Wednesday, January 30, 2013

thee quick three, y'all!

in this episode of quick three, we have three clips featuring: jt aultz, jamie palmore and peter raffin. all though this clips didn't make didn't make the cut for the osiris "never gets old" video, we still like them! ©
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ergo crater bowl session!

we stopped by the crater bowl in wilmington, nc on the ergo pig out tour this summer. here are some clips from a super fun session that went down with dan drehobl, andrew cannon, shawn hale and david loy.

ergo clothing ©
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utr 3 recap.

atlas x heel bruise x stussy ©
image: stussy

“under the radar” 3 went down this past weekend up at atlas in san mateo, ca and here is a glimpse of the action… the posse rolled deep in the stussy van up to norcal for the weekend to represent and it was well worth it. a great turnout was on hand at atlas. those guys did a great job of attracting the local skate crowd and getting a large majority of the photographers to come kick it, too.

big ups to pabst for supplying the beverages; thanks to the team at atlas for holding it down; and thank you, bay area, for being such a gracious host.

until next time!

text and photos by mr_nje.

mr_nje x stussy ©

mr_nje x stussy ©

mr_nje x stussy ©

mr_nje x stussy ©

mr_nje x stussy ©

mr_nje x stussy ©
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atlas x stussy x heel bruise ©
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

spark one up for lewis!

lewis marnell died at the tender age of 30 a couple of days ago. what a loss of a talented being.

we’re saddened to share the news that professional skater lewis marnell has passed away. he was a great and gifted person both on and off of his skateboard and will be missed immensely by the global skateboarding community. our heartfelt condolences and thoughts of positivity go out to his family and friends. roll for lewis today. rest in peace. never forget.

dece vid!

the full length is finally out! hells yeah!

skaters in order of appearance: troy long, chase chivers, jeb allred, zach malfa kowalski, lucien clarke, shawn powers, dustin eggeling, bosco, brian kuzma, josh velez, emilio cuilan, martin davis, pryce holmes, sweet waste, torey goodall, alex olson, kevin lowry, mackey, david clark, austyn gillette, riley hawk, adrian vega, curtis rapp, dan plunkett, dan forkin, danny garcia, pat cook, carter donnell, corey rubin, bryce golder, dave willis, kevin tierney, danny brady, brian delatorre, nick boserio and yaje popson.

extra special thanks to joe bressler, richard quintero, alex pelletier, rb umali, ty evans, roger bagley, mike o'meally, brennan conroy, ej, bill strobeck, grandpa, devin alexander, keith denley, kosta, marty davis, mark nieto, pat buckley, krueger, indira, pat edge, ruby canner, ryan geez and torey goodall.

enjoy this flick bastards!

magz magz magz!

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

my lovely second eldest sister got me the new issue of thrasher magazine. thanks and i love you lots, sis'!

thrasher magazine february 2013 - issue #391 + king of the road 2012 dvd, yo! hells yeah! i still have yet to watch the dvd but i've seen snippets of it on youtube. can't hardly wait to pop the dvd into the player! fukkin' a!

thrasher magazine ©
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Monday, January 07, 2013

transit skateboards' "feel at home" singapura's premiere.

caught "feel at home" documentary presented by transit cinema and boards and stuff last friday night. fourth january 2013, at the substation guinness theatre.

tho' the turn out was really small, i got to meet some really good people and drank a few cans of colt 45. oh, what a night!

below is the trailer for "feel at home". check it, hommes!

transit’s first movie project is titled "feel at home". the skateboard documentary will introduce you to the collective, their geographic locations and their relations with their respective towns. the documentary illustrates the effect skateboarding can have on the definition of "home".

transit cinema presents a movie directed by ralph samson featuring transit collective members alexandre verville, benoit beaumont, darryl michael seah, hanafie kamsani, jeremi dallaire, drew verderame.

edited by alex verville & ralph samson. principal cinematography ralph samson & kenneth teo.

additional cinematography shannon kyle lim, samuel chenard, marco gilbert, juan qi an, muhammad irwan, jeremi dallaire. principal photography by ben ray & juffrie friday.


transit skateboards ©
the transit crew and friends in singapura!
instragram photo: transit skateboards

ironxhanger ©
my ticket stub from last friday nights' premiere.
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photo: pinkviolence

transit skateboards ©
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p.s. you can now get ya'self a copy of transit skateboards' "feel at home" dvd at boards and stuff for 15sgd!

all city showdown seattle 7: full video!

one two, one two! chekkit, yo!

you've seen the top four teams, now it's time to watch the northwest takeover in it's entirety! welcome to the all city showdown seattle 7. the rules are simple. teams have eight hours to skate the city accompanied by a filmer. after the eight hours teams turn in their tapes and await the results. cash is awarded to the top teams and best tricks of the day.

all city showdown ©
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Thursday, January 03, 2013

the best of ron allen in 2012!

ron allen is down for life!

paradise wheels is proud to present the best of ron allen 2012 for his 50th birthday!

ron's been pro longer then most skateboarders have been alive and this video is mix of new and used footage from 2012.

video by nick matlin.

paradise wheels co. ©
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david gonzalez destroying the bowl!

david's at it again!

el mejor skater del año david gonzález nos regaló una sesión en el bowl de ciudad del río en medellín, mucho estilo y energía destruyendo el parche. además creó la canción para el clip en un duo de guitarra y batería con carlos julio.

cámara y edición por juan sebastián gonzález.


the best skater of the year david gonzalez gave us a session at the river city bowl in medellin, stylish and energy destroying the patch. he also created the theme song for the clip in a guitar and drum duo with carlos julio.

camera and editing by juan sebastián gonzález.

vive skateboarding ©
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fly society rider: jacob walder.

fifty two seconds of straight up hammers!

filmed by dylan bunnell, kush pops.
edited by corey cabrera.

fly society ©
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a day at op park.

i know i have not been updating this blog but who gives a damn anyway?

david jordan ripping it at op park, all filmed in one day. also featuring sal butorac and pat schaefer.

8103 clothing ©
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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 already?

happy twenty thirteen!
broken legs and hammered heads!
yabba dabba doo!