolence

can't wait to rock the cap! hahaha!
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* the literal translation for "thank you" in arabic.