Sunday, October 21, 2012

tom penny "hard times but good times".

you have to watch this flick! fukkin' awesome! best parts i've ever seen of tom penny pushin'.

tom penny. tp. the elusive, nomadic, soft spoken, humble one. if you don't know about tom penny, then like flip skateboards says, sorry, realy sorry! you just had to be there. tony hawk was once quoted saying: "if tom penny ever started skating vert full time, we all might as well retire".

i met tom in may 2011. in a crazy coincidence (or was it?) vincent alvarez was suppose to have come out with me to barcelona to film for the video but got hurt the week before and couldn't come. i had no one to film with until justin & jesse came out a couple weeks later. it was like it was all meant to be. i gave tom the temporary number i had and less than a week later he called me to go skate. the first day we went out to skate & film, tom said he just wanted to do this 360 shuv drop in on this red brick bank. he said if he landed it we were all gonna go have sangria on this dope yacht type boat parked in the bay. before we even got to the spot i showed him this quick wallride type spot. he liked it and we got the 360 flip fakie and the line with the wallie and the nollie flip. we headed to the drop in bank spot. couple of tries and he did the 360 shuv in! we went and had the sangria. tom was super hyped! we got done with sangria on the boat and we walk a couple steps and theres this banked ledge. tom says hold up i got something. does the backside tail and the backside tailslide revert. we walk across the street and theres a similar obstacle but you can do tricks into the bank. tom switch frontside flips into it like nothing! tom was super happy. the day was ending and we headed to macba to rest and chill with friends. after being there for about 20 minutes tom comes to me and says he got a line. i never saw a spot, let alone macba, where everyone sits down to let a skater skate. specially macba! theres usually at least 100 people there on a good day. but once tom started trying his line, everyone sat down. the place was quiet. the line is the switch crooks, switch flip, & switch pop shuv down the set thats in this part. after he landed that it was a wrap! tom couldn't believe the day had turned out the way it did and we called it after that for dinner and some damm lemons!

so salute to a real g who showed us how to flick properly and reminds us of what the goals of a true skateboarder is: to be a unique individual who uses the terrain available in his own creative way for the simple enjoyment a skateboard brings us. fuck the money. fuck the fame. just go have fun on a skateboard!

cheers to you tom! thank you for staying true to your roots, being down for the skate sauce movement, being a good friend, and keeping the spark of inspiration lit in all of us!

peace, love & happiness.
- skate sauce.

skate sauce © 
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enjoy, yo!

Friday, October 19, 2012

kill 'em all!

polar skate co. ©
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image: polar skate co.

death to fruit booters and razor scooters!

polar skate co. © 
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Thursday, October 18, 2012


it's finally here! check it out, yo!

breathless is a french independent skateboard video, mostly filmed in the streets of nantes, tours, paris and bordeaux.

a film by arthur bourdaud.

starring: jo dezecot, maxime nicolas, armand vaucher, jean courtioux, edouard fontaine, charles forel and d.i.y spots.

also starring: emilien alvarez, mihiel guerhane, maxime garnier, théo chatellier, adrien chatellier, nicolas marion, léo cormerais, alexis jamet, florian boutin, nicolas boutin, samuel partaix, alex richard, fabien chaigne, romain covolan, pontus alv and many others.

thanks you to everyone who contributed or helped to make this video possible.

thanks for your support!

dvd available here.

breathless ©
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a visual shit!

featuring in order of appearance: guillaume colucci, theo luquet, mathieu christin, arthur derrien, mickeal cheah, jesse moine, quentin laurent, adrien coillard, quentin joly, steeve ramy, thomas vanier, thomas claustre, andrew mc graw, florent mirtain, alex maison, sandro bertolucci pacheco, victor pellegrin, camille genelot, jp villa, robin remond, morgan dumont, romain queste, max geronzi, luypa sin, øyvind nissen, jonas skrøder, portu, benoit stevenot, vincent bressol and lucas puig.

filmed & edited by aristide bruchon.

a visual shit ©
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uh huh!

jensen ©
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illustration: jensen


to view more of jensen's artworks please visit here.


Monday, October 15, 2012

the fla story 2!

we originally wanted the fla story 2 to be another full length but we couldn't make it happen. since most of the copies have been sold i thought it was fair to upload it!

filmed and edited by cam simon.

the fla story ©
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ian "poods" barry.

this is ian's video part that i put together for the "le friend" art and photo show with all his footage.

filmed by robbie gould and cameron holland.

mail from ambig!

ironxhanger ©
the mailer.

ironxhanger ©
the content.
photos: pinkviolence

got a poster, 'zine, key chain cum bottle cap opener and a massive load of stickers from ambig clothing earlier in da mail today.

muchas gracias ambig!

ambig clothing © 
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

dump montage.

a footage dump montage i goofed around and came up with this edit. trying to edit outside the box. clearing out my computer of all the clips i don't plan on using. getting ready to edit volonte, volonte comes this december, more info soon.

skaters: quinton owens, anri huseinbegovic, scooter chrisman, joey labau, ryan alvero, glen medrano, habeeb davila, jamz franz, john dumalig, david brown, justin laugen, justin nahavandi, tre lemmons, joesph quiming, david failla, david oakley, justin hughs, jesse boudreau, jeremy lognion, jesse welch, kennedy "kushdog" williamson, robert bentz, steven hansen, mikey tran, yacine ofoe, sam vernaza, rodney bell jr, tanner koutz!, michael clarke, zachary "ducky" kovacs and christian saysourivong.

filmed & edited by jerome neal.


edit and filmed by eric odgers. additional filming by trevor morgan.

cellular filming by travis neditch & ben perkins


thrash and burn: iii!

hamburg to rotterdam!

more epic spots and epic skating with the spitfire team. hamburg and rotterdam have the goods and we finally get shut down at the end of the road with a 30-year storm.



when you're on the road for three weeks with the spitfire team, a lot shit happens—and it all adds up to one great yardsale.

thrash and burn ©
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

thrash and burn: copenhagen!

the spitfire team keeps the fire lit, burning up spots all around copenhagen. more good times coming: back to the mainland into hamburg and on to rotterdam. look out!

thrash and burn ©
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bath salts.

this is the 2nd edit promoting our new video that is coming out within the next few months. watch out for the new evolution skate shop promo that's about to drop! and stay tuned to my channel here, for some more promotional edits.

filmed by kyle pressley, dorian green and alan lleyva.

edited by kyle pressley.


bum rush the spot-brooklyn edition (under the bqe).

pontus alv and the polar team traveled to nyc this fall to shred the streets and film for their upcoming video. teaming up with joel meinholz and fred gall they built a new obstacle at the diy spot under the bqe expressway in brooklyn. after almost getting shut down by a massive storm and the nypd, the cement dried just in time for us to throw a bum rush the spot event and a whole slew of northeastern skaters showed up to show their support.

polar skate co. ©
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tour converse malmö.

paul grund, k-rod and rémy tav’ visiting malmö.

filmed and edited by ludo azémar.

converse skateboarding ©

herberto sinagawa.

herberto sinagawa is super good for a non sponsored skateboarder!

taken from authentikindskate's facebook, here.

authentikindskate ©
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skateline episodes never fail to crack me up! gary rogers, the host, is fukkin' hilarious!

kevin romar, fred gall, mystery and more! watch it every tuesdays and tune in for more only on the ride channel!

the ride channel ©
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enjoy, biatch!

hand plants!

unknown ©
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photo: unknown

street plants will never died! just forgotten...

thanks fo' da reminder, pod! stay safe!


thrash & burn!!!


sleeping in the bushes, 105 everyday, cold rivers, atlantic ocean, epic spots, castles, van overheating, epic food, and great hosts... plus grant taylor, peter hewitt and pedro barros. thanks again to diogo and goncalo for the hospitality. next up: berlin!



the whole crew convenes on berlin and spots get slaughtered before they head to the nordic territories. copenhagen's up next!

be sure to stay tuned in to their next video and trip to copenhagen, on thrasher magazine's site!

thrash and burn ©
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how to build a mini ramp with billy rohan.

this was originally released in 2010 on vice magazine's site.

check out these step-by-step instructions on how to build a mini ramp with pro skater billy rohan.

if you've got a bunch of pro-skateboarder friends and you're splurging on a giant birthday party for yourself, it goes without saying that you're going to need a half-pipe. that's why billy rohan, a nyc skateboarder, came by vice's 15th anniversary party two days early bearing lumber, power tools, and an entourage of eager skater guys and girls. from there it was a hurried flurry of plywood shavings and bandsaw screechings as billy walked us step-by-step through the building of a mini ramp that can service a couple thousand partygoers. think of this little how-to number as the this old ramp edition of epicly later'd.

vice magazine © 
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enjoy this segment and start building your own mini ramps! =)

raven tershy and friends at the diamond mine!

this week, pretty sweet tuesdays is centered around a young man that has had skaters of all ages in awe for the past couple of years, raven tershy. heir to skaters like wade speyer, john cardiel, and rick mccrank, raven is known for assaulting the things he skates, taking on street and tranny spots with reckless abandon. this video highlights a casual afternoon at the diamond bowl, where a crew consisting of vincent alvarez, robbie russo, eric koston and even a bam margera rampside appearance.

check out more vice skate videos here.

vice magazine ©
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made in emerica.

this is skateboarding. made in emerica. stay made.

emerica skateboard footwear ©
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dc russia speaks louder than words!

victor terentyev skates down the main street of krasnodar city, russia. it's closed to car traffic every weekend and turns into pedestrian zone.

filmed and edited by george obukhov.

dc shoes russia ©
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'meet the stans' (trailer).

this particular trailer of visualtraveling has got no skateboarding scene in it but full film will be up online on the fifth of november 2012. so, look out for it!

not much is known to the world about the bizarre countries within central asia all ending with 'stan. 'meet the stans' documents the journey of a group of various skateboarders traveling along the ancient silk road traversing china, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, uzbekistan and afghanistan.

featuring dave bachinsky, jimmy mcdonald, laurence keefe, dan zvereff, stas provotorov, gosha konyshev, walker ryan, kenny reed and michael mackrodt.

directed, filmed & edited by patrik wallner.

sponsored by absurd skateboards, element skateboards and vhs magazine.

patrik wallner / visualtraveling ©
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checkin in with troy stilwell.

kicking it with pow!!skateboards flow team rider, troy for 30 minutes in tribeca.

filmed and edited by nolan lee.

pow!!skateboards ©
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wrex cook on iron horse skateboard supplies (since forever)!

quite an ol' and short clip of wrex cook riding for iron horse skateboard supplies and tearing up bowls! chekkit!

some raw clips of wrex cook on the iron horse's "agente naranja" wheels.

iron horse skateboard supplies ©
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nick's and derm's parts in "feelin friendly" dvd.

this dvd was out some months back but check it out anyways...

nick immediato's part from feelin friendly.


eric dermond's part from feelin friendly.

a d.i.y skate film by bj wishard.

check out the promo video here.

feelin friendly ©
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enjoy these clips, yo!

girl and chocolate presents pretty sweet deluxe dvd package!

pretty sweet ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pretty sweet

girl and chocolate skateboards presents one of the most anticipated skateboard films of all time! pretty sweet is now available to pre-order for a limited time only, so don't miss out!

the incredible line-up of skaters includes: alex olson, vincent alvarez, brandon biebel, mike mo, brian anderson, chico brenes, sean malto, cory kennedy, elijah berle, mike carroll, eric koston, guy mariano, jeron wilson, jesus fernandez, justin eldridge, kenny anderson, chris roberts, marc johnson, daniel castillo, steve perez, rick howard, rick mcckrank and gino iannucci.

deluxe box set includes:
  • standard disc
  • hd blue ray disc
  • bonus features and footage exclusive to this pack
  • 48 page book
  • free digital download


check out the trailer below:

pretty sweet ©
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skateboarding videography.

work in skateboarding ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: work in skateboarding

skateboard videographers are important to the skateboarding industry; usually working for a skateboard company they film and produce videos and commercials of the skateboard team to promote the company and the skateboarders.

videographers can also be employed by skateboard magazines, producing videos covering current events for website content and also producing promotional skateboard videos for that particular magazine.

freelance videographers are also common, contributing content to various skateboarding video projects and websites.

a videographer generally works hand in hand with a skateboard photographer providing media coverage for aspiring skateboarders and also professional skateboarders.

read more and watch the videos here.

work in skateboarding ©
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snatch nose blunt!

rippin' da spot!

andy ortega / ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: andy ortega

now that snatch park has been demolished, all the homeless junkies have a great place to shoot up and take shits again. brent kelly snatch nose blunt.

more photos here. ©
check out network skate.


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

"dime turd season" coming soon!

dime turd season is the third feature video from the montreal collective known as dime. presented by slap magazine, this video will feature skateboarding from all over canada. here is a preview of what's to come.

dime © slap magazine ©
 check out dime and slap magazine.

oscar meza "let it ride"!

la ripper oscar meza earned his place on the flip am squad in 2011. an ankle injury put back his team intro video until now. welcome to the team oscar.

filmed & edited by tim cisilino.

flip skateboards ©
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paradise wheels - u.k. team.

paradise wheels is proud to welcome jerome campbell, joe marks, daniel (snowy) kinloch & will harmon to our team in the u.k.

paradise wheels co. ©
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Friday, October 05, 2012

fergolfson - since day one remix.

some people just look right on a skateboard and chima is one of them. this remix might be even better than the original.

thrasher magazine ©
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how do you get a job in the skateboard industry?

michael giurato ©
illustration: michael giurato

let’s face it, if you have ever spent any significant amount of time on a skateboard, you have probably dreamt about working in “the industry” at one point or another. how could you not! you flip through the magazines and see these people touring the world, filming, skating, partying – you’d be an idiot if you said you wouldn’t want to do that for a living.

but how do you do it? there’s no guidebook or guaranteed way to get there. you can’t just go to grad school or college and get a major in it… so we figured we’d get in touch with a bunch of people that are successful in the industry and ask them for advice. remove the curtain and find out how they got started, what makes them tick and if it’s really as amazing as everyone likes to believe it is.
- ian michna.

read the interviews here.

jenkem magazine ©
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on the spot with alex davis.

alex davis gets put on the spot and rips the les park in this clip from $trange notes.

$trange notes ©
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white rapper promo.

a new promo alex conn, matty hunt, cody mcentire, adrian williams, steve perdue, greg millions and more.

video by brendan bill.

slap magazine ©
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vans and metallica join forces!

got some pretty wicked news. two of the most legendary forces of all time will be collaborating with steve caballero to celebrate his signature half cab being the most popular skate shoe of all time.

color magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: color magazine

this october, skate shops all over the world will receive their shipments of the vans x metallica 20th anniversary half cab pro. if you aren't sure which pair i'm referring to, half cabs are the vans with the heavy duty canvas that just seems to last longer, the mid tops that offer the perfect amount of give and support, the padded tongue that has just the right amount of cushioning and not to mention the classic waffle sole. no surprise that they're the most popular shoe at the park.

color magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: color magazine

the metallica edition of the half cab will feature band lyrics embossed on the side as well as exclusive vans x metallica x caballero labelling and a unique clear rubber sole with album cover artwork showing through. find out where to find a pair of your own here.

vans shoes company © metallica ©

the vans and metallica partnership will continue through spring 2013. a four piece clothing collection called "passion project" will be released in february, each piece is designed by a member of the band, as well as another two pairs of shoes saluting the bands debut album, kill 'em all, which will be out in march.

in the words of metallica "you know our fans are insane, we are gonna blow this place away".

color magazine ©
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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

david gonzalez: post-possessed interview.

his "possessed to skate" part detonated worldwide over the internet and it's had some of the biggest reactions we've ever seen. here david analyzes three of the craziest tricks from the vid, including lots of outtakes.

 thrasher magazine ©
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stickers 02102012.

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

a bunch'a stikaz i scored yesterday. nothing much to see here... move along.


lakai málaga weekenders.

while on his first european summer tour, sebo walker (lakai usa) met with sylvain tognelli (lakai europe) and travelled to málaga, southern spain. pedro sánchez (lakai spain) and andrés díaz (lakai spain) joined and together discovered the incredible spots, delicious food and nice weather la costa del sol offers.

filmed and edited by ignasi cases.

lakai limited footwear ©
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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

arrow & beast #beastontour.

arrow & beast san sebastian tour video 2012.

featuring: lem villemin, benny fairfax, phil anderson, maxi schaible, sandro trovato and daniel trautwein.

arrow & beast ©
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