Friday, September 30, 2011

beware of the barrier kult horde!

ba.ku ©
ba.ku ©
images: ba.ku

one of my favourite skateboarding kvlt, ever! all hail barrier skateboarding! much respect to the kult!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

check this video out.

please watch.

la capsule magenta - nyc

filmed and edited by jean feil.

big thanks to josh stewart and mandible claw.

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bootleg tech deck with an action figurine!

ironxhanger ©front of packaging.

ironxhanger ©
 back of packaging.
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photos: pinkviolence

my umi got me this "stuntz x", die cast metal, micro board action figure set for 9.90sgd, earlier around the neighbourhood.

- 5" figure with moveable joints - 2 asst.
- die-cast metal mini skateboard - random decal asst.
- with a plastic ramp.
packaging: each in blister card.

i love you, umi!

boo yah!

uni-fortune toys group ©
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grandma skates too!

...along with a walking stick of course! hee! isn't she just adorable?

ironxhanger © photo: unknown
shred hard gram's and keep it steezy, yo!


old illustrations.

ironxhanger ©monkey air.

ironxhanger ©beer air.

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illustrations: pinkviolence

these are two old illustrations i did sometime back.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

skateboarding is fun stuff!

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image : unknown

this statement really makes me feel the same!


alien workshop tech deck!

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photo: pinkviolence

i ♥ tech decks, yo! t'is an old one that i'm gonna customise.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

supreme art book!

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photo: pinkviolence

i scored this "supreme" photography / art book at a giant bookstore earlier, at 10% off the retail price, 'cause i own a membership card!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

kidrobot - quasimoto "lord in a box".

i just had to purchase this kidrobot - quasimoto vinyl figurine yesterday, it originally cost 90sgd but i only paid half the price! got it from ozzo collection. what a fuckin' deal!

i freakin' vinyl toys and figurines!

ironxhanger ©
front view of the package.
ironxhanger ©back view of the package.

ironxhanger ©
right side of the package.

ironxhanger ©
quasimoto front profile.

ironxhanger ©quasimoto right profile.

ironxhanger ©quasimoto left profile.

ironxhanger ©back view of quasimoto profile.
photos: pinkviolence
kidrobot and stones throw have teamed up for the quasimoto figure, which will be released february 19, 2009. the quasimoto figure is 8-inches tall, available in equal quantities of yellow and blue, each with a brick and spliff “cigarette.”

the hip-hop artist quasimoto (aka lord quas) was created by madlib. he has released two albums, the unseen and the further adventures of lord quas, a collection of singles, and guest appearances on albums by madvillain and jaylib. the quasimoto figure is based on the character drawn by jeff jank. (read: history of lord quas)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

peridocals - updates.

new reads! hells yeah!

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photo: pinkviolence

it's a while since i purcahed some skate magazines, anyway here it goes.

copped these mag's yesterday evening, yo!

from left to right:
color magazine volume 9 issue 3 (collectors issue 2011) and thrasher magazine october 2011 - issue #375.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

wayward son - the jordan richter story.

just spreading the news. thanks bart, for the heads up!

mustafa davis ©

wayward son - the jordan richter story is the intimate story of professional skateboarder jordan richter and his rise and disappearance from the sport of skateboarding. jordan embraced the religion of islam in the mid 90's and out of what he felt was a religious obligation, dropped out of the sport. 15 years later he realizes that skateboarding is not prohibited islam and starts competing again.

wayward son - the jordan richter story:
screening & discussion with film director, mustafa davis.

date: wednesday 21 september 2011
venue: madrasah aljunied auditorium
address: 30 victoria lane

admission is free. all are welcome (limited seats). click here for the registration form.


Monday, September 05, 2011

format perspective - trailer.

format perspective is a film by phil evans that explores the work, lives and opinions of six european skate photographers. the film showcases the photography of nils svensson (malmö), stu robinson (belfast), alex irvine (london), rich gilligan (dublin), sergej vutuc (heilbronn) and bertrand trichet (barcelona / tokyo), while also giving us an insight into the different approaches used by this diverse line-up of photographers. filmed completely on super 8 film, this project gives a behind-the-scenes look at the skating that these guys like to shoot, as well as the resulting photos that emerge from these sessions.

due for release in summer 2011.

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