Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20 years of lion city hardcore commemorative skateboard deck!

coming soon...

reconstrux records x lineup distribution ©click on the image above to enlarge.

reconstrux records x lineup distribution collaboration limited edition commemorative skateboard deck. made of canadian maple and made in usa.

to pre-order and / or enquiries, hit an email here.

reconstrux records ©
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cliché in cali.

siq edit of team cliché's roadtrip to california by none other than mikendo. check it out, yo!

jeremie and some of the team spent a couple of weeks in los angeles & san jose to film for the new cliché video. here's a video from the short trip, filmed and edited by mikendo.

featuring lucas puig, joey brezinski, sammy winter, daniel espinoza, lem villemin, jb gillet, javier mendizabal and new cliché flow kevin bradley.

cliché skateboards ©
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hawaii four-o.

fourstar's hawaii four-o. featuring brian anderson, tyler bledsoe, andrew brophy, mike carroll, rick howard, eric koston, guy mariano, max schaaf and tony trujillo.

fourstar clothing ©
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Monday, February 20, 2012

ten years after...

it has almost been ten years since the premier of antiz skateboards' - antizipated video and they still look like they're having a ball of a time pushin'. this is how skateboarding should be, fun! and the euros know how to kick it and take it up a notch!

antiz skateboards ©
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autumn nyc: a compilation of footage.

autumn nyc, a montage of old and new footage.

skateboarding by jon newport, justin strubing, curtis rapp, dan pensyl, brad cromer, daniel zvereff, jason carrol, kevin tierniey, brian clarke, adrian vega, kevin "spanky" long, johan stuckey, yaje popson, zered basset, ted barrow, keith denley, dan forkin, jeremy "granpa" wieland, dave willis, jason dill, jake donnelly, brian delatorre and jake johnson.

filmed and edited by paulgar.

additional filming by brengar, jp blair and ej cuilan.

autumn nyc ©
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Friday, February 10, 2012

new commercial 2012!

just a li'l commercial to keep the momentum and my fans pledge'n strong every year! short and sweet! not a video part! filmed over a five day period on a 3-4 week old board in hollywood and houston. shout out to all my sponsors, element skateboards, theeve trucks, grizzly griptape, dickies, converse, diamond supply co., furnace / select skateshops, worthy craft. enjoy!

the 25 best skateboards of the 2000s.

complex magazine ©click on the image above to view the list.

although it’s been lamented by some purists that the first ten years of the millennia have been one of the least inspired decades in skateboard aesthetics, the 2000’s still hold their own, with the truly special designs just harder to find amongst a sea of unoriginal productions. and while it’s true that a lot of independent brands and shops died out during this decade in favor of big brands and mall shopping, skateboarding and the art created for it never ceased to flourish. there were also some dope advances in technology too.

in putting together a list of the best 25 skate decks between the years of 2000 and 2009, we could think of no one better than jose portes of brooklyn’s homage, the og bk skate shop that has seen a majority of the decade’s best decks pass through its doors.
- tim brodhagen.

complex magazine ©
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Thursday, February 09, 2012

chris oliver shares his secret...

and that means two minutes of straight hammerz at london’s epic bmxer diy build for you to peruse. (by the way, thanks for the hard work, time an money spent on this place steve et al!)

superdead skateboards ©
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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

wait for it...

we are very proud to present you our second full length movie!

no fancy text could describe what we’ve been through to produce this movie. just take a look and you’ll see.

the movie features: conny mirbach, sandro trovato, felix hergert, alex nennhuber, jonas rosenbauer, thomas janka, adrian kuchenreuther, thomas rentschler, fabian lang and ben dillinger.

we could not have done this without the support of arnette, dc, wesc, zimtstern, unitedskateboardartists and zkht.

the music credits are at the very end and can be seen here as well.

big thanks to everyone who helped us making the movie!
- marvs.

marvs ©
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good luck.

"good luck" is a film by derek heydle, premiered in october 2011, featuring lamare hemmings, cyril jackson, lalo trejo, graham harrington, val arkenstone, casey morrissey, tislam smith, tony karr and stevie perez.

a special thanks goes out to val surf, chocolate skateboards, altamont apparel, huf footwear and apparel, adidas skateboarding, skullcandy headphones and independent trucks for sponsoring the video.

enjoy the film!

the tashkeel ramp in dubai.

check out this footy and enjoy!

when art and skateboarding collide great things happen... kids get inspired, new artwork is born and ramps get shredded. this is a physical manifestation of that sentiment embodied a ramp that spells "art", in arabic.

tashkeel ©
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how to apply grip tapes correctly.

in this fun factory "how to" video, learn how to apply mob griptape correctly to a skateboard deck.

nhs fun factory ©
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p.s. it really doesn't matter what choice of grip tape you use, just apply it according to the instructional video above. thanks!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

the sesh sidewinder pool.

ben raybourn, willis kimbel and taylor bingaman roll out to the desert for a quick sesh at the sidewinder pool.

filmed & edited by ed dominick.

the skateboard mag ©
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photographer atiba jefferson - in focus.

tune in every monday to learn firsthand how to film, edit and shoot like the pros, from your favorite videographers and photographers in skateboarding on ride channel's youtube!

here's atiba jefferson explaining and showing you how to "freeze action with flash sync" with dslr cameras.

the ride channel ©
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enjoy this segment!

gregoire cuadrado blobysation.

here’s french etnies team rider greg cuadrado's video part from the bloby video. this fella' has got style with ease! f'n steezy, yo!

etnies ©
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colin fiske the fancy lad.

skateboarding is whatever you want it to be. here's heroin skateboards' amature rider, colin fiske doing some laid back shit! ha!

heroin skateboards ©
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Thursday, February 02, 2012

lazy andrecht...

t'is an old one from 2010 but anyways...

the hundreds x lance mountain ©click on the image above to enlarge.

yeah... what happened...?

check out other artworks by other artists from the hundreds x garfield: art show here.

the hundreds ©
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etnies presents: kyle leeper, rain or shine.

when it rains, it pours...! and on days like these... man...

a short film by mike manzoori.

etnies ©
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blvd - jordan sanchez!

enjoy the flick!

welcome to the boulevard, jordan sanchez!

blvd skateboards ©
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bones brigade: an unexpected journey.

an interview with the director and subjects of the upcoming documentary bones brigade: an autobiography, screening at the 2012 sundance film festival.

sundance film festival ©
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snail joints presents: ed templeton.

snail joints ©

skating, drawing, li'l somethin' somethin' i put together, filmed at pedlow skatepark in the san fernando valley, california.
- jeff "snail" valle.

jason jessee's ak-47 deck!

fuckin' cool cruiser board or what?!!!

santa cruz skateboards ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: santa cruz

jason jessee's custom ak-47 shape. stay strapped. nra approved.

check about it more here.

santa cruz skateboards ©
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koston, keegan, brock, donnelly, plunkett, nugget, p-rod, wieger, and ba in a good-times street skating edit without slo-mo, time lapses, and excessive art-faggery?

joey digital delivers the goods.

thrasher magazine ©
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homestar ©

one of the few reasons why i hardly or never even post any local, singapura's skateboarding footages nor videos on ironxhanger, 'cause almost all other local sites and blog does. but this one is exceptional. fuckin' rad skaters from the push me, kwailoh and homestar team!

big ups, boys!

push me © kwailoh skateboarding ©
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arto saari flip: sorry + interview on poweredge magazine.

greg hunt ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: greg hunt

arto saari, battered & bruised / behind my apartment, los angeles / october, 2008.

check out the video and his interview on poweredge magazine here.

poweredge magazine ©
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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

swingers n°1.

not everyone has a good day out at riding the plank...

sylvain tognelli et remy taveira échangent leurs boards.

remy on swingers, if you're a french speaker, you can check out remy, in this new show from the soma website. if not, you can just imagine it all to be dirty...

ho/bo erectus © soma skateboard medecine ©
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lego skater!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

got this lego skateboarder figurine from a buddy of mine, rashid abdullah.

shukran, brother!

lego ©
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the spot!

very first post for the month of february!

featuring: furby, theotis beasley, thomas leurentop, issey yumiba, oscar meza, james espinoza, money mike, aaron babilla and kevin romar.

markisa ©
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