Saturday, June 30, 2012

happy 42nd birthday mive v!

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photo: revolver magazine

have a super one mike vallely! shred hard always!

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pencil brush art of pinkviolence by alex!

alexander tarusha ©click on the image above to enlarge.
illustration: alexander tarusha
so, i got my portrait done by a pencil brush artist, alexander tarusha, a greek decent based in singapura, on friday. the first day of baybeats 2012 musical festival. he did a bad ass job in just about ten minutes! what do you reckon about his art? comments are always welcome! =)

boo yah!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

what chinese medicine skateboard : “神馬圀藥” 滑板

“what chinese medicine” series skateboard deck design is a project for a brand named "black knight" of china challenge skateboard company. the author showed popular society issues with the idea of "what chinese medicine", combine the chinese characters with chinese cyber language and the old days traditional chinese medicine package illustrations image, try to inspire the thinking of the relationship between individual and the society. this design involves several famous traditional chinese medicine, shows this skateboard series’ confidence, you can choose according to your needs, and attain the effect of removing blood stasis, or activating collaterals, raising yourself to the next level, relaxed and happy.

保技玩 bon gei waan (skill keeperplayer)

反骨水 faan gwat seoi (traitor)

乱花油 lyun faa jau (spend oil)

淫丹 jam daan (orgasm every day)

疯游精 fung jau zing (crazy gamer)


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image: zhan wei

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skate hard!

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image: pinkviolence



lowcard mag presents: i got five one it with phil ladjanski...

i got five on it with phil ladjanski.

filmed and edited by matlin.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


great soundtrack by nofx!

bro cam visits kooktown while the builders enjoy the fruits of their labor.

filmed by kevin graver and mike funk.

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viva vacation to usa!

penny skateboards ©photo: penny skateboards

lately my weeks are not day to day but gas station to gas station. every tank gives me endless possibilities. when a tank of gas lands me in this rad moment i cant help but be stoked!!

viva vacation mon cher.
- penny skateboards.


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football, eh?

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image: unknown

oh, so your shin hurts, huh? try skateboarding, bitch!


rest in peace jaya bonderov...

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image: adrenalin skateboards

we just got word that pro skater turned photographer jaya bonderov has died. we have no other details yet but our thoughts are with his family.
- the skateboard mag.



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image: outlaw skateboards

i feel ya', brotha'!

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skateboarder magazine's 411vm teaser video.

i've been watching and collected 411 video magazine on vhs format since '94. i'm glad that it's returning! chekkit!

in 1993, long before the internet made the world available with a few clicks of a mouse, skateboarding got its first taste of regular skate footage in the form of 411 video magazine. co-founded by josh friedberg with some help from steve douglas and paul schmitt, 411vm was the first of its kind, a platform showcasing the top talents of the time and quenching the public’s desire for video footage between the infrequent full-length skate videos of the time. starting off with the now iconic intro song and heavy opening tricks, each video held memorable skating and now serves as time capsules of the progression of many of today’s top pros that were then just staring out. departments like pro files, wheels of fortune, rookies and chaos made each issue entertaining and delved a little deeper into skating than just the tricks. in the coming months, skateboarder magazine will become your home base for the entire 411vm archive. we will be adding a new issue each month along with exclusive interviews and video commentary from the people who made it all happen.
- skateboarder magazine.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

manwolfs' t-shirts are finally here!!!

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image: manwolfs

it's finally out! man..., i gotta grab me one of this! dope!!!

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join the "don't do it army" now!

don't do it foundation ©
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image: don't do it army
damn straight!

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brett sube's part in "hard times but good times".

here's brett sube part with some friends. fukkin' gnar!

i met brett sube in the middle of filming "hard times but good times". the first thing i noticed was his really relaxed style and amazing sube boost! he brought the fun back into our serious filming missions as well. i think when you grow up skateboarding you start to forget why you did it and get lost in trying to 'make it'. maybe not even for money or sponsors or anything like that, but just so you can live your life riding a skateboard and not some shitty 9-5. sometimes you get so wrapped up into the hustle that you forget why you even started it. but chilling with brett - skating, filming and sunday funday's helped bring me back 360 and connect everything back to just having fun on a skateboard. exploring the city and all the nooks and crannies it has to offer. along with that brett got that steelo! i think christian hosoi is his uncle or related to him so it makes sense. style is everything. that's what makes a trick look good. i rather watch brett 50/50 up some hubba then some kid huck some sloppy trick down 20 stairs. that's just me thou.

cheers to the hard times but good times, brett.
- skate sauce.

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girl skateboards x sanrio collab!

girl skateboards x sanrio ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: girl skateboards

girl skateboards and sanrio from japan did a collaboration together. naise lookin' planks!

girl skateboards © sanrio ©
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pooling around...

steve alba, ryan johnson, bart steed, devin scott, jack given, kevin kowalski, ben raybourn, al partanen, james hedrix, raven tershy, brad mcclain, peter hewit, alex foy are all frisky and went pooling around...

filmed and edited by josh peacock henderson.

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secondhand stoke video trailer one!

check out this short trailer by roger skateboards!

full length roger skateboards video in progress.

featuring: max taylor, ryan holloway, bill pierce, tim and eric, cesar fernandez, nate broussard and nate lacoste.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

"stay in front" video by blvd skateboards.

be sure to watch this promo video. chekkit!

blvd skateboards "stay in front" promo video.

featuring danny montoya, rob gonzalez, danny supa, nate fantasia and jose pereyra.

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chase norman vii.

check out chase norman out in this footy! fukkin' steezy, yo!

filmed and edited by charley feher.

additional filming by john evans, cameron white and kevin love.

vii or die ©
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proper dinged.

some gritty british skateboarding, yo!

featuring: steph morgan, gavin morgan, loucas polydorou, yann horowitz and shaun witherup.

filmed by andy morgan, jj harris and joubert van staden.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

bigfoot one, go green skateboard deck!

bigfoot one ©image: bigfoot one

the bigfoot go green deck is here for your shredding needs!!

say no to generic popsicle stick shapes and ride a unique shape with power.

signed on the top, comes with 5 stickers.

8" x 31.75"

nose- 7"

tail- 6.65"

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death to fruit booters!

unknown ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: unknown

i do not know about the new generation of skateboarders these days. but back in the 90's, we hated fruit booters! death to 'em all!!!


skate abyss!

skate abyss ©click on the image above to visit skate abyss' site.
image: skate abyss

this site is pretty dope! go chekkit out, yo! you won't be disappointed. =)


magenta welcomes zach lyons!

this dude is super tech! chekkit!

zach lyons is now on magenta skateboards!

filmed by yoan taillandier and allen danze.
edited by yoan taillandier.
additional filming by vern laird, matt williams and brad rosado.
still photography by isaac randozzi.

magenta skateboards ©
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welcome skateboards' decks!

welcome skateboards ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: welcome skateboards

dope lookin' new ol' skool type decks by welcome skateboards!

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skate boston with kevin coakley and the orchard skateshop crew.


every other thursday, street skaters take you on a personal tour of the their favorite cities to skate. you'll discover some of the best skate, chill, gear, food, and beer spots as you get the vibe of a new city.

this week, kevin coakley, lee berman, armin bachman and broderick gumpright give you a personal skate tour of boston massachusetts.

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enjoy this segment!

Friday, June 22, 2012

cali lurkers!

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photo: lurk hard

purchase me this cap and i'll love you forever! hee, for reals, pretty please?

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ignore this poster, yo!

unknown ©click on the image above to enlarge.

fukk this poster! go skate everyday!


p.s. too bad i can't skate for the next five months... =(

"picture me rolling" 2012 (teaser).

the dvd is out and you can get 'em at skate all cities' site! watch this teaser, foo's!

a new promotional teaser for skate all cities "picture me rolling" skateboard video available now.

skaters featured: ainnie lopez, steve cuellar, dustin semenza, jeremy cannon, riley muraoka, mark brown, ricky wong, beto guerrero, george chen and james reynolds.

guest appearances: mike abarta, jj rice, luis tolentino, andrew pott, pablo favela, jesse silvey, adam bertolet, adrian adrid, j.p. souza, george nagai and many others.

skate all cities ©
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el barto graffiti at klughaus gallery!

big ups to ricky wong from skate all cities for this instagram image!

klughaus gallery ©click on the image above to enlarge.
graffiti: klughaus gallery

dope ass el barto graffiti at klughaus gallery! power!

klughaus gallery ©
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"fammo video" 2012.

check this clip out! awesome!!!

shout out nick tucker, josh kalis, aiden campbell, danny amaguchi, mika edin, jonny hernandez, paul hart, daniel gronwall, chance eldridge, dan abadi, joe krolick, justin shulte, joey brezinski, yuto kojima, felix, javier nunez, chaz ortiz, mike gueffy, andrew oott, aquil brathwaite, luis tolentino, boo johnson, ugly lui, lenny rivas, sebo walker, enrique lorenzo, pete eldridge, dave bachinsky, carlos ribeiro, trent mcclung, paul rodriguez, derrick wilson, wade desarmo, keelan dadd, manny santiago, alber leandro, daniel rodriguez, kurtis colamonico, roger bagely, eric koston, kenny anderson, guy aariano and all the rest of the *fammo* not featured for supporting the movement... now go have a great go skateboarding day!
- *ammo*.

ammousa surplus company ©
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wow! just wow!

juan ©click on the image above to enlarge.
art: juan

i'm super in love with this piece of artwork, on skateboard decks! juan is one super amazing and talented, fella'!


p.s. imma head to bed now. i will continue to blog again some other time, a'ight? good mornight, folks and have a super day ahead. =)


so, now you're the king of heel flips, huh? front side heel flip up yo' ass, kid! =)

check yourself before you wreck yourself!


* 'amaran' means 'warning' in the malay language.

dope lookin' stussy skate decks!

check these out!

stussy ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: stussy

how i wish i can own all these stussy skateboard art decks... daym...!

stussy ©
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hard times but good times.

this guy skates phat! check this footy out!

i met vince thru my homie justin guillen in 2007. we would all go skate and at first i had no idea how i was gonna film vince 'cause he skated so fast! i kept thinking that i wasn't going to be able to keep up or i was gonna break my fish eye trying to film the vincanity! regardless we made it work! we filmed just to get footy since he was broke, sponsorless, working a 9-5 and ripping hard! then he entered that dc king of la contest and killed it! everything changed for the better after that. we sent some footy to chocolate and the rest is history! that footage is in this part along with whatever we could film over the years. hard times but good times.

cheers vince!

vincent alvarez skates for chocolate skateboards, lakai shoes, spitfire wheels, diamond hardware, skate sauce wax, dickies clothing & footprint insoles.

filmed and edited by amrit jain, using sony vx2000 cameras, mk1 fisheye and final cut pro.

bon appetite!

buy the full skate sauce “hard times but good times” dvd, here.

skate sauce ©
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enjoy, yo!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

another one of my skate hero, t-bird, yo!

fourstar clothing ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: fourstar clothing

here's another one of my skate hero. tony trujillo, yo! he skates for fourstar clothing, indy trucks, spitfire wheels, anti hero skateboards and vans shoes. he fuckin' shreds!

he also sings and plays bass guitar for bad shit too!


what we do not need!

ironxhanger ©
i do not like the idea of skateboarding crews nor cliques. can't we all just get along and skate fun together? fukk the hate and lets all unite on one single activity, skateboarding!


p.s. happy "go skateboarding day!" to one and all! too bad i can't skate, 'til my left ankle heals. five mo' months of physiotherapy to go. oh well... also, fukk the iasc!

freeling – a skateboard documentary.

this is what skateboarding should be all about! thanks to mohamed helmie rahmat for the heads up! shukran, bro'! =)

today we can show you the ‘freeling’ documentary about skateboarding, a very different take on the subject than what one usually comes across on. andrew lovgren presents a documentary about the free feeling of skateboarding. the film features sean malto, austin cosler, dj stewart, reggie jones and mikey santillan.

the message of the 26 minute short film is “get out of the box and go skate” and that is certainly something we can get behind.

credits: written and directed by andrew lovgren.
produced and edited by andrew lovgren.
cinematography by andrew lovgren.
additional cinematography by dylan burke.
- highsnobiety.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

‎"stan" art deck by spia79!

the dirty cream x spia79 ©click on the image above to enlarge.
art: spia79

skateboard "stan" by french artist spia79 (graphic designer / painter - france)

size : 20 x 80 cm / 8" x 31" (in 2 parts)

technical characteristics : acrylic paint on wood

original artwork!

the dirty cream ©
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