Tuesday, January 31, 2012

jason torres art!

jason torres ©
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art: jason torres

bad ass! check this fella' out, yo!


petit plus 10.

check this out!

"color your memories" new film coming on spring 2012.

directed by ludo azémar.

featuring: remy taveira, sylvain tognelli, guillaume dulout, alex richard, sean hanley and valentin bauer.

the meli-melo movement ©
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ian burdzinski sponsor me review with theotis beasley and yoon sul.

this week theotis stops by the berrics and meets up with yoon sul to review ian burdzinski, a 21 years old from san francisco, ca.

altamont apparel ©
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flip: five pack tech decks!

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

thanks a million ron koh for this wonderful vintage tech deck gift!

tech deck ©
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Friday, January 27, 2012

pow!!skateboards screen printed t-shirts!

pow!!skateboards / giovanni garriga ©
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photo: pow!!skateboards

this is how pow!!skateboards t-shirts are screen printed by giovanni garriga! dope!!!

pow!!skateboards ©
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the death of 12&a...!

all good things must come to an end. as the obstacles at 12&a were thrown out as trash, billy rohan and nabi salomon got a few tricks in before the garbage trucks came, then saved the metal ledge for wherever billy finds a home for it.

filmed and edited by colin read.

slap magazine ©mandible claw ©
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xpark hd montage 3.

ishod wair, tom asta, julian heller, pat carmody, shane colville. black diamond skatepark in philly.

filmed by anthony travis.

liam mccabe raw hype!

liam mccabe full video part dropping this weekend. in the mean time here is some raw footage that didn't make the edit.

filmed by dylan holderness.


network's one year anniversary!

drunk in celebration of network's one year anniversary.

film and cut by dowdy.

typical culture ©
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ride or die: kevin "spanky" long.

one junt rider, one minute (or so), one location... ride or die!!! shake junt! chicken bone nowison video out now!!! spanky bangs ya' over the head with the newest ride or die! spanky and beagle rolled over to the supreme bowl in hollywood to thrash the hell out of it! big thanks to tino razo and supreme for hookin' it up!

shake junt ©
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unknown ©
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image: unknown

time sure have changed!


dudes, dogs, and a ditch.

a mix of used and never before seen footage put together of small wheels owners james craig and austyn gillette at the rosecrans ditch...(i really just wanted to make a video with the dogs in it).

small wheels ©
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kool keith vs 50 drunk and high skaters!

the legend survived unharmed. great show!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

cellout final promo.

fuckin' rad!!!

lakai danny brady xlk.

featuring danny brady.

filmed by sam newman, daniel magee, rob harris, niki waltl, matt williams and joe bressler.

edited by sam newman.

visual effects by johannes gamble.

lakai limited footwear ©
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introducing josh matthews!

lucky skateboard bearings welcomes josh matthews to the team! watch the video!

lucky bearings co. ©

antiz "the drive".

"the drive" with antiz for kingpin.

antiz skateboards ©
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kevin kowalski - full part.

hey guys! so i just had to let you know about this project daniel evans is working on. no, i am not sponsored or being paid in any way whatsoever. i am just personally super stoked to see what all comes of this project. if you are interested in helping out, get the word out or check out the kickstarter link. also, i've got some cool stuff in the works. keep an eye out for some big announcements!
- darren dyk.


Monday, January 23, 2012

slime extras / throwaway.

extra footage that didn't make the original edit... featuring all your usual suspects and then some... quick edit thrown over juicy j's "stoner's night"...

paul deoliveira and koki loaiza skatin'!

paul deoliveira and koki loaiza skateboarding. filmed and edited by mike atwood. additional filming by ryan garshell. mia skate shop, dirts win!!

mia skateshop ©
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

kcdc after hours.

check out the clip!

after hours skating in the kcdc skate shop in brooklyn nyc!

kcdc skateshop ©
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

street canoe films - malibu & channel st.

100% skateboarding!

featuring elijah berle, robbie russo, ronnie sandoval and riley stevens.

filmed & edited by cody green.

street canoe ©
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k.a.m.h. bonus!

with lucas puig, chico dansan, julien ducas, olivier durou, brian bunting, amine & reda taoussi, hugo campan, etienne baunin, david lestrade and romain jorda.

kurd are my heroes ©
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the original bones brigades crew!

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photo: grant brittain

the original bones brigades crew photograph and they are much older now. ha!


the bones brigade video show is a 1984 skateboarding video, produced by stacy peralta and craig stecyk.

it was the first of several videos produced by the powell peralta company and showcased members of the bones brigade skateboarding team, including steve caballero, tony hawk, mike mcgill, lance mountain, rodney mullen, stacy peralta and per welinder.

the skateboard mag ©
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amazing advertisement!

richard baybutt ©
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i just love this image of this particular manwolfs with his sneakers!

head ova' to és skateboarding for this taido machotaildrop kicks! rawrsome!!!

manwolfs ©
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una linea con roberto aleman!

check out this amazingly short flick! f'n steezy, yo!

el tio, roberto aleman gets a line while staying in san francisco. venga venga!!!

epicly trife © consolidated skateboards ©
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lifeblood skateboards: we must bleed.

this 33-minute film is lifeblood skateboards’ first-ever full-length video effort titled, we must bleed. filmed from the first warm days of spring up until several autumn afternoons of 2011, this skate film highlights the distinct camaraderie, raw talent, and ability of lifeblood’s team riders on all sorts of skateable terrain - out in the streets, in the skateparks, diy spots and beyond.

sit back and check out the barrage of raw skateboarding, - the hits, and the misses - all matched up with an uninhibited soundtrack to knock your socks off.

lifeblood skateboards ©
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max taylor mag minute.

with max taylor's rip clip coming in at 50 seconds and completely crushing it, we seriously can't wait to see him mangle a mag minute.
- the skateboard mag.


dear other skateboard companies, please don't steal max. thanks!


tony trujillo's anti hero plank for sale!

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

trying to sell off this "almost brand new" but used tony trujillo's anti hero skateboards deck for 45sgd.

the condition of the plank is still relatively good and the pop is still great! it's also gripped by mob grip, so you know it superior quality!

the dimension of the deck is 8" x 31".

if anyone is interested to purchace this plank, please contact me here. thanks!


Friday, January 20, 2012

bones brigade trailer.

stacy peralta returns to sundance this year with bones brigade: an autobiography, a continuation of sorts of his first documentary, dogtown and z-boys, which had its premiere in park city in 2001. both films explore the creation and culture of modern skateboarding, along with peralta’s part in it — this time during the 1980s era, with bones brigade members steve caballero, tommy guerrero, tony hawk, mike mcgill, lance mountain and rodney mullen.

powell skateboards ©
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tom penny's "hard times" teaser!

tom penny's teaser from skate sauce. chekkit!

skate sauce ©
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clip of the day: daniel castillo's iphone clips.

clip of the day. daniel castillo's iphone clips, featuring daewon song, manny santiago, lil shmatty, ronnie sandoval, chris roberts, mike maldonado, jeremy adams, chico brenes, cooper wilt, daniel, yoon sul, jon fitisemanu, paul shier and vincent alvarez.

crailtap ©
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six stair super 8 scraps.

our good friends at six stair productions found some unused super 8 footage with spitfire riders peter hewitt, lance mountain and salba from the past few months of sessions and put them together for an edit.

six stair productions ©
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vans stage 4.

a new shoe from vans, featuring vans revolutionary wafflecup technology designed, tested, and approved by chris pfanner, chima ferguson, gilbert crockett and andrew allen to enhance your skateboarding experience.

off the wall.tv ©
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

element "20 years" spring 2012 look book.

in honor of the past two decades, icons from different eras, donny barley and nick garcia hit the east coast streets, where it all began.

in 1992 the element seed was planted, and today, the "20 year" collection is a celebration of these past two decades. we continue to create the art and technology on a constant path to bring progress to skateboarding... twenty years, and we still see the future.

element skateboards ©
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mlk day downtown la montage!

check this!

mlk day downtown la montage with sebo walker, brett sube, zak allegri, nick bentz and yuto kojima.

filmed by ben fordham, sam boren and slex choonoo.

edited by ben fordham.

stacks ©
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slap one In a million nyc comes to ride channel january 25th!

11 amateur skateboarders have been given the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to get sponsored by some of today's top skate companies. but in the end, only one will win. follow them every wednesday on ride channel as they spend a week in new york city, skateboarding and taking on new challenges each and every day in hopes of becoming one in a million.
- slap magazine.

slap magazine ©
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luis tolentino rides the hi 147 thunder trucks!

luis tolentino rides the hi 147 for decks 7.8-8.1".

thunder tucks ©
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laserflip with jordan hoffart.

jordan hoffart shows you how to do laserflips over at ride channel.

theeve titanium truck co. ©
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16 set hubba front side big spin layback board mtl.

16 set hubba front side big spin layback board mtl some madness with jason dworsky.

suspect ©

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

support your local crete chapter!

born ugly magazine ©
born ugly magazine ©
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images: born ugly magazine

want to pour some concrete in your area but short on funds? well here’s a way to raise some funds and have proof that you are not a lazy bum that waits around for other people to build something to ride. click this here image for basic instructions on printing up shirts using the crete logo and forming your own local chapter of the crete army.

born ugly magazine ©
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skaters: sam hubble, nick tedder, steven farmer, rick, monico candelaria, ben raybourn, greg harbour and tommy sandoval.

edited by biedenbach.

lowcard magazine ©
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friday the 13th.

kinda like punks in boogie wonderland and innerspace.

just nipples ©
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kilian martin: a skate regeneration.

this is an ol' one but check it out anyways...

nice way to start the morning. if you don't say "holy shit" once, you're a better man than me.

check out brett novak.

best of jamie tancowny!

watch this madness!

emerica ©
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while you were on facebook trailer!

an ottawa skateboard movie. premiere is november 27 2011 at the mayfair.

featuring: seb labbe, aaron cayer, sam lind, austin fyfe, mb, bahd brains, matt canadian and more.

filmed by jordan wiens, guillaume lebel, aaron cayer and quinn goodwin.

edited by guillaume lebel and neil magadzia.

antique skateboards ©
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dave bachinsky mini ramp 2012!

like skating mini ramp? watch dave bachinsky annihilate the vox footwear mini ramp!

vox footwear inc. ©
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singapore skate tour - volcom spain.

past november 2011 some of the spanish volcom skate team flew to singapore, the lion city. dani lopez, manuel alvarez, alain saavedra and alain goikoetxea accomplished the mission: shred every single spot in their way for a week. sometimes they were kicked out by police and sometimes they had to skate even under the rain. here are some pics and the clip filmed and edited by dani garcia.

volcom ©
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bones brigade: an autobiography.

bones brigades ©
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image: bones brigades

stacy peralta’s film, bones brigade: an autobiography will have it's west coast premiere at the santa barbara international film festival on the evening of thursday, february, 2nd at 8:00pm. the red carpet starts at 7:00pm.

for more details head over to the powell site here.

powell skateboards ©
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