Thursday, September 30, 2010

double rock: vincent alvarez.

double rock has seen plenty of action in the last year, but nobody ripped it quite like vince. lightning speed, trick selection, and metal music all make for a must-see episode.
- thrasher magazine.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

traffic in this blog is under surveillance.

ironxhanger ©be forewarned, i am watching you! are you scratching to itch yet, lurkers?

august & september skateboarding magazines!

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

pictured above are some magazines i copped and a couple came thru' the mail, from the past months. i won't be doing reviews for these in this blog here, 'cause i'm too f'n lazy to do so. anyways, if you wanna know what they're about, go out there and get yourselves some, biatch!

from top left:
color magazine volume 8 issue 3 summer 2010 (special edition / alternate cover), concrete wave vol. 9 no. 1 • summer 2010 and transworld skateboarding september 2010.

from bottom left:
poweredge - number three 2010, thrasher magazine september 2010 - issue #362 and thrasher magazine october 2010 - issue #363.


p.s. to all you clueless fucks and haters, strong fucks to y'all! yeah, yeah... y'all skate better than i do blah blah blah! who fuck'n cares? if it's all about competing and one up-ing each other, boy, y'all barking up the wrong tree, fukk'ass!

la cliché promo 2010.

la cliché promo video was shot in lyon, los angeles and some other places here and there, from november '09 'til july '10. french fred knows how to film and edit! hats off mate. duration 13 minutes.


cliché skateboards ©

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

spare change.

let it roll media presents spare change. featuring andrew gordon, paul otvos, shawn smith, rob lagrave, oscar gronbaek, mike klinkhamer, tyler o'grady & more.
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