Wednesday, February 27, 2013

silas baxter neal killing it on the streets of japan!

not a huge fan of adidas skateboarding but thrasher magazine's skater of the year '08, silas baxter neal, killing it on the streets of japan.

to help support the release of his signature apparel collection, silas and friends explore the streets of tokyo, japan.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

fukkin' thrashcore, peeps!

ironxhanger ©

from left to right:
secret seven / fxpxo split seven inch (moo cow records), secret 7 / jahilia split seven inch (thrash steady syndicate) and xsecret 7x - play fast like there is no tomorrow 7" (625 records).

secret seven is one of the most legendary hardcore thrash bands in singapura! they were only around from the late 90's until the early millenium. their shows were always chaotic, tight and fun! in september 2002, their drummer, syed razkin a.k.a arabpunk past away in a tragic motorcycle accident on his way to work (if i am not mistaken) and the record on 625 was dedicated to him. god bless his soul. he was such a humble and gentle guy.

this band was one of my favourite skate thrash band from singapura. too bad they are no longer around. like they always say, when the band reaches their peak, they always disband. i heard they have a full length vinyl lp but i'm not really too sure about that. if any of you guys out there know about it, please hit me up here. thanks!

r.i.p xsecret sevenx, my out most respect to you guys! salute!

below is a spilt seven inch from two legendary bands, no comply and xbrainiax (fatal apathy / six two five / i deal records and to live a lie). both bands are from the u.s of a and no comply plays harsh skate thrash while xbrainiax plays power violence. the have tons more records out but i do not have the moolah to score them. oh well...

ironxhanger ©
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photos: pinkviolence

that's all for now, do return again. i needa sleep, have not had any for the past two nights.


random stickers and 43 magazine!

ironxhanger ©
random skate stickers!

got a bunch of random skate stickers to add to my collection, especially local ones! =)

ironxhanger ©
 issue 002 of 43 magazine!
click on the images above to enlarge.
 photos: pinkviolence

i also got this issue 002 : june / july / august 2012 of 43 magazine by allen ying as well.

43 magazine ©
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

pretty sweet lost & filmed contest footage!

possibly one of the best skate film ever made. this footage is three week old and i am not sure if the contest is still going on. anyways, enjoy the flick!

the pretty sweet lost & filmed re-edit contest! here’s how it works. download the clip we’ve provided above and re-edit the footage. we’re looking for you to go off. add. subtract. throw weird shit in there. edits should be under four minutes. no need to use everything. send us your entries in the form of a youtube link here. here's your prize pack below:

crailtap ©
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photo: crailtap

make us proud!

crailtap ©pretty sweet ©
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insomniac maniac...


ironxhanger ©

copped the 2013 march issue #392 of thrasher magazine earlier last evening at a giant book store in da city. don'cha just hate it, when you let someone borrow your books or magazines and they leave creases or dog ears on da pages? eeeks!!! hate it!


on another note, i also got some stickers from interstate boardshop and go sports. stickers are shown below:

ironxhanger ©
skate stickers.

also, i got a rat bones skate patch courtesy of khai ova' at twilight zone. thanks, bro! much appreciated. i'll be sure to pass you that independent patch that i mentioned about.

ironxhanger ©
rat bones skate patch.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

'nuff about all these. go and sleep, foo's!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

skate world: sweden.

our first episode of skate world: sweden finds us in malmo, where the ever motivated pontus alv and friends show the true meaning of d.i.y spirit. from their beginnings at the now defunct savanna side to the straight rawness of the train banks spot the malmo skaters take matters into there own hands when it comes to street spots.

originally released in 2010 on vice magazine's site.

vice magazine © 
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bones wheels presents "new ground"!

for free download of "new ground" please go here.

bones wheels presents "new ground" starring: ben raybourn, jared huss, trent mcclung, trevor mcclung, evan smith, moose, josh hawkins, aldrin garcia, jordan hoffart, jaws, dakota servold, chris joslin, david gravette, chris haslam, ryan dezenzo, kevin kowalski, brad mcclain, matt berger, kevin romar and many more...

bones wheels ©
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

altered focus: burma.

winner of best independent and emerging film makers at the international skateboard film festival 2011. - (made public - 9th may 2011) filmed in the summer of 2009, altered focus: burma follows three film makers and skateboarders as they travel across yangon and mandalay. the film explores the reaction to this unseen activity whilst touching on the political situation there.

running time: 19minutes.
filmed on dvcam and super 8mm.

filmed, edited and directed by alex pasquini & james holman.

hot knees media ©
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god made a skateboarder...

watch this shit!

superbowl "god made a farmer" paul harvey commercial re imagined. if you haven't seen the original ram trucks superbowl commercial check it right here

all photos by ryan young check more of his work here. script by taylor kennedy and joel jutagir.

- and on the eighth day, god looked down on his concrete paradise and said, "i need a caretaker." so god made a skateboarder.

god said, "i need somebody willing to get up at the crack of noon, eyes bloodshot from the night before, call in sick from work, not stretch, then go to the spot and stay well past midnight repeatedly trying for that one miraculous trick." so god made a skateboarder.

god said, "i need somebody willing to try a flip trick down a gap all day, get a swellbow the size of a golf ball wipe the sweat from their eyes and say "i'll get it tomorrow" i need somebody stealthy enough to stake out a spot, sneak past security, only to arrive on the scene and make more noise than a lumber yard. who has more superstitions than an old wive, never says the words last try, counts the number of cracks in the ground, knocks on wood, then will turn and huck themselves down a set of stairs without so much as a second glance, "so god made a skateboarder"

god said, i need somebody strong enough to live off 99 cent burritos, pizza, baconators and other fatty foods, while remaining skinny enough to squeeze through the narrowest of fence poles.

it had to be somebody who'd grind straight and carve corners, somebody who'd rip, flip, get a clip, eat a bag of shrooms and strip and curse and bitch, bust tre's and skate all day. somebody who'd bind a crew together with the promise of five dollars if they pull it next try, then back it up with a double or nothing, then sigh and reply with smiling eyes when his homie says he's got it right here - you got this shit! "so god made a skateboarder"

metro skateshop ©
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g'night and enjoy!

wizard bloody wizard!

blood wizard isn't underground, it's other-dimension. just know these dudes have skating in their blood. here's kunz, gurney, toad, krahn and the rest of the team. with special mention for opener chris gregson and closer drew dezort.

blood wizard © thrasher magazine ©
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

john cardiel's week!

thrasher magazine ©
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scanned: pinkviolence

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

welcome back to final day of john cardiel week. if you missed day 1’s collection of old cards interviews or day 2's anti hero & spitfire ad archive or day 3's waffle when-sday with john's cover and video gallery or day 4's interview with patrick o'dell about the making of the cardiel epicly later'd episodes then you should definitely go back and check those out first.

normally for our five favorites videos we follow riders to their favorite hangouts but this week for the 5th and final day of john cardiel's week we went a different route and took a cruise around san francisco with john's anti hero teammate / friend and one of the funniest guys in skateboarding, frank gerwer, to look at some of his favorite cardiel skatespots around sf.


Friday, February 08, 2013

shahran skate finger!

shahran ali ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: shahran ali

bad fukkin' ass digital photography manipulation! hells yeah! check him out! thanks shahran ali for sharing this wit' me! shukran, bro'!


Thursday, February 07, 2013

ulc skateboards mohawk's leftovers.


some leftover footages from the mohawk!

ulc skateboards ©
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so, who will it be for transworld skateboardings' 2013 skate & create?

the creature fiends "skate wars" took home the cake for 2012 transworld skateboardings' skate & create contest. so, who do you think is gonna be this years' winner? 

deathwish skatebords, toy machine, element or santa cruz for 2013 skate & create?

tune in and drop out!

jake ruiz (where are we going?).

this kid is one hella ripper!

filmed and edited by josh chambers.

guest filmers by eddie roberts & riley arnold.

sorry for the lag on mooses part, guess im going to have to re-edit it because youtube sucks!

check out more skater4foundation videos on youtube, here.

toad's edit of lifebloodwizard tour!

toad's edit of our summer trip last year with jack given, jerry gurney anakin senn, bryce kanights, chris gregson, chet childress, cody lockwood, daniel evans, dalton dern, frank faria, jeremy frankovis, johnny turgeson, joey 65 pack martin, kevin kowalski, mark scott, mason merlino, timmy jak and toad.

lifeblood skateboards x blood wizard ©

"if you don't know your past, you'll never know your future."

watch our skate & create article "past to present" now! narrated by chad muska and starring the entire element team, as they go back in time and relive the fashion, music, and iconic moments of skateboarding's past.

stay tuned for behind the scenes coverage, special giveaways and unseen footage.

transworld skateboarding © element skateboards ©

enjoy, yo!

cliché skateboards bon voyage video trailer #2!

the new cliché skateboards video " bon voyage" is gonna slay!

bon voyage trailer #2 featuring lucas puig, sammy winter, pete eldridge, jb gillet, flo mirtain, charles collet, lem villemin, javier mendizabal, jeremie daclin, andrew brophy, daniel espinoza, joey brezinski, adrien coillard, max geronzi and kevin bradley.

filmed and directed by boris proust.

cliché skateboards ©
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can hardly wait for it to be released!

welcome to the team dane pryds!

sitka is excited to welcome dane pryds to our skate team.

when he's not busy driving around his taxi, the great dane continues to rule the kingdom that is his vancouver island. originally hailing from sidney bc, dane is a man of simple pleasures with little concerns beyond his next skateboard adventure. and while generally sly and silent, dane is never one to be afraid of a grass stain or two. all in all, great dane is a big dude, with big tricks, and has a big... shoe size?

filmed by cyrus stafford and edited by ben gulliver.

sitka skateboards ©
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what’s the story with nick dompierre.

nick dompierre has put on a lot of weight ever since his fatal accident.

check out skateboarder’s new video segment called ‘what’s the story’. this first segment features nick dompierre explaining why he dropped completely out of sight from the skate industry over a year ago after breaking his neck. his stories are insane so you don’t want to miss this. we’re glad nick is doing better and back on his board. the man is a beast!

skateboarder magazine ©
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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

praça roosevelt.

this film is from mid january 2013. buttery and bangin'! chekkit out, yo!

a praça roosevelt em são paulo foi reinaugurada em setembro de 2012 e desde então se tornou um ponto de encontro de skatistas de todos os cantos do brasil. veja como está o novo pico e saiba como está sendo as sessões e repressões.


the roosevelt square in são paulo was reopened in september 2012 and has since become a meeting point for skaters from all over brazil. see how the new peak and is known as being the sessions and repressions.*


just enjoy this short docu-film as i don't speak nor understand any portuguese language at all. sorry folks...

and apparently, the praça roosevelt (roosevelt square) plaza skate spot in são paulo, brazil, looks more amazing than what we have here in da streets of singapura. oh well... such is the country we live in, so we just have to make do with what we have here, yeah?

the closest thing we have here, is "cbd" or some might call it "raffles place" but that joint has skate stoppers every fukkin' where! fukk that shit!

anyways, check this shit out! well worth the watch.

olho de peixe ©
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* translated by google translator.

rvca | germany tour.

the rvca germany tour 2012 presented by the skateboard mag featuring julian davidson, kevin "spanky" long, nestor judkins, josh harmony, didrik, galasso, tom kleinschmidt, ilja, judazki and charles collet.

filmed and edited by brandon jensen.

for photos by matthew price & brandon jensen go here.

rvca ©
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life splicing No. 006: john fitzgerald.

this footy's is pretty ol' but does anyone remember this fella? the winner from slap's 2010 one in a million contest? he rips!!!

sixth in the "life splicing" series, featuring john fitzgerald!

filmed by benny maglinao, chad bowers, greg hunt, cody green & jason hernandez.


what the fuck did i just watched? he's one hella crazy mafaka!

alien workshop ©
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limited edition rat fink wacky wobbler!

it keeps slipping my mind to post this ed "big daddy" roth's rat fink wacky wobler by funko. anyways, here it is, finally. i purchased it back in '09 at stgcc for cheaps! fukk yeah!
ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

this very particular seven inch funko exclusive bobbler rat fink with a surf board show above, is limited to 480 pieces from 2009's san diego comic con.


"like wow man... a bouncin' rat fink wacky wobbler!"
- big daddy.

during the hot rod craze of the 60's, no one made more of impact on popular culture than legendary car customizer ed "big daddy" roth! while ed toured the country with his wild fiberglass showcars, fans would line up for original roth monster t-shirts and water decals. rat fink, big daddy's fly-infested alter ego and trademark soon became roth's most popular monster. the kooks at funko thought you might dig your very own rat fink wacky wobbler to hang out with. this pesky little rodent will help dress-up any china cabinet, garage, bathroom, printer or dashboard!

funko © rat fink ©
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the pow!!skateboards second year celebration, son!

the pow!!skateboards familia and team fukkin' killin' it in the streets on new york! check out this short footy of 'em, yo!

pow!!skateboards celebrates their second year anniversary with a bangin' session followed with the after party!!!

pow!!skateboards ©
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ba. ku. celebrates 10 years... in japan!

chris moyen x ba.ku. ©
art: chris moyen

two things: barrier kult is celebrating their 10th anniversary and ba.ku. is huge in japan. to celebrate, death by metal (japan), skull skates japan and you're not human (united kingdom) are releasing a ba. ku. x chris moyen x death by metal collaboration.

this 10th anniversary graphic, slapped on a t-shirt and hoody, is designed by legendary black metal artist chris moyen and comes with a 32-page, off-set print booklet featuring a bunch of evil little photos and images. here's the catch: the booklet is limited 666 copies... but it comes with a patch, button and sticker! (pre-orders are now being taken online here)

cheers to 10 years, you goat-killing blood-suckers.


also, check out the beast of gevaudan vs deerman of dark woods"last try tuesday" video below :

ba.ku ©  color magazine ©
check out barrier kult and color magazine.

knife ritual!


amongst the 23 million people inhabiting shanghai, there is a small and strong skateboard community, many of the individuals in this community are expats that has relocated to china for work or simply to widen their horizon with new experiences.

this video documents a year of traveling and skating throughout china, which is quickly becoming the most popular stomping grounds for amateur and professional skateboarders around the world.

marble and architecture perfect for skating as far as the eye can see, as well as great food and culture makes china a great place to experience for any skater.

the name "panoramic" is a metaphor for being open-minded, which is a must for anybody that wants to live and travel in china, for good and bad.

skating by elliott zelinskas, brian dolle, gustav nyman, jeremy hu, ansen wang, brandon king, kristian kvam hansen, christer enciso, ben mullinkosson, wilko grüning, henrik svan and boss xie.

filmed, directed and edited by kristian kvam hansen.