Sunday, August 28, 2011

froston who?

stumbled upon this image of eric koston some time back, when i was lurking the innerwebs.

unknownphoto: unknown
oh well, what he used to say...


silas martin x!

scored this ten inch tall silas martin x by amos toys from a buddy of mine earlier this year, for cheaps, yo! thanks najib!

ironxhanger ©front box panel.
ironxhanger ©left box panel.
ironxhanger ©back box panel.
ironxhanger ©right box panel.
ironxhanger ©front profile.
ironxhanger ©left profile.
ironxhanger ©right profile.
photos: pinkviolence

martin x was created to celebrate our 10 years of toy making, and the 10th anniversary of the fashion brand silas and maria. he is an updated version of the original martin figure, released in 1998 as the very first product produced by silas and maria. designed by james jarvis, martin was a unique way of introducing silas to the world. he was also one of the first creations to emerge in a new growing toy culture, that was to blossom in the coming new millennium.

martin x is martin 10 years on. he is a slightly more portly gentleman but happy in himself. gone are the rebellious “hail satan” hands, to be replaced by the more positive, forward thinking “thumbs-up” gesture. 10 years has had a calming effect on martin and he is now more comfortable with himself as an individual and likes to think of himself as being a little more world-wise.

maybe we will get to see an even more accomplished martin double x in another 10 years.

features include: thumbs-up action, positive disposition, 10 years life experience, extra geometric sophistication (egs).

- amos toys.
amos toys ©
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

short film – wizard skull x knock on wood.

knock on wood and wizard skull, alex duke, have collaborated on a short film and some new graphics!

check out the graphics here.

hope you enjoy the clip!

skateboarding: alex duke, filming/editing: patrick mcinerney, music: re-edit of an instrumental re-edit by catz and dogz of el guincho’s “bombay”.
- wizard skull.

wizard skull ©
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need for speed!

slams, slides, and a miraculous escape from speed wobble annihilation - enjoy this compilation of the best hill bomb entries we received. who is your favorite, aside from nasty nesto?

inspirational individuals.

below are a bunch'ov links to some of the artists, musicians, cinematographers, photographers, innovators and of course, just generally radically good folks, in the skateboarding "scene" wolrd wide, who have inspired me to do what i do. 'cause skateboarding is not just all about pushin' wood, hommes... it's a culture and also, a lifestyle! word? chekkit, yo!

in no particular order what so ever.
jim phillips.
steve caballero.
dennis mcnett.
michael sieben.
mark gonzales.
ed templeton.
greg hunt.
sean cliver.
duane peters.
james jarvis.
andy howell.
glen e. friedman.
todd bratrud.
greg mike.
• daniel sawblade shaw.
jason adams.
mark fos.
andy jenkins.
fausto vitello.
alex duke.
ehren bienert.
john cardiel.
 todd francis.
stacy peralta.
ty evans.
ray barbee.
max schaaf.
david flores.
marc mckee.
jason jessee.
mike blabac.
c. r. stecyk, iii.
jeremy fish.
chris middlebrook.



p.s. these are only a few names that i can think of from the top of my dome. i'll definitely update more, as time goes on, a'ight?

* the literal translation for "thank you" in arabic.

raiders of the archives: skatelab.

skatelab part 1 of 3 featuring todd huber owner of the park and skate museum.

skateboarder magazine ©
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p.s. more updates and follow ups for this feature on skatelab soon or you can check skateboarder magazine respectively. thanks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


release date: 2009, category: comedy, duration: 91 minutes

cast: steve olson, corey adams, james faulkner, rick mccrank, vanessa guide, anthony amedori, lukács bicskey and john mackie.

a starry-eyed youngster gets a crash course in the downside of fame and fortune in this willfully eccentric comedy. walter rhum (anthony amedori) is a naïve but passionate skateboarder who would love nothing more than to be like his hero blair stanley (rick mccrank), a top pro and world champion who skates under the sponsorship of machotaildrop, the world's biggest and most powerful skateboard manufacturer. walter sends a video of himself in action to machotaildrop headquarters, and is soon invited for a visit by the firm's reclusive owner, the baron (james faulkner). walter can hardly believe his luck when he's signed to a lucrative contract and sent out on the pro skating tour, but when he meets embittered and crippled blair, he begins to find out just how machotaildrop treats the athletes under their control -- and that a band scrappy skate punks turned revolutionaries are determined to overthrow the baron's empire. the first feature film from the writing and directing team of corey adams and alex craig, machotaildrop was an official selection at the 2009 ~ toronto international film festival.

machotaildrop ©
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

wrench pilot - 'lettus bee' vinyl figurine!

this vinyl figurine below, is an old one from '07 and sadly, it's out of production but i still want one! i've spotted one a long time back, at a local skate store, going for more than 200sgd! can i say ridiculous? if anyone out there reading this, has one that is still with its' box and is willing to part with it for a reasonable price, please hit me up, here. much thanks!

upper playground / wrench pilot ©click on the image above to enlarge.

"upper playground and ningyoushi presents their second vinyl figure collectible, lettus bee, by mel bend creator and girl skateboard creative director, andy jenkins. lettus bee, a comic character in wrench pilot, which was published in various skateboard magazines and hails as the 'everyday guy'. he takes his fair share of fancy board tricks as well as gruesome falls. this vinyl figure captures lettus bee in action with a face plant and his skateboard suspended in the air with a wire. special thanks to girl and lakai for the gear on lettus bee. lettus bee retails for $100 and measures 10" wide by 9" tall (including skateboard). limited to 500 pieces."

andi jenkins x bend press ©
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Hey Sk8rs!

My name's Bren, new contributor to ironxhanger! Here's a little bit about me, I'm from Dublin, Ireland and I've been skating for 22 years now, so you could say I'm a lifer! I do hope to post as much shiz as I can possibly manage, I'm sure I've got some rad stuff for y'all enjoyment!

So my first post I thought I better post something that will give you a flavour of my kinda style, starting with; H-Street!

Although this has Shackle Me Not on the cover it only has a few tracks from it, the majority are from Hokus Pocus. Not sure but I think it was sold in skate shops around 1995, when H-Street had already stunk for a few years and I dunno how it was put to disc but it sounds like Tony Mag recorded it on his 20 Dollar Sanyo midi hi-fi tape to tape or something as crude? So fuck, we're lucky to have any of this stuff from back then man! I used to listen to this on my Walkman when I was 13, taped from the T.V. onto the small cassette player that loaded games for my ZX Spectrum!

h-street ©
Download H-Street's Special Edition Soundtrack here.

zacpac x suicidal tendencies - s"k"um-kun (stay gold edition).

i scored this ten inch "skate nerd" vinyl toy sometime back, via zacpac's online store, from japan. i've been eying on this particular figurine for a long time and when it was finally time to pre-order it, i didn't hesitate to use my credit card.

i've been meaning to post this vinyl toy on this blog here a long time back but it always slipped my mind, oh well... i'm gettin' old i suppose... hahaha! anyways, here it is! and by the way, this vinyl toy, cost me an arm and a leg! bleah! but it was fuckin' worth every single cent spent!

ironxhanger ©the package.

ironxhanger ©contents in the package.

ironxhanger ©front profile.

ironxhanger ©left profile.

ironxhanger ©back profile.

ironxhanger ©header card and sticker.
photos: pinkviolence

the original character, s"k"um-kun, of our store, zacpac, finally comes into vinyl toy! not only it's our very first own original toy, it's the official collaboration with the most important west coast skate punk rock band, suicidal tendencies!! This s"k"um-kun bears the traditional suicidal cross on his outfit! plus this vinly toy comes with mini new era cap!! you can make it wear on s"k"um-kun! this is the first toy ever made that can wear new era mini cap! s"k"um-kun hand signs "z" as our store "zacpac". 4points articulation. made in japan, that means undeniable quality!! designed and sculpted by knuckle from little chop design! this first edition is called "stay gold", as his brain, teeth and suicidal cross is gold! limited 100pcs worldwide. this is the respect for suicidal tendencies, thank you, mike muir!!!
- zacpac.

zacpac ©
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in da name of vader, 'troopers shred!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

shred with the imperial troops, yo!


Monday, August 22, 2011

be a manwolf today!

a hilarious shoe commercial by és skateboarding. thanks to my buddy, kye, for the heads up!

featuring john j mackie as man wolf leader, rick mccrank as blair stanley, john rattray as the doctor and not forgetting the manwolfs' posse.

manwolfs ©
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Thursday, August 11, 2011


i hate spending money on stupid paper! ha!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

from top left:
transworld skateboarding volume 29 • july 2011 (the am issue), color magazine volume 9 issue 2 summer 2011 and thrasher magazine july 2011 - issue #372.

from bottom left:
thrasher magazine august 2011 - issue #373 and thrasher magazine september 2011 - issue #374.


* the literal translation for "magazine" in the malay language.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

figh dulla book!

copped a brand new bam magera's - serious as dog dirt! book, which was published in '09, the other day from a book sale at the expo for five bucks! oh well, i wouldn't pay anything more than five dollars for this stankin' pile of crap! lotsa nice collages in it tho' and that's all i have to say about that. don't waste your money on this shit like i did, for reals.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

"you've seen him on the big screen. you've watched him on the small screen. but never before has bam margera exposed himself like this.

famous for his cringe-worthy, laugh-out-loud daredevil stunts, he has thrilled and revolted audiences nationwide with his relentless antics. now, for the first time, bam shares his private writings, never-before-seen personal photos, drawings, and more in this dynamic, anarchic auto-collage, a frenetic yet brutally honest document of the life he leads. fans who can't get enough of his rowdy shenanigans will finally see what makes the star tick. known for his creative style since becoming a pro skater at age thirteen, bam pulls readers into his chaotic world -- the music, the movies, the games, the pranks, the skating, the glory and the pain....

this time, bam margera is dog dirt."


Sunday, August 07, 2011

43 magazine.

a periodical project in brooklyn, ny by allen ying.

pledge and enjoy.

check out 43 magazine.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

100% gnar!

here's john cardiel with special guest appearances by julien stranger, joey tershay and max schaaf, skating in denver, sacramento and strawberry lodge in the years 2002 - 2003.


and here's another tribute jam done in honour of the living legend and one of the rawest all around 100% skateboarding ripper on the planet, cards! here's the one and only, short sharp shock, yo!!!

what would cards do?
hit the deck, your nearly dead
blood and grit swims round your head
doc sez you wont walk again
resign to quit? wont comprehend

down the snake back to square one
need that speed so boom its on
breathing hard chest is tight
stoke the fire reignite

think of the name absorb the pain
stand on your two feet begin again
bloodied and battered laying on the floor
dust yourself off get in the mix back for more

suck it up take the slam
plug it up drop right back on in
when your stretched out black and blue
when more than the winds knocked out of you

then think - what would cards do?
- sss.

a'ight, enjoy and have a great day, y'all!