Thursday, August 30, 2012

second and last episode of santa griz'n!

if you missed out on the first episode, you can check it out here. thanks and enjoy!

the crew goes fishing, shred derby and get a backyard sesh at grandpa's. featuring shuriken shannon, justin strubing, josh borden, salba, cody chapman, sid melvin and a guest appearance from danny dicola.

the boys take it to the satellites, dead boar's ditch and finish it off with a demo at bill's wheels skate shop. featuring shuriken shannon, justin strubing, josh borden, salba, cody chapman, eric dressen and sid melvin.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

pretty sweet teaser one.

this new teaser celebrates the history of girl films & chocolate cinema and gives a little peak as to what’s to come.

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art contributions from bryan peterson!

received an email a coupl'a weeks back from this young fella, bryan perterson, an up and coming skateboard artist. he sent me some of his artworks for contribution thru' email. check his shit out via the links below. fukkin' dirty and raw, yo! fuckin' a!
bryan peterson ©click on the image above to enlarge.
art: bryan peterson


my name is bryan peterson, from hawthorne, california. im an avid skateboarder / artist interested in the grimey, gnarly, super hesh "destroy everything" style of skateboarding, which i try to capture / promote in my art. i spent most of my years at my local skate park (hawthorne skatepark) a.k.a. the dirty, skating and gettin into all sorts of hijinks. which inspired most of my creations. you can see more of my work on my blog, here or my website here.

bryan peterson ©
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

third 'nd last part of roger "secondhand stoke"!

if you missed out on the first two parts, you can check 'em out here. thanks!

here's the final chapter in the roger internet phenomenon. and the emphasis continues on fun, creative skating and unique spots. featuring my friend brandon, bill pierce, nate broussard and super-rad closer nate lacoste.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

chili bowl 2012...

toad & salmon’s “chili bowl” 2012. cook off & skateboard tournament in san francisco.

filmed by tadashi and sometimes cousins.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

coda in boston!

short and simple clip by team coda. chekkit!

"cut pants? 'cause once i cut it, i can't cut back..."

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enjoy, yo!

on the reel with arte lew.

this kid is fukkin' steezy! check out this promo clip!

ultimate skateboard distribution (canada) presents "on the reel" - a team rider video series. the first part features coquitlam, bc's arte lew and is brought to you by powell-peralta, bones wheels, venture trucks and concrete skateboarding.

filmed and edited by brian caissie and additional filming by jan schuster.

last warning, ah!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

you're not eight, so hold you plank properly. not by the trucks, foo's! =|


p.s. if you can't take a silly joke, go fukk yo'self! seriously!

one giant leap for mankind...

unknown ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: unknown

neil armstrong, born on august 5th, 1930 and laid to rest on august 25th, 2012... i am still hesitant to believe that any human or animal have stepped on the moon. maybe, it's just conspiracy theories and that's for you to decide. oh well... but none the less, sir armstrong, was a brilliant man. may you rest in peace.


warm up skateboarding raw footage by thunderwood.

check out this super short raw flick by thunderwood. simple and easy on the eyes!

here are a few warm up tricks from our recent travels around virginia, maryland, and d.c. we are currently filming for our full length video entitled bru-two, so keep your eyes peeled for its premiere october 2012.

the finale...!

this one, is an oldie but still a goodie, yo! i'm sorry for being so back dated on posting this one up, i just wanna share wit' y'all this behind the scenes and going ons footages of lakai's "fully flared" film back from '07. check this docu-film out, if you have not already. thanks!

read more about lakai's "fully flared" skate film here.

lakai limited footwear ©
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

fayuca skateboards "killer" deck!

fayuca skateboards ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: fayuca skateboards

fukkin' bad ass looking plank by fayuca skateboards! it reminds me of "eddie", the mascot for the band, iron maiden. ha!

this is an eight inch sized deck. i think i just might mail order one just for it's illustration artwork. can i say, "dope!"?

hells yeah!

fayuca skateboards ©
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80's or bust!

skate all cities ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: skate all cities


happy birthday shane cross...

if you were still around, you'd be 26 years young today. we miss you, buddy... rest in peace and i hope you're doing well in the hereafter. you'll never be forgotten.

read more about shane cross here.

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indie skateboarding dvd featured films.

y'all have to watch these films! super awesome flicks, yo!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence
from left to right:
kids directed by larry clark and written by harmony korine, ken park directed by larry clark, skate or die directed by miguel courtois and lords of dogtown directed by catherine hardwicke and written by stacy peralta.

grab these dvd's if you chance upon them. they're really worth the purchase and watch as well.

a'ight, that's all for now. will blog again later.


bones brigade: an autobiography - trailer.

it's not a death metal band, an extreme diet club or historic dominoes association—the bones brigade was a talented gang of teenage outcasts. unmotivated by fame or popularity, they completely dedicated their lives to a disrespected art form. for most of the 1980s, this misfit crew headed by a 1970s ex-skateboard champion blasted the industry with a mixture of art and raw talent becoming the most popular skateboarding team in history. the core unit of the bones brigade built an empire that covered the world. they dominated contests, made hundreds of thousands of dollars, created the modern skateboard video, reinvented endemic advertising, pushed skate progression into a new era, and set the stage for a totally new form of skating called street style. there's nothing comparable in today's skateboarding.

bones brigade ©
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creature skateboards "csfu" trailer.

csfu12.20.12 - this chapter will devastate.

featuring navarrette, partanen, gravette, hitz, bingaman, heddings, graham, mallory, kimbel, reyes, silence, conover and apello.

watch out for it!

creature skateboards ©
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random shmandom mandom.

unknown ©image: unknown

i seriously truly enjoy illustrations and drawings of skateboarding. here's one above which i forgot where i got it from.

this is just another random late night insomnia post. have a goodnight and a great day ahead peeps. i'm not sure, if imma hit the sack yet. maybe i'll just continue doing my incompleted illustration projects.


"beer fix" t-shirt by neck face.

the boss, andrew reynolds, posing with the brand new thrasher magazine's neck face's illustration t-shirt. fukkin' a!

andrew reynolds / thrasher magazine ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: thrasher magazine

neck face takes you through the six steps necessary to achieve proper beer fix awesomeness. heavy weight 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt.

you can purchase this t-shirt via thrasher magazine's web-store here. do it now, 'cause i would.

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a coupl'a updates from blind skateboards.

uber fukkin' sweet lookin' artwork on dave hackett's plank by blind skateboards.

blind skateboards ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: blind skateboards

blind dave hackett resin 7 brotherhood skateboard deck. size 7.9" x 31.8".


blind skateboards recently turned morgan smith pro and in celebration gave ccs an exclusive edit of morgan shredding new york city on a recent skate trip out east. sit back and enjoy the casual street wizardry morgan smith brings to some of the most famous spots in nyc.

blind skateboards ©
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mini rampage!

unknown ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: unknown

oh man, how i wish i live in a moderately big house with a back yard, so that i can build a mini ramp to skate. oh well..., in da' future perhaps. who knows, right?


p.s. i forgot where i got this photo from. must be from facebook or something.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


check out this short independent skate flick! gnar gnar, yo!

order of appearance: jesse alba, david serrano, mason madewell, rodney cox, landon mitchell, jason vanzant, chewy, cory mcmillin and joe hook.

keep it moving!

santa griz'n episode 1 of 3.

the santa cruz team visits emmanuel guzman in his stomping grounds, beautiful santa cruz, california. day 1: santa cruz skatepark and the legendary buena vista pool. featuring shuriken shannon, justin strubing, josh borden, salba, cody chapman and sid melvin.

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king of the road 2012: teams announced.

breaking news from jake phelps at thrasher hq. who should each team pick? cast your votes on monday, august 20th.stay tuned!

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new skateboard components for shredders.

board pusher ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: board pusher

alright you cruising old school punks! we have some new components just for you. we've added some big cushy 60mm oj hot juice 78a white wheels for smooth cruising, big bowls and stealth speed. we also got in some 1/4 inch dooks riser pads by shorty'sso you can get those trucks off the board to allow for full turning radius without getting wheel bites. lastly, we've stocked up on some independent stage ten trucks, setting the standard for all setups with some extra wide 169's for the punk nose and old school decks and some 129's for the cruisers. and, as always, we'll be setting these up with rush premium abec 5 bearings, bullet hardware and jessup or boardpusher grip tape. we're excited to be offering this to you because there is a reason why this was the proper setup of the 70's and 80's. find out why today and bring a taste of skateboarding history back to the streets, pools and your life.

board pusher ©
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new anti hero board designs by todd francis.

todd francis / anti hero skateboards ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: todd francis / anti hero skateboards

fukkin' awesome board graphic designs by none other than todd francis. big ups!

anti hero skateboards ©
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ishod wair pushing philly.

as part of this year's summer tour the real riders each went home to push. not only to skate the streets they call home, but to push the areas themselves.

ishod wair went home for a couple days to push the streets of philly.

ishod's new pushing video along with real's ltd pushing capsule inspired by philly are now live at real skateboards.

the one time release pushing philly ltd capsule includes a custom philly renewal real deck, pushing philly t-shirt, sticker and graphic mob griptape. available now, only at select skate shops.

real skateboards ©
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enjoy this short clip!

creep soft by lurk hard.

lurk hard ©click on the image above to enlarge.
image: lurk hard

more merch' on lurk hard's site! chekkit, yo!

lurk hard ©
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welcome back kelly hart.

here's a short clip of kelly hart and nothing is stopping him from shredding, not even an injured foot. hells yeah!

you may or may not know that about 7 months ago kelly hart broke his foot while skating... luckily he is starting to get back on the board about 5 months earlier than expected... i filmed with him this past week at woodward and he got some tricks for the first time since january, 4th.

joey brezinski repeats red bull manny mania title.

congratulations joey brezinski for coming tops in the red bull manny mania contest. big ups!

entering its 6th year, red bull manny mania has grown into one of the biggest global contests while still balancing a relaxed vibe as it seeks to award the highest level of technical trickery on two wheels. based on the simple balancing trick of the manual, red bull manny mania awards the skill and creativity as skaters try to link their best combinations together.

in the u.s. nine regional qualifiers will be held from boston to sacramento. we'll be sending the best to camp woodward in pennsylvania on july 21st to compete in the u.s. national final. only one skater will move on to represent the u.s. in the red bull manny mania world final on august 18th in new york city, carrying the hopes of the u.s. on the back of their board. red bull manny mania pro will take place on sunday, august 19th in new york city.

joey brezinski / red bull manny mania ©photo: cliché skateboards

red bull skateboarding ©
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Monday, August 20, 2012

helsinki hookup 2012.

some stuff in finnish.

helsinki hookup is a skateboarding event in helsinki, finland. during the weekend there was a finnish skateboarding championship and the main event proskate.

hosted by jonne heinonen. filmed, edited and directed by vantte lindevall.


roger "secondhand stoke" part one & two.

the faces of the guilty have been skulled over to protect the innocent. max taylor and ryan holloway mash out the jams in part one of three... and it's a barn burner. fuck yeah!

cesar fernandez links together amazing, smooth lines while tim and eric have one of the most absurd, fun, creative parts ever. you're gonna want to go skating after this one. trust us.


stay tune for the third and last part on august 25th at thrasher magazine.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

skate jawn vid.

yet another short independent skate video by skate jawn this time.

skate jawn ©
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enjoy da' flick, yo!

vi vi video!

check out this independent skate film by johnny wilson. fukkin' gnar!

featuring pat galloway, paul tucci, andrew willson, dylan james, mitchell wilson, sloan palder, kevin sanders, jordan gesko, big zachy gesko, john gardner, ishod wair, kevin winters, jt gleason, cole geragi, nik stain, conor prunty, brad hendrickson, eric elliot, bill pierce, ja burton, riot chris, phil jackson, fritz mead, paul coots, tj larsen, corey rubin and colin sussingham.

filmed by johnny wilson.
filmed on vx1000 and canon 310xl.
filmed in the north east.
filmed from september '11 to june '12.


casper brooker's part in the city of rats dvd.

here's a short flick of casper brooker from the city of rats' dvd. chekkit, yo!

emerica, heroin and stella supply rider casper brooker makes his video debut in slam city's first ever film city of rats.

"at a point in time where a large section of skateboarders consider social networking props to constitute skateboard culture, it is extremely refreshing to see members of the younger generation still out pounding the streets like those who came before them. don't be one of those bellends who only watches skate videos after they've been cut up into bite-sized sections on some facebook hero's page: support real skateboard culture with your money, not just your 'liking' finger. city of rats is more than worth the measly tenner they're asking for it. goon support should be mandatory." - ben powell, sidewalk magazine.

running at 57 minutes, city of rats has 14 sections and features the entire slam team alongside the shop staff, london locals and vargrants.

support independent skateboarding.

slam city skates ©
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pj williams' horrible life.

the feel good homey video of the year! over 5 years in the making. barcelona, boston, nyc, richmond, patchogue and far-east long island. enjoy it. i did.

prize fighter cutlery ©
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omar hassan's concrete jihad!

the omar coverage has been building up for a reason: here's an exclusive full part where he skates some of the biggest terrain on the planet. you gotta see the waterslide run at the end.

thrasher magazine ©
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enjoy the flick!

birthday gift, yay!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

my baby sister got me this hz skateboards "congkak" deck size 8" x 32" from kuala lumpur, malaysia, where she resides with her husband, for my birthday gift. i can't wait for my left ankle to recover properly, so i can shred on this sled! hells yeah! thank you so much, baby sista'! love you lots and much appreciated! ♥


p.s. that white roll on the right beside the deck there, is a roll of grip tape but like you give a fukk? =|

another photograph of a turtle skating a finger board.

unknown ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: unknown

this photo is just too effin' cute! another image of a turtle skating on a miniature toy finger board. i love it!


gulf coast skate gore, bitches!

ironxhanger ©
front print.

ironxhanger ©back print.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence
above are a coupl'a images of a t-shirt artwork (front and back prints) that i screen printed some years back of the one and only gulf coast skate gore band, 50/50. also featured in the images is the self-titled seven inch vinyl record from which i used the actual artworks from, to screen print the t-shirt.

please kindly gimme your opinions and tell me what cha think about it. thanks!


p.s. i doubt any of you would even comment about this in the comment section in this blog. oh, whatever... i'm koo' wit' that. =)

fourstar's 4 live crew.

this one has been out for quite a while now. i'm sorry for being outdated as i have not been updating this blog lately. oh well... =|

featured feature. 4 live crew, off the panhandle. fourstar's tour of florida, featuring sean malto, eric koston, shane o'neill, ishod wair, rick howard, andrew brophy, mike carroll and tony trujillo.

fourstar clothing ©
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