Sunday, July 31, 2011

sorry, but i'm not a f'n lemming!

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john cardiel, my hero and idol! and just 'cause cards is an advocate of street fixed gear bike ridin', it does not mean i have to ride one too, right? i am seriously not into that shit! but if that's what you like to do and you're into it, go ahead and have fun.

anyway, the image above is a mixed media collage i threw up just earlier as i was bored doing absolutely nothing ta'day. hope y'all like it as i did enjoy doing it and please show me some love / hate, all you kind peeps that visit my stupid blog. ha!

a'ight, that's all fo' now. all hail cardiel!


p.s. to all you dimwits who thinks cards is still paralysed, where the fuq have you been?

Friday, July 29, 2011

in crak we thrash!

on june 21 2011, we celebrating go skateboarding day with different perspectives, not only riding the board across the city but we make an skateboard art exhibition and lil party featuring really cool djs and mcs.

we think tht skateboarding is not only you rollin away, get the trick, and having fun. but skateboarding is also an art!!! yeah!!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

mr.sieben's book!

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photo: pinkviolence

copped michael sieben's book "there's nothing wrong with you. (hopefully)" by upper playground, a coupl'a months back, finally! he's one of my favourite artists in the skateboarding's 'art scene'. this book is from '09 but anyways...

dope artworks end to end. cop one and chekkit out, if and when you can.
upper playground ©
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p.s. i'll try to update more magazines and books on skateboarding culture in this blog, when i can, a'ight? i'm out!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

the deuce, yo!

if you don't find this video hilarious then i dunno what is... get on it and enjoy, y'all!

the dimestore crew ©
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goodnight or should i say morning?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

blood wizard skate video!

it's finally here! the siq-est video in the longest time, in my books! chekkit out, yo!

featuring rob mason, tristan moss, jack given, wes cooper, nich kunz, senn family, ben krahn, jesse noonan, mike manzoori, toad, jerry gurney, aaron herrington and drew dezort!

artwork by skinner, animation by ethan indorf, voice over by kevin craft, main camera by toad and editing by mike manzoori.

siq! siq! siq! much props! big ups blood wizard!

blood wizard ©
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the worst fuck'n video ever!

no, seriously. just watch fo' yo'self and you be the judge. smith grind to hardflip out? that's just fuckin' retarded! 'nuff said, chekkit!

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did i mention...

much thanks and keep 'em coming!


p∧s house.

i know that i have not been updating this blog here lately... anyways, here's an eye candy for your viewing pleasure and fuel for thought. chekkit and enjoy!

more here.

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