Sunday, January 23, 2011

sk8face film trailer!

where did skateboard graphics come from? how did they evolve? meet the masters who changed the face of art history and skateboard evolution. if you like grip tape, paint markers, pens, pencils, pools, curbs, ledges, concrete, plywood, power tools, sawdust, grinding, art, design, photography, music, film, video, xeroxes, silk screening, spray paint, urethane, sealed bearings, going fast, old school, new school, making stuff or skating stuff, you have arrived...

behind the scenes: video days reunion shoot.

skateboarder magazine ©click on the image above to enlarge.

part one.

part two.

part three.

skateboarder magazine recently got mark gonzales, guy mariano and the whole video days gang back together for a 20th anniversary reunion. guy mariano even stepped up and got the cover of the new issue at one of the original spots from the video.

Friday, January 21, 2011

rabu from "tokyo graffiti".

santastic! gangu / how2work toys ©
the image above is a 12" figurine of "rabu", produced by how2work toys for santastic! gangu.

he is an 18 year old high school student, who is a popular graffiti artist, better known as "love" and a member of "masashino saru", a tribe from the manga series, "tokyo tribe2" created by santa inoue. he is also the main character of "tokyo graffiti", a series related to "tokyo tribe2".

this particular figurine comes with a skateboard, spray cans, backpacks and a bunch'a other accessories. and it cost ¥ 13,340 (tax included), if you can still find it, that is.

i would really love to own one of this myself for my ongoing collection of skateboarding related figurines/toys.

below is the cover page of "tokyo graffiti" vol. one manga series. can i say, dope?!!!

hells yeah!!!

santa inoue / tokyo graffiti ©art: santa inoue
santastic! ©
check out santastic!.


p.s. "ollie" a magazine from japan, has been featuring manga snippets of "tokyo tribe3" lately. so, head down to your local japanese bookstore to check it out, a'ight?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

almost x amos decks by james jarvis.

almost x james jarvis ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

quite a few people have complimented us on the recent collaboration we did with almost skateboards in california. our old friend bod boyle (the president at parent company, dwindle) approached us and asked if we wanted to do something with the team. we agreed that using the in-crowd could work really well. so jj set about re-drawing some of the characters to fit with the riders' choices. it was a bit of a 'back to our roots' moment for james and me.
- amos toys.

james jarvis ©

the image above, is one of many that was created for a feature on holmes in asayan magazine from japan, which is now sadly defunct. holmes was a label that russell and sofia made before silas.

alright, time for my temporary death.


Monday, January 17, 2011

church of skatan!!!

church of skatan ©click on the image above to enlarge.
scan: pinkviolence

the image above is scan from a page of thrasher magazine january 2011's issue of my favourite ad' from that ish', by church of skatan!

read the quote at the bottom of the image, yo! that totally fuckin' hit the f'n spot right there and i agree on the quote! fuck yeah! big up church of skatan!

church of skatan ©
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Sunday, January 16, 2011


anti hero / dlxsf ©click on the image above to enlarge.
ad: anti hero/dlxsf

read and comprehend the ad above. john cardiel a.k.a cards, is one of the most determined person in the skateboarding culture who ever existed.

he is also one of the few skateboarders who lives by the "do or die!" attitude and there are only a handful of skateboarders who lives and live up to that ethics. and i really do not need ten fingers to count how many skateboarders out there internationally, who are similar to the way cards lives his daily life.
my out most respect to and for him for never giving up in his life, no matter how fucked up it can get sometimes!

dlxsf ©
check out dlxsf.


got me'self a new ankle stabilizer by futuro.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

i got this futuro "sport deluxe ankle stabilizer" earlier last evening and to be really honest, this is one of the best ankle support i've ever used in my entire 17 years of skateboarding experience. jokes aside and no gimmicks here. well worth my 40sgd invested on this. read the full details below.


get in the game! the futuro™ sport deluxe ankle stabilizer helps support ankles to keep you in the game. wear it when you need to play your best. wear your ankle brace inside an athletic shoe, with a sock underneath for optimum performance. now get out there and show them how it's done.

special features:
easy-sleeve design fits comfortably in shoe

use for:
sprains, strains, arthritis, ankle instability

product type:
wrap around

features and benefits:

• helps provide rigid support and protection.

• breathable moisture-wicking durable material for strong support, soothing warmth and comfort.

• reinforced side stabilizers help limit lateral motion.

• adjustable closures for customized fit and support.

• ankle straps lift and support arch.

• easy to put on and take off.

• use on right or left ankle.
- futuro.

futuro ©
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

crunch time dvd!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence
got this crunch time dvd from $trange notes from a local skate store last evening. even tho' it's from 2008, who f'n cares, right? i really enjoy watching skateboarding dvds in its' physical format, no matter which f'n year it's from, okay?

yes, i am a muthafuckin' skate nerd, if that's how you wanna put it. ha! =Þ

$trange notes ©
check out strange notes.



two soty's, arto saari and geoff rowley, one kotr mag'. goin' thru' the new february ish' of thrasher mag'.
ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

guess what? waiting for me when i got back home was a mailer from thrasher magazine with february 2011 issue #367. what a bloody fuckin' surprise and i thought my subscription with them has already expired at the end of 2010.

i know, right.

anyways, thanks a whole lot thrasher magazine for this issue and i really appreciate it a whole lot! keep it real, guys!

and what's more grant taylor, is on the cover of this months issue too, like he was last month (january 2011). fuck yeah! big up grant!

thrasher magazine ©
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i scored a couple of transworld skateboarding magazines.

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

i hope this'll be the last post fo' tonight *crosses fingers* as i can't really put me'self to sleep and i hafta be up at nine in the morning later. oh well... what can i say? i'm a bloody insomniac. shit on me! ha!

pictured above from the left hand side are the january and february 2011 issues of transworld skateboarding magazines. i'm not a big fan of these particular periodicals but i was running out of mag's to read in the shitter. ha!

transworld skateboarding ©
check out transworld skateboarding.


protective insoles.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.

pictured above is a pair of shock doctor hardcore protective insoles. this particular pair has had prevented me from having multiple heel bruises from over the years. i strongly and highly recommend this to all of you how jump or drop down from high level stairs or drops. it cost a wee bit expensive but it's really worth the investment to protect your feet and they last super long and don't wear off easily.


shock doctor ©click on the image above to enlarge.

ultra2 is anchored by our exclusive direct power contour™ design which forms to the heel, mid-foot, forefoot and toe area to provide maximum support and comfort. an integrated, full-length injection molded chassis with control bar™ stabilizes the heel and controls pronation. shockdome™ technology and triple and dual layers of foam absorb shock and provide cushion. anti-microbial air/fx™ top cover controls moisture and friction. the ultra2 delivers features even custom orthotics can't provide for athletes and non-athletes alike.

ortholite ©click on the image above to enlarge.

every year, ortholite insoles are built into over 100 million pairs of the top brands of athletic shoes and outdoor boots. the reason is simple: our brand partners know that high-quality insoles create the most comfortable shoes.

if you’re not one of the millions of americans already using ortholite in your shoes, your opportunity is here. say good-bye to the old, floppy, flat insoles and say hello to comfort and performance! try the first after-market insole offered by ortholite!


• designed to fit all athletic and outdoor shoes or boots.

• made with open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate around the foot, keeping it cooler and drier inside the shoe.

• wicks moisture away from your foot leaving your foot cooler and drier.

• unique spring-back technology ensures that your insole won’t flatten out and it will retain over 95% of its thickness over time.

• our patented anti-microbial formulation (approved by the epa and fda) fights fungus, bacteria and shoe odor.

• lightweight and fully washable.
- ortholite.

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

pictured above is a 3.7 fl. oz. (110 ml) tube of the original clear transparent shoe goo.


waterproofing: shoe goo is water resistant immediately upon application. apply shoe goo directly to the surface to be sealed. use thin coats of shoe goo to build a thick coating on the surface to be sealed, allowing each layer to set 3 to 4 hours. this is especially ideal for smooth surfaces, such as plastic, glass or ceramic. shoe goo hardens by solvent evaporation, so allow time for thorough hardening to ensure proper bonding and wear resistance.

repairing worn soles: if a worn shoe has a hole that goes all the way through the sole, tape over the hole inside the shoe before applying shoe goo to the outer sole. this will help avoid creating a bump. the tape should be removed from the inside and all bumps smoothed out within 2 hours, before the glue is completely hard.

fishing and foul weather gear: some fisherman's waders and foul weather gear have a water-repellent coating that must be removed before shoe goo will adhere. scrub the area with detergent and allow to dry. roughen surface before applying shoe goo. if the bond still pulls apart, the repair must be done on the inside surface of the item, which is usually reinforced with fabric.

use shoe goo to:

• rebuild your worn-out soles overnight.
• seal rubber boots, galoshes and waders.
• coat and protect shoes to avoid premature wear.
• repair damaged heels.
• secure loose insoles.
• reinforce skate shoes.
• coat skateboards for extra traction.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

artists who smell like skateboarders.

a skateboarding road trip with the artists behind the brands we love.

produced by sandro grison in support of contributor filmed, edited and directed by corey adams.

additional camera by caleb beyers and isaac mckay-randozzi.

color magazine ©
check out color magazine.

Monday, January 10, 2011


magenta skateboards is a new grass root skateboarding company from paris, france. check this video out.


magenta skateboards ©
check out magenta skateboards.

black emperor for ironxhanger.

black emperor ©
art: black emperor

i wanted to start doing designs, etc and was looking through and thinking of sites / magazines to contribute stuff to, and i thought of ironxhanger. so attached is the design i did.

i also intend to have this screen printed. i will cover the the costs for that, and maybe have a very limited run of 5 or 7 or 10, i'd pass you one when i have it done, ok?

also since ironxhanger is the vehicle for this design, if there are sales made from the poster, i'd like to pass you a small sum to help you maintain the site, buy snacks, etc...

physical size is about 25.11cm x 70cm. i update you on this when its printed, etc...

thanks yo... keep pushin' and stay safe!
- black emperor.

black emperor ©
check out black emperor.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

built to grind: 25 years of hardcore skateboarding.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

got me'self this independent truck co. - "built to grind: 25 years of hardcore skateboarding" book yesterday evening at a local bookstore. finally! score!

independent truck co. ©
check out independent truck co.


Friday, January 07, 2011

who f'n cares?

neck face / thrasher magazine ©peace.

recent skate culture magazines scored!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

all of those magazines above were ten percent off the retail price, 'cause i own a privilege discount card that the bookstore offers. thank gawd! money saved! ha!

from top left:
the skateboard mag issue 82 january 2011 (the photo annual), skateboarder jan '11 vol. 20 no. 5 (the photo issue) and thrasher magazine january 2011 - issue #366 (30th year anniversary issue - 1981-2011).

from bottom left:
the skateboard mag issue 83 february 2011, color magazine volume 8 issue 5 winter 2010 and ollie - 1 - 2011 no. 141.

reviews you say? nah..., maybe next time perhaps (?).


Thursday, January 06, 2011

received my books from!

ironxhanger ©the parcel.

ironxhanger ©the books.
photos: pinkviolence
received made for skate and full bleed books from that i ordered a while back. hells yeah!

actually, they're overdue christmas gifts from my second eldest sister. thanks and i love ya', sis'!


thrasher magazine's "insane terrain" book.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

i've been searching high and low for this particular book for quite some time now in local bookstores and i didn't wanna mail order it, 'cause it'd cost a bomb just for postage and handling alone. but luckily, i stumbled upon a new copy earlier yesterday by chance at a local giant bookstore uptown at a reasonable price. plus i received a ten percent discount off the retail price, 'cause i own a privilege member's discount card that the bookstore offers. hells yeah! fuckin' stoked!

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

mekanism skateboards.

mekanism skateboards is a skateboarding company from paris, france, which dedicates itself not only to the aspects of the "sport like activity" that skateboarding has to offer but also the artistic perspective of it. using skate decks as a medium/canvas for their artworks, they have been collaborating with tons of artists from all over europe to produce one of a kind and limited quantities of "artistic skateboard decks". do check them out!

below is a personal favourite of mine, "your mercury ocean" by olafur eliasson.

olafur eliasson ©click on the image above to find out more about the development of olafur eliasson "your mercury ocean" decks.

mekanism skateboards ©
check out mekanism skateboards.