Friday, March 30, 2012


thanks for the heads up, najib! much respek!

"chaiyo" is the third full-length video by preduce skateboards out of thailand.

it features full parts from the entire preduce team skating in thailand, china, usa and other locations around the world.

featuring: geng jakkarin, tao kitpullap, ryan sripaesatja with peter petcharattana & bomb chatchai, kyle brown, leo anzevui and lert saeri.

directed by op sudasna and filmed by patrik wallner.

preduce skateboards ©
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

the original aj's toy boarders!

look what came in the mail this evening...

ironxhanger ©
the mailer.

ironxhanger ©
the merch'.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

finally, it's here! i ordered this about a week ago and it has finally arrived! wow! that was quick!

do you remember a time when there were green army men figures with rifles, throwing grenades and such. well, here's a little different approach. green skateboarding men figures by the wonderful people at aj's toy boarders.

it comes in a pack of 24 green men in eight different skate poses. i'm so stoked to have this in my collection!

the original aj's toy boarders ©
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p.s. i can't wait to mess around with 'em and also, actually my second eldest sister got these for me. hee!

palm springs break with andrew dellas.

andrew's spring break to palm springs with the homie burny and some friends.

lurk hard ©
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stikas in da mail from man toyol!

what a pleasant surprise to receive an envelope full of stickers in da mail this morning from man toyol. yeap, that's right! the legendary skateboarder from singapura. anyways, here they are below:

ironxhanger ©
the mailer.

ironxhanger ©
the stickers.
photos: pinkviolence

thanks, man! much appreciated, bro'!

blkwdz skatehardware ©
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skate rock china!

part one.

this is one of the wildest trips we've been on. phelps, figgy, dustin, nuge, tnt and too many other dudes to name.

part two.

this tour becomes its own beast as the shows are crazier, the spots get gnarlier, and the crew grows bigger. here's the second and final installment of the best skate rock tour yet.

thrasher magazine ©
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enjoy, you fukkin' turds!

fayuca commercial 2012, yo!

fayuca skateboards is at it again! with a new commercial to blow your minds. fast, short and to the point... that's what she said. yes, it has trevor conley, josh balogh, creep a.k.a jake crawley and the new mullet kid who kills it, lukas osburn. watch then go skate. support these guys!

fayuca skateboards ©
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wizard wedneday at woodward.

wizard wedneday at woodward with nich kunz, tristen moss, rob mason and the homie shughe.

blood wizard ©
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transworld skateboarding 'cinematographer' (1997).

transworld skateboarding / skately ©click on the image above to view the footages of transworld skateboarding 'cinematographer' (1997).

cinematographer was a compilation of montage sections from videographers atiba jefferson, steve celentani, tim dowling, josh stewart, lee dupont, danny minnick, ray echevers, r.b. umali, dave swift, ted newsome, ty evans, dan wolfe & jon miner and mike manzoori.

skately ©
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6 pack: david gonzalez!

david gonzalez manages to squeak in some strange notes time between heats at this year's tampa pro. rhino rifles off the hip tricks as david knocks 'em out for a six pack of natty light and $35 in this "six pack" for independent.

independent truck company ©

timebomb file episode 4!

hail ba.  ku.!!!

timebomb file episode 4 featuring deerman of dark woods.

shot by strange torturous movement capturor.

editing by dave ehrenreich and ben stoddard.

emerica ©
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be good now.

after recovering most of the files from a damaged hard drive i finally managed to get something online.

this is the very first cut of the video but because of a broken hard drive any further edits and changes were lost.

featuring nicky howells, jess young, dylan hughes, welsh tommy (with chris jones), jack kirtley, sam austin and others.

filmed and edited by john fisher.

additional filming by ric cartwright, james harris and george nevin.

exist clothing ©
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biz leaks #1.

check out the first "biz leaks" clip from skatebiz with nathan jackson, beacho and pedro day. 'like' their facebook page here.

skatebiz skateboard store ©
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dime in sf.

canuck in the west coast, yo!

the homies spent three weeks in san francisco filming for the upcoming dime video.

filmed & edited by devin guiney.

the dimestore crew ©
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Monday, March 26, 2012

joe hook for the quiet life.

skating in da rain ftw!

new quiet life video just came out! featuring flow rider joe hook.

filmed & edited by marque cox.

the quiet life ©
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holy cow!

check this out! enjoy!

visualtraveling presents 'holy cow' a short ten minute piece summarizing a month long journey through the chromatic & chaotic countries of south asia.

pushing and on board were walker ryan, laurence keefe, michael mackrodt and kenny reed.

directed, filmed & edited by patrik wallner.

visualtraveling ©
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

introducing bryan schaefer!

part one.

part two.

the last six or so months of bryan schaefers footage put together by david jackson.

plus skateshop ©
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enjoy, folks!

thrasher sxsw death match 2012.

live music, mini-ramp madness, movie stars and many a woman made thrasher's sxsw death match the place to be. if you didn't make it out, here's a taste of what you missed. start planning for next year...
- thrasher magazine.

thrasher magazine ©
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skidmark skatemag!

skidmark skatemag ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: skidmark skatemag

the latest issue of skidmark skatemag is finally out! you can mail order a copy of issue #3 here! get some!

skidmark skatemag ©
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gremmie skateboards!

gotta get me one of these bad muthafukkas! check out the reel, yo!

gremmie skateboards ©
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tre truck x death chelsea destruction 2011 - 2012.

featuring the shreddings of tony soto, bogdan dzyurak, samuel burgess, harel baruchi, troy stilwell, alejandro triana, sexgoat, pat hoblin, leo heinert, ben gofayzen, dan carrera and cj schmit.

film / cuts by ben gofayzen and additional filming by henry godd and samuel burgess.

tre truck ©
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fifth try friday!

paul coots shot gunnin' cans after cans of beer, blunt slides and kick flippin' out. hells yeah!

the beerics ©
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enjoy this, fukk heads!

dank magazine.

dank magazine ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: dank magazine

dank is a collaborative effort by graphic designer jørn aagaard, assistant editor aksel overskott and editor-in-chief eirik traavik. the project started in fall 2009, when we were all fed up with reading for exams and began to play with the thought of making a gritty fanzine about skating. we’d all skated for over ten years, and were working in journalism and graphic design on a freelance basis when not studying. we thought it could be a fun project to work on, and figured that the zine would provide an excellent excuse to throw a couple of release parties.

there weren’t any magazines dedicated purely to skateboarding in norway at the time, so we gradually began looking for ways to make dank into something more than a zine that our immediate group of friends could read while on the toilet. by fall 2010, we knew we wanted to make a proper magazine. as far as skating was concerned, we were inspired by magazines like grey, king shit and soma. we wanted to make a thorough mag with a good lay-out, adequate room for pictures and well-written stories, not just blocks of letters serving as pretexts for the pictures. visually, we looked outside the normal expressions of skateboard journalism, and got inspiration from a wide range of currents mags, from inventory to fantastic man.

to think outside the box as far as both aesthetics and contents are concerned, has always been the goal for dank. it is a skateboard mag in its essence, but like the lives of the people involved in it, it is not exclusively about skateboarding.
– eirik traavik, editor-in-chief.


dank no.3, spring 2012, is up for pre-order here. get yours!

dank magazine ©
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Friday, March 23, 2012

what do you know about...

skate thrash / grind bands and records?

i've been an avid collector of vinyl records since i was the age of eleven, this was back in '92. i listened to almost every genre of music and still do but nothing beats cross over thrash, grindcore, hardcore and punk rock tunes, when i skate. oh yeah, hip hop too but that's another story for another time.

there was a time when mp3s or mp3 players didn't exist and i had to dub / copy the music on my vinyl records to audio cassette tapes and listen to it on my portable audio cassette tape player, also known to most as, walkman. it kept me hyped while i pushed my board around the city. the bygone days of vinyl records and audio cassette tapes, how i miss those times. oh well... time to move on and let the new breed do their thang.

below are some of the skate thrash / grind seven inch vinyl records that i have in my collection. there are certainly more but i'm too lazy to dig them out, these are some that were in reach. ha!

ironxhanger © click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

from top right to bottom left:
50/50 - debut self titled 7", agoraphobic nosebleed / total fucking destruction - split 7", scott baio army - join the army 7", destrux - enter the thrash kick 7", hit me back / out of vogue - the thrashy slumber party pillow fight split e.p. 7" and hit me back / crucial section - split 7".

nothing beats physical copies of your favourite band's records and albums! that being said, i do not advocate illegal downloading of mp3s. 'nuff said.

what do you usually listen to when you push your planks? please discuss? =)


anti hero to death match.

pack the crew into the van in san francisco and get to austin in four days. got it! throw in some solid driving, parks, backyards, and a couple pit stops in epic towns, then turn it up a notch at thrasher's death match. good times, warm beers!

thrasher magazine ©
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especial macba.

assista um especial sobre o macba, lugar que leva uma grande história do skate mundial e que é a segunda casa de muitos que moram na cidade.


watch a special about the macba, which takes place a great history of skateboarding and is the second home of many who live in the city.*

olho de peixe ©
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* translated by google translator.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

an oldie but goodie!

jordan sanchez dropping hammers!

jordan sanchez's 'vic's market' video part.

'vic's market' the video premiered april 20th, 2010. featuring parts from jordan sanchez, josh jones, russian george, psycho mike, brian sanchez and gnardo.

filmed in and around everett, washington.

blvd skateboards ©
check out blvd skateboards.

enjoy the footy!

cheese pizza.

a skate video for cheese shop in seattle washington. thank you to everyone who gave us footage. if you like it, thanks and we appreciate it. if you don't like it, oh well.
- cheese shop.

cheese shop ©
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pow!!skateboardsclick on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pow!!skateboards

support this young skater owned board company from brooklyn, new york by nolan lee and get some here today!

pow!!skateboards ©
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robin baker for ftc.

here is a full part from our good friend and team rider robin baker. this part and many others to come are in lead up to our full length video featuring parts from ftc barcelona, ftc tokyo, ftc san francisco and ftc sacramento.

edited by mike poore for ftc.

ftc skateboarding ©
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welcome to 1031 - trent hazelwood.

1031 skateboards would like to welcome another east coast crusher to the team - trent hazelwood. a transition from a d.i.y skateboard company call lost soul own by ray gurz.

filmed by dennis williford, john evans, grant forbes, kevin o'dell, levi douthit, pj coleman, will rosenstock and tj marshall.

edited by adam kure.

1031 skateboards ©
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trash talk 'awake' music video.

skate and thrash!

trash talk ©

here's a music video of trash talk 'awake', directed by sean stout. check it out!

trash talk ©
check out trash talk.

hell on wheels: dan pensyl.

the beast from the east coast, strikes again!

Loading the player ...

always skating and having a blast, dan gave us a bunch of footage he'd recently logged. and look for dan's full 5boro part premiering this friday on our site.

thrasher magazine ©
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strange landing #32.

it's strange landing #32 with corey klim. slams after slams! fuckin' ouch!!!

king shit ©
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haze wheels zaragoza trip.

haze wheels zaragoza trip with antoine roussel, bertrand soubrier and jonathan jean philippe by florian lanni.

haze wheels ©
check out haze wheels.

ambig in arizona.

the ambig team took a filming trip through arizona in january of 2012. the best of which was held onto for our feature length presentation.

featuring ambig riders matt bennett, sid melvin, sean conover, clive dixon (flow) and gonzo hernandez (flow) with a guest appearance by billy marks.

shot by brian hanson: red scarlet x, canon lenses; adam mills: panasonic hvx200 and brian young: canon 7d.

music by cat party "broken english".

geographic guidance by joe hammeke.

edited by brian hanson.

ambig clothing ©
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grant taylor six years ago.

this flick of grant taylor was from 2006 and it's still gold!

six years ago we set out to do a strange notes part with a young blood from atlanta name grant taylor, son of longtime indy rider thomas. he ripped then but he’s definitely come a long way in under six years. congrats again on thrasher’s soty award grant, you rule!
- independent truck co.

getting gurney with it...!

check out this short clip of gurney.

jerry gurney
getting crazy in da parks and streets!

blood wizard ©
check out blood wizard.

tap that shit!

just a bunch'a boys having fun, messing around on a curb. ha!

some curb tricks in this tap clip via john wilson.

enjoy this fuckin' bo liao* clip!

* a hokkien slang for "nothing better to do".

supreme x independent ‘fuck the rest’ capsule collection.

supreme x independent truck co. ©while working with the likes of comme des garcons shirt and other high fashion designers, supreme makes sure not to forget their skateboarding roots. for spring / summer 2012 they worked on a capsule collection with independent, the maker of skateboard trucks.

the capsule collection features a hoodie, a short jacket, as well as trucker caps. all pieces come in several colorways, featuring a special remixed independent logo and the slogan of the collaboration – fuck the rest.

for now we cannot give you a release date yet, but you can preview the collaborative collection entirely after the jump.
- highsnobiety.

supreme ©
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the original shake junt video!

not a big fan of the shake junt nor piss drunx thang but this skate film is fuckin' dope! can i say that again? dope!!!

the video that started the shake junt movement, "shake junt"! always been by the homie for the homies since day one!!! edited entirely by shane heyl on his 2003 macbook pro straight imovie.

shake junt ©
check out shake junt.

enjoy bitches!