Saturday, December 15, 2012

skateboard bird house for board rescue art auction.

this is an old one from 2010, just so you know that the auction is closed. but it's still relevant none the less. =)

board rescue art auction decks ©
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photo: board rescue art auction decks

skateboard bird house for board rescue art auction.

handmade recycled skateboard bird house built from creature skateboard decks going live today at 11:45 am on foyster2 ebay.

greg foy of foy construction and my husband built this for the board rescue urban outfitters window display. a little side project and product we will be making for sale. this one is for a fund raiser and only available through this auction. hand built from boards that were not for sale. to see more views of this and the other boards check board rescue art auction decks on flickr.

9.5" tall x 10.25" wide x 8 .25" deep hook on top skate screw bird rest not included in depth measurement.


the secret video.

it's no longer a secret anymore. our original intent for the release of the skate all cities "the secret video" was to release a full video part of one of our crew members for 12/12/12, but after speaking with a couple of heads we found out that dgk was releasing their full length video parental advisory the same day. bummer. so instead of letting our footage go stale...

skate all cities latest edit "the secret video" by steve cuellar.

skate all cities ©
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enjoy this film, yo!

lost & filmed, pretty sweet unseen clips with justin eldridge!

justin eldridge is hammerin' it! bangin' one after another, in this super short and unseen footage from the girl and chocolate skateboards' film pretty sweet! chekkit, yo!

justin loves himself some china.

for past pretty sweet's unseen footages of the other riders, you can visit crailtap's site to check 'em out. =)

more unseen footages from the film pretty sweet to come. snooze and you lose, hommie!

crailtap © pretty sweet ©
check out crailtap and prety sweet.

oj wheels and mob grip collab for jason jessee!

these grip tapes are fukkin' sweet! i seriously need to get me some of 'em!

oj wheels / mob grip ©
image: oj wheels / mob grip

big things are going down in 2013. jason jessee's oj / mob grip tape. know your fukkin' rights and fukk da police!!! coming soon, really soon!

oj wheels ©mob grip ©
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hells yeah!

parental advisory, explicit content! 

i'm dead serious!

have fun or die tryin'! fs been doin' it since 2010!


got me'self the new january 2013 issue of thrasher magazine!

ironxhanger ©
thrasher magazine's trunk boyz "vincent alvarez" cover 5 of 5!
photo: pinkviolence

copped the new issue of thrasher magazine january 2013 - issue #390, at a local giant book store in da' city earlier yesterday with vincent alvarez's trunk boyz on da' cover, number 5 of 5!

it comes with a sheet of stickers too! and as you know, i love stickers! =)

below are the images of the other four trunk boyz's covers for the january 2013's issue of the mag'. also, check them out here, yo!

ben colen / thrasher magazine ©
thrasher magazine's trunk boyz "cory kennedy" cover 1 of 5!

ben colen / thrasher magazine © thrasher magazine's trunk boyz "elijah berle" cover 2 of 5!

ben colen / thrasher magazine ©
 thrasher magazine's trunk boyz "reven tershy" cover 3 of 5!

ben colen / thrasher magazine ©
 thrasher magazine's trunk boyz "stevie perez" cover 4 of 5!
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photos & images: ben colen / thrasher magazine

thrasher magazine ©
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

homies #2 (where are we going?).

starring (in order of show): john longyear, bryce holms, dylan krull, hayden olsen, tyler cichy, zach casas, zach krull, josh nichols, matt schmidt, ryan leech, cole park, adam swanson, john erickson, alex florez, josh walsh, victor cervantez, tony garcia, auby taylor, trever colden, alex brawley, carlos vega, trever mcclung and angel saucedo.

filmed by josh chambers, adam swanson and john erickson.

thanks to all the homies that got down!

subscribe for more where are we going on youtube, here!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sabotage3 promo!

featuring ishod wair, kevin liedtke, jon hadley, dylan sourbeer, mark suciu, tore bevivino and more!

let the fights begin!

sabotage productions ©
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Saturday, December 08, 2012

supra presents the 2012 european tour!

to be honest, i don't really fancy the supra footwear brand but their team is fukkin' amazing! check this footage out! major big ups, supra crew!

the annual supra european tour took place in spain, france and germany during the last two weeks of july earlier this year and featured erik ellington, terry kennedy, tom penny, lizard king, stevie williams, kevin romar, keelan dadd, spencer hamilton, furby and boo johnson. the team stormed through a dozen european cities including madrid, toulouse, stuttgart and munich. they traveled by planes, trains, the autobahn, razor scooters, even a helicopter and laid to waste all the spots put before them. see it all here in the tour video and don't miss the tour stories in the latest kingpin magazine and the december transworld skateboarding, as well as bonus coverage, here.

supra footwear™
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skate los angeles with danny montoya.

this week, danny montoya & the blvd crew give you a personal skate tour of los angeles.

more episodes of skate, here.

every other thursday, street skaters take you on a personal tour of the their favorite cities to skate. you'll discover some of the best skate, chill, gear, food, and beer spots as you get the vibe of a new city.

the ride channel © blvd skateboards ©

jenkins' log clip #31.

short and siqqq!!!

this clip features the results of a one afternoon session at the conway manual pad in somerville, massachusetts, shot on the red one camera in the summer of 2011.

featuring dana ericson.

shot by jason jenkins and mike quill.

jenkins' log ©
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fsas x iwantmyftv episode #68.

manny slays all!

this week we have manny santisgo with special guest dave bachinsky and yelawolf skating the north hollywood skatepark. don't be expecting manny and dave to step in the booth any time soon but it is nice to see yelawolf out of the booth and on his board showing his roots.

famous stars & straps / ftv ©
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lifeblood x blood wizard summer tour - part three.

in the midst of one of north america’s hottest summers on record, lifeblood and blood wizard joined up for a road trip out to colorado and back this past july with the desire and intentions to shred as much skateable terrain as possible for ten days straight.

part three of our "blood brothers" summer tour video delivers a barrage of action from several skate spots and parks in the mile high state of colorado including colorado springs and fairplay. unfortunately, we got shut down by an unimpressed cop in carbondale due to the lack of helmets... no tickets, no worries... we hit the road towards home with a rest stop to hang with steve schneer in boise, idaho where we wrapped up the tour at paul's prestige bowl.

join kevin kowalski, dalton dern, cody lockwood, mason merlino, jack given, anakin senn, jerry gurney, chris gregson, toad, johnny turgesen, bryce kanights, joey martin, frank faria and mark scott for our conclusive episode of summer fun.

our limited edition "blood brothers" collab board is available now at skate shops and through unheardpdx and strangebirddist. get on board!
- lifeblood.

lifeblood skateboards x blood wizard ©

firing line: vincent alvarez.

check out this short, simple and sweet footy of vincent alvarez skatin'. one long line of uncut pushin'! fukkin' steezy, yo!

there've been entire video parts that were shorter than this firing line. pretty sweet's leadoff man tries to go the distance before his legs give out.

thrasher magazine ©
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jt aultz and corey duffel's 2012 japan trip!

corey duffel and jt aultz flew out to japan to do a couple of demos-signings on the iwakuni and sasebo military bases in october. towards the end of the trip they also got to check out tokyo for a couple days as well. here's the footage from the trip that we compiled into an edit.

osiris skate shoes ©
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finally copped the latest ish' of color mag', yo!

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

yes! i just copped the latest issue of color magazine volume 10 issue 4 winter 2012 (the photo issue), while i was in the city, yesterday afternoon.

hells yeah!

you hafta go out and get ya'self a copy of this magazine! =)

color magazine ©
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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

thrasher magazine's 2012 skater of the year!

thrasher magazine ©

the most anticipated moment in skateboarding is finally here. thrasher magazine's 2012 skater of the year is... david 'fukkin' gonzalez!

this young columbian shredder deserves it for all the shit he has done over the past year, just as i expected!

fukkin' a! respek!

thrasher magazine ©
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one am: mike davis full video part 2012.

mike davis, age: 21, hometown: portland, oregon.

one am - amateur skateboarders debut full web video parts exclusively on ride channel.

the ride channel ©
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Monday, December 03, 2012

atm click "process your mind" (part one of two)

here in the first half of the video is sheehan o'connell, tyler kindred, aaron babila, ed devera and nolan helmsteher.

atm click © lowcard magazine ©
check out atm click and lowcard magazine.

enjoy the first half, bitches!

welcome to preduce shop team!

pretty amazing skate feat by these thai folks. big ups! tune, yo!

preduce introducing new preduce shop team!

featuring: mark atipat, bomb chatchai, peter petcharattana and mark o'grady.

filmed & edited by janchai montrelerdrasme.

preduce skateboards ©
check out preduce skateboards.

photosyntage #1 & #2.

part one.

christian mendoza, jake burgi, uli silveira, alex ulrickson, tyler thomas, p.a. zack, zack crockett, allan mcneil, jason ross, tony potenti, joe sudduth, jesse andreas, cody steinberger, adam emery, chuy madrigal, matt beaton, zachary kovacs and alex lopez.


part two.

in order of appearance: alex lopez, jesse andreas, travyon spurlock, braxton billings, ethan serrano, darren cook, christian shephard, jake burgi, jesse vieira, jason ross, matt beaton, adam emery, christian mendoza and zack kovacs.

filmed by christian shephard, julian aguilar and angel pimentel.

photosyn magazine ©
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enjoy these footages, folks!

okay, so i am bored...

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

and so, i finally unleashed this stuntz x figurine out from its packaging, that my umi got me about a year back. check it out here.

the articulation of this figurine is not bad and at the sole of its feet has magnets on it, to be attached to the board.

not bad at all for a sgd9.90 china made toy and i love it! =D