Friday, November 26, 2010

i have a really bad habit...

i spend way too much money on skateboarding periodicals... *sigh* hahaha! are you kiddin' me? below are some skate mags i copped and received thru' mail in the months of october and november.

i have not been writing reviews for any skate magazines purchased lately and i don't think i'll do so anytime soon. if you wanna know more about these magazines below, go out and cop yo'self some, a'ight?

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photo: pinkviolence

from top left:
the skateboard mag issue 80 november 2010, the skateboard mag issue 81 december 2010 and skateboarder dec '10 vol. 20 no. 4 (special interview issue).

from bottom left:
thrasher magazine november 2010 - issue #364, thrasher magazine december 2010 - issue #365 and color magazine volume 8 issue 4 fall 2010.

i was also wondering why the issue of my color magazine purchased, did not come with the elephant direct dvd as stated on it's site? oh well, at least i've already watched it. vamos!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

der bratwurst tour ever.

ty evans put together a siq edit from girl and chocolate's trip to germany. chekkit and enjoy! i'm out!

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skateboarding in singapura.

"skateboarding in singapore has been undergoing a revival in the recent years. with newly opened skate parks and the establishment of many new and locally based skate shops, the sport has been experiencing a surge in popularity, spawning further growth for the local skateboarding community."

above is an extract from an article on written by ethan lou, a local skateboarding enthusiast, about all things skate in singapura.

read the full article here.


trampoline skateboarding.

jason harvey, in the video above, might be the world's first professional trampoline skateboarder. he is also the inventor of the "tramp trucks", which can be fixed on any regular skateboard deck, which enables you to "skate" on a trampoline.

personally, i think this is an ingenious idea/invention that can improve ones aerial and varial skills on a normal skateboard. but the only down side about tramp skating, is the adrenaline rush when one pushes a skateboard (with regular trucks and wheels) and cruise. 'nuff said, watch the video above and enjoy!

oh yeah, in case y'all are wondering, jason harvey also rides a real skateboard.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

shine on you crazy diamond...

goodbye and good luck heath, you'll be missed...
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Friday, November 12, 2010

got my december 2010 thrasher magazine in the mail...

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photo: pinkviolence

received my december 2010 thrasher magazine - issue #365 a coupl'a days back, in the mail. i still have yet to go thru' it but i'm super stoked! hell yeah, biatch!


Tuesday, November 09, 2010


so, we’ve been waiting for someone to lead us into this new dimension and who better to have as a virtual tour guide than upcoming creator sebastian denz. for three years, denz shot photos of carhartt’s skateboarding team using an 8 × 10 inch large-format-stereo-apparatus that his friend and custom camera specialist, dr. kurt gilde made for him. denz claims his images capture “the real hyper-reality” of the world of professional skateboarding and that he is hoping “to bring up for discussion a hybrid space that is between the virtual and the real.”
- the creators project.

purchase the book, here.

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