Friday, November 30, 2012

moshdog welcomes nick binnington!

nick binnington: welcome to moshdog.

filmed by daniel jordan.

edited by daniel jordan & matthew tapping.

moshdog wheels ©
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frank's mammoth mustache ride 2012 [official traler].

frank and a gang of bikers and rippers head out to mammoth for the biggest skidmark trip of the year! coming to itunes soon! visit skidmark skatemag for more videos, product and events!

skidmark skatemag ©
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battylife promo.

featuring: rob snyder, pooner, danny serebrennikov, matt montgomery, jeff starch, kyle cochran, evan dittig, doug cool, john cozz, nick lipere, chris behany and many more...

a film by sam fickinger.


a bunch of new shit!

ironxhanger ©
skate stickers!

ironxhanger ©
skate goat iron on patch!
click on the images above to enlarge.
ptotos: pinkviolence
scored these at interstate boardshop yesterday!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

gx1000 "before it's gone".

keep it real! keep it raw!

featuring: dave abair, billy roper, ben gore, abdias rivera, dustin eggeling, frank gerwer, yonnie cruz, jake johnson and brian downey.

video by ryan garshell.

slap magazine ©
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svitak's hometown street jam!

kristian svitak has got mad skills!

landshark pro kristian svitak took a trip back to his hometown in ohio and did some high speed jamming in the cold streets of cleveland. landshark go!!!

landshark skateboard wheels ©

whale pool drain with peter hewitt and rhino!

this is the manual way to drain and clean a pool. the hard way or no way at all! 'cause there isn't an easy way. anyways, chekkit out, yo!

rhino and hewitt drain an amazing pool, also featuring kyle berard. and after you drain the dirty sludgy water out of the pool, what do you do? you skate it, dammit! ha!

independent truck company ©
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

my heart beats...

pinkviolence / ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

my heart, my mind and my soul speaks skateboarding. 24/7 365!


small wheels park extras with austyn gillette, ben fisher and javan campello.

some extra footage that was lying around in the small wheels hard drives of austyn, ben and javan.
- sml. wheels.

small wheels ©
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vx1000 deck by open skateboards.

open skateboards ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: open skateboards

this vx1000 deck design from open skateboards is pretty fukkin' siqqq!

open skateboards ©
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unknown ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: unknown

this is just too hilarious not to  be shared. lmfao!


keep skateistan rollin'!

skateistan ©
image: skateistan

this holiday season raise awareness and give a gift to the students of skateistan in afghanistan and cambodia by joining skateistan’s fundraising drive 'keep skateistan rolling'. make this fundraising campaign logo your profile photo with this message as a caption for the first two weeks of december and go here to find out more.

skateistan ©
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night pusher!

unknown ©

image: unknown

some nights, when i can't sleep, i like to cruise and pop around my neighbourhood all by myself. i do get hassle by the po' po' sometimes but fukk it! i'm not a kid any more and what can the 5.0 possibly do to me, right?


toy machine tech decks!

ironxhanger ©click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

scored this toy machine sk8 shop tech deck bonus pack set earlier today. i was looking for the new color magazine and the january issue of thrasher magazine but none were available. oh well... so, i got these instead and as y'all might already know by now, i ♥ tech decks, tho' i don't play with 'em. go me! ha! =D

tech deck ©
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steve van doren, caballero, alva and hosoi hit milan!

the godfather of vans, steve van doren, along with tony alva, steve caballero & hosoi toured milan, making time for a session in the amazing bowl at bastard.

vans shoes company ©
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lifeblood x blood wizard summer tour - part two.

in the midst of one of north america’s hottest summers on record, lifeblood and blood wizard joined up for a road trip out to colorado and back this past july with the desire and intentions to shred as much skateable terrain as possible for ten days straight.

part two of our "blood brothers" summer tour video delivers a barrage of action from several skate spots and parks in the mile high state of colorado including north glenn, broomfield and arvada.

join kevin kowalski, dalton dern, cody lockwood, mason merlino, jack given, anakin senn, jerry gurney, chris gregson, toad, johnny turgesen, bryce kanights, joey martin, frank faria and mark scott for another episode of summer fun.

get our limited edition "blood brothers" collaboration board which is available now at skateshops and through unheardpdx and strangebirddist. get on board!
- lifeblood.

lifeblood skateboards x blood wizard ©

pretty sweet deluxe edition dvd & blu-ray!

pretty sweet ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pretty sweet

pretty sweet deluxe edition dvd & blu-ray is out now! git'sum, 'cause imma order me a copy as well!

pretty sweet ©
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portland: a skateboard short.

t'is an old one but watch these young kids shred! fukkin' a!

i've been just about everywhere in the usa. (literally only four states that I have not been to.) but portland, oregon is my favorite place hands down. there is just something about the landscape and the people that is just straight up unique. so here we are! some epic footage from portland skateboarders!

skaters (in order of appearance): michael davis, kevin ketchum, chris hernandez, kenneth pickett, austin thongvivong, berkeley anderson, ben sauer, david bates, gabe mccoy, gabe luna, arto gordillo and jonathan bastian.


how corporations are changing skateboarding and why it matters.

lauren kolesinskas ©illustration: lauren kolesinskas

in the past decade there has been a huge increase in the level of corporate involvement in skateboarding, and we may be returning to a form of skateboarding that steve rocco, mike vallely, mark gonzales and others desperately tried to escape in the early 1990’s.

new members within the skate community, like eric wiseman, phil knight, herbert hainer, the maloofs, gary ream, william sweedler, neil cole, and andrew kline, are all challenging what it means to be a skateboarder and how we skateboard. these men (that have probably never stepped foot on a skateboard) run or are the money behind vf corp [vans], nike, adidas, maloof money cup, woodward, sequential brands [dvs], iconix [zoo york] and park lane sports Investment banking [street league]. through their economic capital, and power outside of skateboarding they have been able to force their way into powerful positions within skateboarding and are able to directly profit off of our activity. should we care if non-skaters are allowed to hold powerful positions in our culture? should we care if skaters associate with these people and buy their products? will it change how we skateboard, how we view ourselves and how we view the world?
- lurper.

read more here.

jenkem magazine ©
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

scored some shit!

i ♥ stickers and tech decks!

ironxhanger ©
random stickers!

ironxhanger © 
1031 skateboards tech deck!
click on the images above to enlarge. 
photos: pinkviolence

i scored these d.i.y vinyl stickers above from a local mall earlier today as usual and my homeboy, areff burton, got me a 1031 skateboards tech deck for only 4sgd. hells yeah! shukran, brotha!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

krooked skateboarding tech decks!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

got this krooked skateboarding pack of four tech deck last night. score and i'm loving it! 'nuff about that.


Friday, November 23, 2012

basement skateboards birthday bash!

geburtstage müssen gefeiert werden und so auch der von tobi hunger, big boss bei basement skateboards. zu diesem anlass haben sich auch einige der älteren herren aus kölle mal wieder auf dem skateboard blicken lassen – gemischt mit den jungspunden ergibt es diesen nicen geburtstags-edit von fabian fellmann.


birthdays should be celebrated and so also in the tobi hunger, big boss basement skateboards. this is when some of the older men from cologne who can look again on the skateboard - mixed with the whipper snappers it gives these nicen birthday edit by fabian fellmann.

basement skateboards ©

escape from new york.

check out this short film by the sac crew, yo!

a sweaty visit in the middle of july 2012.

featuring: george chen, steve cuellar, mark brown, jeremy cannon, andy kormos, billy roper and andrew leonard.

skate all cities ©
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bake and destroy, yo!

a day late, a buck short... this film is not even listed on youtube. i just hope that it won't be taken down, oh well... such is life...

also the bake and destroy dvd was included for free along with the december issue of thrasher mag' and i missed the chance of getting myself a copy. 'cause they're sold out in every single book store in singapura that i visited. fukk me! if anyone has a spare copy to sell, please drop me an email and contact me here. much thanks!

baker skateboards proudly present bake and destroy!

it is also available for download from thrasher magazine's site, here.

baker skateboards ©
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indulge and enjoy!

updates: the video above has been taken down, so watch it here instead. thanks!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

i ♥ stickers!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

just a bunch'a random d.i.y vinyl stickers i got earlier today. these will go directly in my skate stickers clear folder album. hells yeah!


elephant brand skateboards x bigfoot one!

elephant brand skateboards x bigfoot one ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: bigfoot one

mike vallely appeared in my neck of the woods and brought me the new deck i designed for elephant brand skateboards!!! the deck is entitled "end of the trail"! go check it out at a skateshop near you! 
- bigfoot one.

elephant brand skateboards © bigfoot one ©

lifeblood x blood wizard summer tour - part one.

in the midst of one of north america’s hottest summers on record, lifeblood and blood wizard joined up for a road trip out to colorado and back this past july with the desire and intentions to shred as much skateable terrain as possible for ten days straight.

our minimal budget pretty much affirmed that motel rooms (and daily showers) were going to be slim to none. still, made it happen with the generous support of dylan radloff at oakley along with new friends and the welcoming offers to camp in their backyards. the road was calling and we were yearning for some great times shared on the road with plenty of skating new skate spots out there awaiting us.

along for the ride were kevin kowalski, dalton dern, cody lockwood, mason merlino, jack given, anakin senn, jerry gurney, chris gregson, toad, johnny turgesen, bryce kanights, joey martin, frank faria and mark scott.

part one delivers nine minutes of action from a few of the parks that we hit up on our way out to colorado. there's more to come!

lifeblood skateboards x blood wizard ©

krooked kooks!

here's a short footage of dan drehobl & mike anderson, joined by elissa steamer & mike's brother jake, from a few months back goofing around on the backyard mini ramp and a jersey barrier.

krooked skateboarding ©

bones video ii "new ground" teaser.

staring ben raybourn, jared huss, trent mcclung, trevor mcclung, evan smith, moose, josh hawkins, aldrin garcia, jordan hoffart, jaws, dakota servold, chris joslin, david gravette, chris haslam, ryan dezenzo, kevin kowalski, brad mcclain, matt berger, kevin romar and many more...

bones wheels ©
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board porn?

addicted to board graphics porn? i know for sure i am. ha! below is a link to a blog that dedicates itself to those who are obsess with skate deck graphics, since the birth of screen printed boards in the late 70's.

even if you're not obsess with board porn like some of us are, do check out the history behind the art of the planks. very informative! 'nuff said, just check it out, yo!

memory screened ©
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short sharp shock!!!

short sharp shock ©
earache / short sharp shock ©

check out this fine crossover skate thrash band from liverpool, england. introducing once again, short sharp shock!!!

here are some of my other blog post about 'em!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ethan loy ride d3structo!

a short and simple clip of ethan loy, riding for destructo.

exclusive new footage of santa ana shredder, ethan loy!

ride d3structo / destructo trucks ©
check out ride d3structo.

lost in vhs - trailer + video premiere.

the hype is on!

lost in vhs / smile skateboarding ©

smile skateboarding ©

obey giant x real skateboards!

this is an old one by none other than shepard fairey - obey. a crossover / collaboration deck with real skateboards.

obey giant x real skateboards ©
bottom of deck.

obey giant x real skateboards ©
 deck and accessories.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: obey giant

shepard was asked to do another deck for real skateboards using the original oval logo for the real og remix project. this deck was made in a limited edition of 500 all numbered and signed by shepard.

obey giant ©
check out obey giant.


karmaloop tv features fourstar.

in this episode of behind the brand, we take a look into one of the most iconic teams in skateboarding and hear from eric koston & guy mariano on how the brand evolved through everyones friendships and love of skateboarding.
- karmaloop tv.

karmaloop tv © fourstar clothing ©

true east: official trailer.

so much packed in this short 42 seconds clip! look out for it on zoo york's site, soon!

zoo york proudly presents, true east, a new promo video featuring the z.y. squad shredding the east  coast and beyond. watch for it here on 12.4.12.

starring: brandon westgate, forrest kirby, aaron suski, kevin taylor, travis glover, andrew mcgraw, ron deily, kevin tierney, dave willis, ian twa and chaz ortiz.

zoo york true east ©
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"dime turd season" teaser.

check out this short teaser clip of dime turd season. can't fukkin' wait for the film to drop! hells yeah!

dime turd season is dropping soon, here's a new teaser. the montreal premiere / party is on friday november 30th, and 15 premieres will follow through north america.

dime © slap magazine ©
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