Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eazy duz it!

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r.i.p eazy-e.


Monday, October 10, 2011

skateboard zombies vinyl figurines by tsuchiya shobu.

this is an old one from '09 but anyways...

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image: skate and annoy

these awesome vinyl toys by japanese designer tsuchiya shobu come in a series of three — bone, mummy, and mosquito — and stand around ten inches tall. each character comes with their own skateboard in a full color, and somewhat psychedelic, window box. bodacious!
- lost at e minor.
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shocking survival story.

inspirational... 'nuff said, you have to watch this!

part one.

part two.

‎"i just look at what i've got, i don't look at what i don't have..."
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le turd kaiju figurines!

omfg...! i sooo need these!

le merde / super 7 / kidrobot ©image: kidrobot

i want these le turd by le merde kaiju vinyl figurines by super 7, please?

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

toy skateboards!

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photo: pinkviolence

i copped these tech decks earlier today for cheaps, at a local shopping complex!

gotta love that toy machine ed templeton's "poo vato" art teck deck and the black label "chet childress" one too! who is in fact is not riding for the company anymore! so long, chet!

anyways, i'm a suck'a fo' tech decks, yo!

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

“blue screaming hand” released by jim phillips.

this is an old piece of vinyl sculpture from '07 but what the heck, right? and honestly, i'd like to own one for myself. me and my obsession for skate related artworks and figurines!
this impressive full-sized “blue screaming hand” vinyl figurine released by jim phillips, measures 8x10 inches on its' stand and is an icon of the skateboarding culture from the early 80's to the present and only 500 pieces were produced worldwide.

made by monsters / jim phillips ©
made by monsters / jim phillips ©click on the images above to enlarge.

images: made by monsters

$150 will buy you one out of 500 "screaming hand" figures made world wide. they must have had some hardcore economists genius or wizards if you will, figure out the intersection of supply, demand and price to give the highest profit potential. i’d imagine they could sell a lot more than 500 if they priced it for mere mortals and not hipster lowbrow art speculators. jim phillips deserves to get paid for sure but it would be nice to allow working class fans the chance to appreciate art as well. you can preorder yours now from garage works. then again you can pay a mere $100 for one of these.
- old man army.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

turtles skate mongo!

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isn't this just fuckin' adorable? by the way, turtles always skate mongo like the teenage mutant ninja turtles!


check out these skate 'zines on vice!

reviews of skate 'zines and periodicals on vice by michael sieben! check 'em out here, yo!

enjoy the read!

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Monday, October 03, 2011

creature: off my back by geoff mcfetridge, yo!

i copped this creature: off my back by geoff mcfetridge art figurine a long, long time back from one of my favourite graphic bookstores and it's for cheaps, too! t'was definitely worth the purchase! =)

ironxhanger ©the packaging.

ironxhanger ©the contents.
photos: pinkviolence

"appointed art director of grand royal, the seminal beastie boys magazine at the age of 24, his career has continued steadily onwards and upwards ever since. on leaving grand royal in 1996 he established his own company, champion graphics, and is also a founding member of ‘the directors bureau’ alongside mike mills, sofia coppola and shynola. mcfetridge is a truely multi-disiplinary designer ‘an all-around visual auteur’. recent projects are as diverse as packaging design for gasbook 9, textiles for marc jacobs, sneaker design for nike, stickers for the dazed / greenpeace campaign, a plethora of music videos and wallpaper design for french furniture company ligne roset."

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