Thursday, April 26, 2012

skateboarding helps kids with autism.

a clinic in north carolina offers kids with autism a chance to be introduced to skateboarding.


check out this rad new clip by hayden howse, featuring jackson pilz, jesse noonan, michel lawry, jesse schulkins, mitch & hayden howse, chiggy and more.

dog damn, aussies!


burn through the night.

a video by uprise skateshop for their new limited edition uprise x spitfire wheels available in classic 52mm & sfwides 53mm. available only at uprise.

burn through the night filmed by justin edwards.

skaters featuring paul ruta, mike ruta, ken keistler, kevin kuczkowski, carlos cantu, graham thoms, emmet duffy, neal erickson, dave ruta, chuck ruta, matt ruta, brad hendrickson, edgar corona, larry brazeau, justin edwards, ben skrzypek, adam akins, jesse neuhaus and ryan walter.

uprise skateshop ©
check out uprise skateshop.

james hardy in bangkok.

traveling solo on a trip half way around the world to bangkok might not be for everyone but for james hardy traveling is second nature. check out the video of his trip skating, touring around and helping judge the thailand 2012 championship. thanks to levi adams, ted and every at esco for showing james an amazing trip.
- dlxsf.

fallen footwear © real skateboards ©
check out fallen footwear and real skateboards.

toonie tuesday at the river street park.

oskar went out with jay, phil & mortal to check out the new river street park and figured why not jump the fence and get a clip for this weeks toonie tuesday.

blue tile lounge ©
check out blue tile lounge.

congkak with hairulzain fauzi.

hz skateboards ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: hz skateboards

it is finally released! but i reckon that you can only get them at malaysian skate stores for only 140rm with a free griptape.

skate session at mont kiara park with hairulzain fauzi shredding on hz skateboards' new congkak deck!

video by alphabet picture.

hz skateboards ©
check out hz skateboards.

alley bar 4.

my friends neal and rory just released their new montage, alley bar 4.
- the skateboard mag.

alley bar ©
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thrifty skateboards newly screen printed t-shirts!

thrifty is a small company. everything is done by people who support and believe in its' graphics, meaning and direction of the company. a big thanks to martin castillo. new shirts out now!!!

thrifty skateboards ©
check out thrifty skateboards.

converse skateboarding featuring raymond molinar.

converse presents an exclusive video featuring skateboarding ambassador raymond molinar for the newly redesigned sea star ls available now at finer skate shops around the globe.

filmed and edited by dave hoang with the song titled "old soul" performed by the romany rye.

converse skateboarding ©
check out converse skateboarding.

one in a mandible - part 1.

colin read's all-vx1000 edit from behind the scenes of oiam, part 1.

featuring matt militano, alex conn, tyler elsey, adam simoni, josh kasnicka, joseph varela, jon finucan, mikey haywood, dean denniston, nate rojas and kennedy cantrell.

filmed and edited by colin read.

slap magazine ©mandible claw ©
check out slap magazine and mandible claw.

magnified: leo romero.

leo romero's pulling off a crazy ass 50/50 on a long ass rail! t'is madness!

here's footage from one of the gnarliest photos in the may issue. all we can say is "wow."
- thrasher magazine.

shawn powers!

i don't remember where i even found this, like vimeo maybe in like '09 or something i don't know, lol im just some dude. but i seen people be askin' for it and wondering where the hell did it go? and kinda weird but i have it and i don't know why? sometimes these things happen, i couldn't tell ya why. shawn powers everyone give it up for 'em! you're welcome, thank me in the afterlife.

enjoy this flick!

my current set up!

just doing another take.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence
anti hero - 'frank gerwer' 7.9" x 31.25" plank, independent truck co. stage 10 139 low trucks, independent truck co. shock pads, spitfire f1 street burners 51mm wheels, bones reds bearings, destructo allen key hardware and mob - thrasher magazine 'skategoat' grip tape.


got the new ish' of color magazine!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

copped the new issue of color magazine volume 10 issue 1 spring 2012, earlier in da day. i have yet to go thru' and read it. but i'm sure it's gonna be dope as always!

boo yah!

color magazine ©
check out color magazine.


deadboys clubhouse by stussy canada.

stussy canada has worked on the exhibition “deadboys clubhouse” by raif adelberg. to mark the opening a capsule of items have been created that includes a series of graphic t-shirts, fleece, two original designed skateboard decks, a canadian hand made knit jacket and a series of accessories. all items available in limited quantity and will only be sold in canada at the exhibition opening at the toronto chapter april 28th, 2012.

stussy ©
check out stussy.


some cool slo-mo weirdness with chris ault.

directed by jonnie craig and niall kenny.

director of photography, fabio calascibetta.

shot using red epic.

featured skateboarder, chris ault.

vice magazine ©
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

i left my heart in san francisco to shred la.

filmed in three days at three skateparks in the los angeles area on a visit to sf homies who recently moved to la. all of the music is original work by the skaters themselves steven farrell and 80's joe staley.

slap magazine ©
check out slap magazine.

ride it sculpture park detroit.

in a unique and diverse detroit neighborhood, a transition is taking place. while some people are moving out, others are starting to move back in. there's a devotion to this unique community—and there's a challenge to create a place within that's rich in diversity, exciting and fun live in, and beautiful and clean to play in. this is where ride it sculpture park gets its inspiration. and come this summer, with your help, it'll become the first sculpture park for skateboarders. a place where a neighborhood can meet, create, build, learn a trick, and ride on.

for more information about ride it sculpture park detroit visit them on crowd rise here.

following joe.

check this, bad ass editing!

a short part filmed over the course of a few days with joe pease inspired by the html 'a' tag and by whoever filmed mark gonzales and drake jones in the blind and real videos respectively. you can check out the interview with joe over, here.

the predatory bird ©
check out the predatory bird.

pontus alv, son!

this fella shred hella fast!

rough edit tbs filmed by martin ottosson.

edited by pontus alv.

stay inspired.

polar skate co. ©
check out polar skate co.


chuck donnatin lurk hard 420 part.

chuck donnatin is straight crazy!

lurk hard ©
check out lurk hard.

Friday, April 20, 2012

have a happy 4/20, peeps!

ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

shmoke herb and skate ever'day, yo!

please mr. man, decriminalise herb and legalise skateboarding on da streets!

stay safe!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

through our eyes.

just sharing... thanks wrex cook!

a short film done by towson film student, joseph poole, talking about the true meaning of skateboarding. this film was done for his hd electronic field production class and will be entered in multiple film festivals.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

new 70's horror flick board series available now!

think skateboards newest graphic series. available now!

featuring russ milligan, cody mcentire, adrian williams, danny fuenzalida and dave bachinsky!

think skateboards ©
check out think skateboards.

tyler price interview.

tyler price sits down with slap mag and talks about his wrestling career and his new part in video.

slap magazine ©
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

pow!!skateboards friday the 13th tribeca contest.

friday the 13th best trick contest sponsored by amaftermidnight, vitamin water, paradox griptape, nyskateboarding.

pow!!skateboards ©
check out pow!!skateboards.


freshmeat go skateboarding 2012 t-shirt.

fresh meat x urzb ©click on the image above to enlarge.
illustration: urzb

"middle finger salute to all longboarders".

freshmeat go skateboarding 2012 t-shirt.

fresh meat ©
check out freshmeat.


something for da ladies.

suck my trucks 2012.

all girls skateboard contest. you can read more here.

presented by cassiopeia.

suck my trucks ©
check out suck my trucks.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the sauce tapes.

the sauce tapes is one of many tapes we are going to start dropping every month. it features hd / sd clips of raw street skateboarding, random shit in the streets and behind the scenes with some of your favorite pro's, legends, and underground cats! good music, dope skateboarding. go skate!

features tom penny, oscar the g, brett sube, justin guillen, sebo walker, sammy baptista, nolan lee, yuto kojima & the spliffallstars!

filmed with sony vx2100 using mk1 fisheye.

skate sauce ©
check out skate sauce.


huck back cap!

introducing the new fayuca "huck back" hat. snap back-two tone style. available in skateshops and online here.

thanks to trevor conley, kevin reynolds and mike o. for testing out the hat.

fayuca skateboards ©
check out fayuca skateboards.

ryder lawson, son!

holy shit! this li'l kid has got mad skills! bangin'!

this little kid, ryder lawson, makes me so hyped to skate! he also skates for flip skateboards.

enjoy this, you sons of bitches! ha!

ride the fire!!!

these t-shirts are gonna be bad ass!!!!

tallboy x spitfire wheels ©left chest print.

tallboy x spitfire wheels ©
back print.
illustrations: tallboy

here are the left chest print and the back print of a t-shirt design i did with deluxe distribution for spitfire wheels.

needless to say i am psyched beyond all hell to be working with deluxe.

these will be available at your local skateboard shop in october 2012...

tallboy ©
check out tallboy.


"the resurrection".

blue ball bearings and sxk films presents brandon king's first skate edit in over two years... shot at his favorite skate spots in scv in spring of 2012.

filmed and edited by sean x. kelly.

additional filming by alex carberry.

blue ball bearings ©
check out blue ball bearings.

tj rogers switch 180 down el toro!


this is an another amazing trick down el toro (20 stairs)!

blind skateboards ©
check out blind skateboards.

thrifty commercial #1.

nice short clip. check it out, yo!

filmed and edited by erik razo.

thrifty skateboards ©
check out thrifty skateboards.

skateboarding and skateboarding related art / photography books!

all of these below are my small and humble collection of skateboarding and skateboarding related art books that i have been gathering for some years now. these are my gems and i take care of them carefully and not to crease the spines of the books. i hate it when that happens, don'cha?

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

the top most from left to right:
blabac photo : the art of skateboarding photography, cliché : résumé, skateboard art of jim phillips, made for skate : the illustrated history of skateboard footwear and upper playground : ten years of t-shirt graphics.

the second top most left to right:
full bleed : new york city skateboard photography, skate and destroy : the first 25 years of thrasher magazine, thrasher magazine : insane terrain, independent truck co. - built to grind : 25 years of hardcore skateboarding and bam magera : serious as dog dirt!.

the second bottom from left to right:
the disposable skateboard bible by sean cliver, disposable : a history of skateboard art by sean cliver, supreme, skateboarding is not a crime : board culture past, present & future and thrasher epic spots : the places you must skate before you die.

the most bottom from left to right:
art, skateboarding & life + two dvd set by andy howell, vans - off the wall : stories of the sole from vans originals), concrete to canvas : skateboarder's art by waterhouse & penhallow, michael sieben : there's nothing wrong with you. (hopefully) and concrete 2 canvas : more skateboarders' art by jo waterhouse.

there are still a bunch more books that i'd like to add to my small collection of skateboarding art and related books. you can check them out from my wish list here.


p.s. i apologise before hand, 'cause there are also non-related skate books there in my wish list. sorry... =)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

business as usual.

don't call it a comeback, but think skateboards is looking better than ever. if san francisco street skating is worth its weight in gold, feast your eyes upon a fortune. enjoy!

thrasher magazine © think skateboards ©
check out thrasher magazine and think skateboards.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

ray maldonado, yo!

check this flick out!

found some old gems of ray on my hard drive decided to throw them on a time line.

ray maldonado constantly killing it!

autobahn wheel shop ©
check out autobahn wheel shop.

the cinematographer project official trailer.

transworld skateboarding is proud to present our twenty-fourth video, “the cinematographer project.” we have assembled thirteen of skateboarding’s finest film makers to each produce their own original three to five minute short. the result is a truly creative and diverse take on the world of skateboarding. torsten frank features mark gonzales’ thoughts and skating in europe with chewy cannon and lem villemin. christopher middlebrook highlights an all-australian section with a host of rippers including jake duncombe, lewis marnell, dane burman and nick boserio. chris ray filmed an entire evan smith part and dan wolfe did the same shooting a dennis busenitz part with real team riders justin brock, peter ramondetta, ishod wair, james hardy and more. beagle entertains everyone with the skating of jamie tancowny, lizard, theotis beasley, figgy and tons of others. jon holland puts sk8 mafia in the spotlight with tyler surrey, wes kremer, jamie palmore, jimmy cao and more. bill strobeck rolls with alex olson, dylan rieder and mark gonzales to name a few. russell houghten amazes with his time-lapse work while featuring skating from dylan rieder, arto saari, tom karangelov and many others. brennan conroy films the habitat team in a smooth montage with silas baxter-neal, stefan janoski, mark suciu and others. mike manzoori skates the city streets at night with jose rojo, kyle leeper, rodrigo tx and a host of others. rb umali shot an all nyc groove with zoo york and brandon westgate, chaz ortiz, eli reed and more. lee dupont focuses on washington street skate park with pat duffy, kyle berard, matt mumford, danny dicola and many others. and finally alien workshop has a power driven montage that will knock your socks off featuring the entire alien team with an added focus on gilbert crockett and jake johnson. needless to say, this video has something to offer everyone.

transworld skateboarding ©
check out transworld skateboarding.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

simone verona dumb board!

dumb skateboards ha prodotto i suoi primi due promodel, dopo tom derichs è la volta di simone verona con tanto di classica consegna della tavola a sorpresa... questa è la clip di presentazione!


dumb skateboards has produced its first two promodel after tom derichs simone verona is the time of delivery with a lot of classic table a surprise... this is the clip of the presentation!*

board tv ©
check out board tv.

* translated by google translator.

crazy extreme skate teaser #2.

crazy french fukka'!

teaser #2 with romain "quiet" jorda. first full length film "crazy extreme skate" by anagram "bitch" skateboards.

release in may 2012, inch'allah...

anagram skateboards ©
check out anagram skateboards.

ode to mr. michael sieben.

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence
these are my personal and tiny collection from one of my favourite skateboarder and artist, michael sieben's defunct skateboarding company's, bueno skateboards products, his signature adidas skate shoes and also, a printed book of his illustrations and artworks.

i'm really beat to continue posting this as we speak so, maybe i'll continue doing this some other time, perhaps? in the mean time, enjoy the photograph, yo! thanks!

bueno skateboards x upper playground x adidas skateboarding ©
check out bueno skateboards, upper playground and adidas skateboarding.


p.s. rest in peace, bueno skateboards.

corpse corps coffin boards!

these coffin shaped boards by corpse corps boards are fukkin' bad ass!!!

corpse corps boards ©click on the image above to enlarge.

the 9” wide coffin board is a standardized 7-ply board produced here on the east coast. utilizing the same wood distributors that supplied such influential board companies as blockhead skateboards (c.1990), concrete jungle (c.1987), and jfa (c.1985), corpse corps boards are made from 100% hard rock maple that won’t die easy.

dimensions 31.5" x 9".


corpse corps boards ©click on the image above to enlarge.
images: corpse corps boards

corpse corps boards is a skateboard company invested in the production of quality, fully-skatable decks in the shape of coffins. our american maple boards are a synthesis of functional craft and artistic work, each undergoing individual shaping, inspection, and limited edition printing in brooklyn, new york. owned by two enthusiastic skateboarder / artists, corpse corps boards will progress through the influx of collaborative affiliations with companies, bands, graffiti writers, and various social media while never jeopardizing the quality of the product.

and be sure to check out this flick too!

corpse corps boards ©
check out corpse corps boards.

enjoy and have a great day ahead!