Sunday, September 30, 2012

wheatpaste flip!

unknown ©
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photo: unknown

this is such an ingenious idea! stickin' a poster with wheatpaste on the wall of an image / illustration of a skateboard, then jumpin' down a flight of stairs and captured on camera at the right timing. genius!

but what's silly about this photo, is that the fella is having flip flops on. spoils the whole concept of the photograph. =|

but all in all, it's still a creative concept. big ups to whoever did this! i might just steal this idea. hehehe!


fdr skatepark: a visual history.

fdr skatepark book ©
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fdr skatepark began its life in 1996 with a few small obstacles built by the city of philadelphia in an attempt to meet the needs of a growing community. in true d-i-y fashion, local skaters soon gathered their resources and began the ongoing construction of a space of their own design. as the world's largest d-i-y skateboard park, today fdr is recognized throughout the world as a landmark in the skateboarding community. a photographic history of fdr, this book contains work from more than 25 contributors, from amateurs with disposable cameras to professional photographers. side by side with the actual skateboarding are photos of wildfires, box cutter wounds, riot police, and drunks shooting sewer rats. complete with oral histories gathered from park locals, this one-of-a-kind record documents the legend and landscape of the past fifteen years under the bridge.

fdr skatepark book ©
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p.s. all profits received by the authors will go towards the ongoing maintenance and expansion of fdr.

boulevard amburger.

these am's are crazily good! check this film out for yourself and you be the judge. =)

a short film showcasing the many flavors of the boulevard am team.

featuring the savory stylings of billy davenport, jose pereyra, nate fantasia, jordan sanchez, carlos iqui, tiago lemos and special guest rodrigo petersen.

blvd skateboards © 
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enjoy the film!

kidult "visual dictatorship"!

buy! buy! buy! buy! money is your god!

kidult ©
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p.s. please share and spread this video like a virus. thanks!

fayuca skateboards hoody!

fayuca skateboards ©
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image: fayuca skateboards

new drop of fayuca skateboards' "creeping death" hooded sweatshirt is out now! artwork done by bobby brown. you can get yours, here.

fayuca skateboards ©
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book review: hello, skater girl.

i backed my friend julian bleecker's book hello, skater girl on kickstarter and just received my copy.

julian spent well over a year photographing skateboarding girls in venice beach and it shows in his photos. he not only captures some great action shots, but shots of the girls eating, laughing, etc, and as a result you get a nice little snapshot of a particular sub-culture community.

here's a nice video he did that captures the spirit of making the book, and gives you a feel for the book itself.

it's a really pretty book that makes a nice addition to a collection of photo books, if you are into such things. i'm also looking forward to my daughter consuming it some day, not in hopes that she'll become a skater, but rather that she'll see that girls can do whatever they want - even things that some think are just for boys.

my only complaint is that I'd have loved for some of the back story (much of which is on julian's blog) about the shoots to have made it into the book. now, that would have changed the nature of the book itself, which is purely a photo book, so i'll forgive him for not including it, and now you've got an excuse to pour through his blog too. (as an example of what i mean, read this page, about climbing "seal-team-6" style into the back yard of a condemned 70's house, and it makes the photos of skating the pool that much sweeter.

hello, skater girl ©
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possessed by skatin'!

tallboy / shirts & destroy ©
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image: tallboy

new t-shirt art by tallboy! it'll be out in a few weeks time on shirts & destroy. fukkin' dope ass t-shirt, i must say and i need me one of this! =)

tallboy © shirts & destroy ©
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ground metal anyone?

wrex cook ©
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illustration: wrex cook

a super bad ass illustration of a truck ground down to da axle by wrex cook! fukkin' a!


knock off tech deck!

ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

got this cliché skateboards' joey brezinski knock off tech deck from a convenient store last night, for only sgd4.50! hells yeah! who cares if it's fake? not me! if it's nice, it's nice! 'nuff said.


Friday, September 28, 2012

fist of fury premiere.

this vid captures the fun of the road and the stoke that comes from finding new spots. but most of all, it's got some amazing skating in it. here's leo, provost, layton, lutheran, marks, harmony and the rest of the guys. as seen in the october mag.
toy machine © 
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

jed cullen!

this chap has got flow...!

the rider from southampton and his bag of tricks will make you watch this twice!

the dc embassy ©
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will marshall barcelona 2012 part.

will marshall, dc canada rider filmed all this in a month and a half this past winter in barcelona, spain.

filmed by tomas morrison and edited by brian shannon.

dc shoes ©
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nike sweatshops: behind the swoosh.

so, you think by having nike sb shoes on will make you skate like p-rod or koston or malto, huh? think again! watch this documentary and comprehend. don't let multi-national corporation sporting goods companies infiltrate skateboarding! thanks!

nike sweatshops: behind the swoosh is the ultimate video for exploring the sweatshop issue. using nike as a case study, the film documents first hand the widespread and oppressive and exploitative labour practices in the developing world.

used as a resource by faculty members and community leaders across the country, behind the swoosh is appropriate for use in classrooms, libraries, conferences, community centres and union halls.

team sweat ©
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p.s. what has this got to do with skateboarding, you ask? everything!

introducing ben fisher.

check out this short flick of ben fisher shredding!

heel bruise introduces ben fisher to their young squad. september 2012!

heel bruise ©
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steve perdue's part in american folklore.

this fella is phat!

a collection of footage compiled over the past few years while filming for upcoming full length toebock "american folklore" video.

toebock ©
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flip "classics" video - tom penny extras.

this tom penny extras video was filmed and edited by theo hand during the making of "sorry".

flip skateboards ©
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enjoy this classiq!

cliché fall 2012 clothing collection.

jb gillet, flo mirtain and flow skater adrien coillard present the new cliché clothing line for fall 2012.

the reversible hooded fleece is a must have and don't miss out on the first ever cliché starter cap!

cliché skateboards ©
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morrissey skates too, ya know?

unknown ©
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image: unknown

here's an image of morrissey a.k.a moz, doing "the smith grind" backside. steezy, yo! hahaha!


material world | david gonzalez.

take a look inside the long beach, california crib of flip and ccs pro david gonzalez. as you'll see he keeps it pretty modest—surrounding himself only with possessions that matter—things like guitars, amps, drums and ramp in the back with pool coping. fancy cars and bling bling jewelry be dammed, david only bothers with things conducive to shredding which explains a good bit about why he is the way he is—hell bent, fearless and turnt all the way up at all times. thanks for the tour, david.

ccs tv ©
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

random illustration...

unknown ©
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illustration: unknown

an illustration of a skate dog doing a flip!


phonetage 8!

got a little artsy on this one. hail satan!

phonetage 8 filmed and edited by jacob ireland, alex fogt and ben kilpatrick.

mandible claw ©
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wesc france welcomes adrien coillard.

wesc france is proud to welcome adrien coillard to the team. a short video filmed in lyon and barcelona.

shot and edited by vincent jugnet. additionnal footage from sylvain giner.

wesc ©
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fred gall 'n the trenches'.

fred gall shredding bqe for domestics clothing.

video by alex raspa.

domestics clothing ©
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

kenan taser 2012.

filmed and edited by connor ellmann.


martin 'socks' maguire.

martin 'socks' maguire with a full section of ridiculous tricks for nise skateboards and moshdog wheels!

filmed and edited by scott pearce.

nise skateboards © moshdog wheels ©

traveling treat: oslo and copenhagen.

san francisco treats go international! colton light documents charlie pravel, daniel spiro and friends through oslo and copenhagen.

slap magazine ©
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Monday, September 24, 2012

david gonzalez: possessed to skate!

thrasher magazine ©

for all those who have not watch the full part of "possessed to skate" video of david gonzalez, well you should. this young colombian chap is crazy and he makes slams look so easy! hell'a steezy, yo! anyways, here goes!

it's tough to write a caption for skating like this. we'll try to keep it simple: david sought out the gnarliest street spots in existence and annihilated them. mix that in with his timeless transition skills and you have one of the best parts we've ever seen.
- thrasher magazine.

thrasher magazine ©
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p.s. i just hope that this video doesn't get removed from youtube, 'cause it not on the official thrasher magazine's one. =| 

updates: they have removed the video outta youtube but you can check it out in thrasher magazine's site, here.

nothing feels betta!

blind skateboards ©
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image: blind skateboards

hells yeah, son!

blind skateboards ©
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latest toilet throne read.

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

finally copped the new issue of color magazine volume 10 issue 3 autumn 2012 (the history issue).

hells yeah!

color magazine ©
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

james hardy pushing alabama.

as part of this year's summer tour the real riders each went home to push. not only to skate the streets they call home, but to push the areas themselves.

james hardy went home for a couple days to push the streets of alabama.

the new pushing video along with real's ltd pushing capsule inspired by alabama are now live here.

real skateboards ©  
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remind insoles - the cush.

remind insoles ©

the cush was the first self-forming orthotic insole to fill the void in the skateboarding and snowboarding industries pioneering the path for foot body health, longevity, and awareness. with it’s biomechanical and anatomical engineered design to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance and heightened balance and stability. the cush is built with the highest quality of materials for heavy impact absorption and abuse. it’s self-forming capability makes it ready to go out of the box and and will mold to your specific foot and arch shape hassle free with no need for any type of molding process.

watch the video.

chico brenes fills us in on how remind insoles has helped cure his patella tendinitis or "jumpers knee." more cushion for the pushin'.

remind insoles ©
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thrasher magazine ©
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photo: thrasher magazine

david gonzalez's "possessed to skate" video part premiered last night in long beach, cali.


for more photos from the night, check it out here, yo!

thrasher magazine ©
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new skate sauce t-shirt!

skate sauce ©
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image: skate sauce

new t-shirt by skate sauce. git'sum here.

skate sauce ©
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pretty sweet teaser two.

super duper short clip! chekkit! =)

something sweet and fukkin' epic!

pretty sweet ©
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p.s. i'm still getting used to the new blogger interface, so far so good.

joey brezinski andale bearings commercial.

go share this video from the andale bearings facebook and you are automatically entered to win a andale bearings prize pack. winner announced october 1st 2012.

good luck skater buds!

andale bearings ©
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isaac jaeggi "here and there".

check out this independent skate flick, featuring isaac jaeggi!


the impossible!

mekazoo ©
art: mekazoo

mekazoo ©
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Friday, September 21, 2012

lost tapes: matty hooker, 2007 with cale, chima, jake and co.

matty hooker’s lost tapes.
featuring: cale nuske, chima ferguson, jake duncombe, jon lorcan and luke croker.
from canberra to the gold coast.

in the midst of the noughties australia was relentlessly producing skateboarders of a top international calibre. by 2007 it was literally impossible to pick up an american mag and not see a fresh up and coming aussie (or a current antipodean great) terminating a spot. 2007 was also quite an emotional year for us all as we lost two of our most talented sons: ben pappas and shane cross. in a clearly successful attempt to boost morale, get clips and celebrate life, towards the latter part of the year some of shane’s closest friends jumped in a van and headed up the eastern seaboard. they journeyed from canberra up to the goldy. aside from the rippers mentioned above, you may spy some cameos from su young choi, sammy winter, andrew peters, jim fowlie and assorted other rulers. some of choi’s angles of this footage saw the light of day, but hookso’s slipped to the back of the minidv draw and became the latest in our series of relocated lost tapes.

continued here.

skateboarding australia ©
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congratulations team alien workshop!

thrasher magazine ©
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image: thrasher magazine

congrats to team alien workshop for winning thrasher magazine's king of the road 2012! big ups!

alien workshop ©
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