Saturday, April 27, 2013

adidas x blood wizard pack!

so damn stoked to receive this in the mailbox yesterday!

ironxhanger ©
the mailer.

ironxhanger ©adidas x blood wizard pack.

ironxhanger ©
stuff inside da adidas x blood wizard pack.
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 photos: pinkviolence

so, i joined the adidas x blood wizard give away contest on facebook and i won the wizard pack! hells yeah!

there were stickers, temporary tattoos, a koozie and a patch in it! chekkit!

adidas skateboarding x blood wizard ©
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

welcome to the protest team: eve feaver & bushman!

protest skateboards welcomes two legendary north van skaters to the team. both in their 40's and both still killin' it! we headed out to the spot where they've made history for the past 35 years - seylynn bowl...

protest skateboards ©

kilian martin: india within...

this fella's amazingly talented!

film and edited by brett novak.

look out for kilian martin's new pro model deck here.

powell peralta ©  vision street wear ©


be@rbrick figurines!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

pictured above are two of my favourite be@rbrick figurines from my tiny collection!

from the left, is an artist series of hasheem (ハシーム hashīmu) a member of the masashino saru from the manga series tokyo tribes by santa inoue.

and on the right, is a pattern series of the legendary skate punk band from venice, california, suicidal tendencies.

be@rbrick ©
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elephant direct.

so siqqq!!!

a skateboard video by jeremy elkin © 2010.

titles & animations by jason auger.

cameras used sony vx1000, canon xl514, bolex h16 reflex.

locations: montreal, ottawa, toronto, calgary, vancouver, boston, new york, philadelphia, san francisco and los angeles.

supported by color magazine, adidas & wesc.

dime ©
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chity (full video)!

this is chity, a video filmed entirely in chicago, il.

filmed and edited by adam mills, tucker phillips & g (andrew smith).
16mm by adam mills & tucker phillips.
title design by tucker phillips.

“on a first watching, it may be difficult to remember which white skater was doing which tricks where, but differences emerge after the repeated viewings this video encourages.”
read more here.

purchase the dvd here.

chity ©
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enjoy the film and go buy the dvd, muthafukkas! =)

alex midler at stoner park.

alex spent a few hours at stoner park in santa monica, california. here's what he came up with.

filmed and edited by todd midler.

alex midler ©
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enjoy, yo!

mike anderson tunes out.

tune out the weirdos!!! mike and his friend andrew livingston filmed a video showing us how to use the mike comfy earbuds properly.

loud headphones ©
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

welcome the the world of stereophonic sound: volume one and two, yo!

oh, fukk!!! double whammy, yo!

we are very proud to be one of the initial brands to do a series for ride channel, bringing you this first installment of stereophonic sound featuring our newest team member, ben fisher.

filmed by aaron brown, john sullivan and mark spencer.
edited by mark spencer.


nate greenwood hails from west springfield, massachusetts and came our way by word of mouth and the good folks at theory skate shop. when we all saw his footage, our jaws dropped collectively. it was immediately clear the world needed to see this video part. speaking to nate, you immediately realize he's a humble cool fellow and manages to skate this good while working at a skate shop and attending college full time. we are proud to announce nate greenwood as our newest stereo team member.

as you can see, nate's footage is filmed largely in the city boston and we would like to dedicate this video to victims of the tragic bombing recently at the boston marathon.

filmed by alex pelletier, intro by jacob messex.
edited by mark spencer.

more to come on the ride channel. so, stay tuned, yo!

the ride channel ©
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poetry in motion.

this short film was done in '09. this is d.i.y 101! enjoy it anyway. =)

i made this video for my film class during my time at fullsail university. this for all my diy dudes.


gonerfest 9!!!

hells yeah!!!

crusty spots and rad skating all day. big parties and rocking shows every night. thanks goner records and memphis for such a good time. as seen in the may issue of thrasher mag.

thrasher magazine ©
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two hours with julien benoliel in marseille la friche pool diy 2013!

short and sweet footy!

julien benoliel in marseille, france la friche pool diy!

le-site-du-skateboard ©
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zoo york 20th anniversary collection!

hypebeast / zoo york ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: hypebeast

zoo york began back in 1993 as the collective formed by new york skate icons rodney smith, eli morgan gessner and adam schatz. 20 years later, the brand is still going strong and they couldn’t be happier. celebrating two decades in the game, zoo york presents six limited edition skate decks accompanied by six matching tees. paying homage to its roots and the city it calls home, the decks and tees feature nyc-centric imagery and graffiti. the entire collection is currently available at select skate shops.
- arthur bray.

zoo york ©
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lowcard mag issue #47 promo...

you still win when you lose!

issue #47 is out now! check with you local shop to get a copy or visit lowcard mag to order one direct.

riders in order of appearance: ryan farley, adrian williams, jabari pendelton, danny fuenzalida, carliegh samson, adrian mallory, dylan williams, john jackson, cooper wilt, james martin, spiro, daniel dubois and dirty.

filmed by taylor morgan, ricky flip, tadashi, adrian williams, joshua chambers, joseph cousins, colton light, dan zaslavsky, brendan bill and richie valdez

lowcard mag ©
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expedition one all ages: ryan gallant!

ryan gallant / expedition one ©

art: expedition one

ryan gallant is a talented performer that always puts on one hell of a show. for his latest act, he rocked a solo gig that will have any crowd going wild. gallant's sound is contemporary, raw, and to the point. combined with his technical skill, his unique style makes him one of the most respected artists in the business. whether it's with the group or rocking by himself, gallant's powerful melodies will leave you wanting more. expedition is proud to present ryan gallant's latest masterpiece which is sure to be an instant classic.

this part is dedicated to ryan's home town - the great city of boston. on behalf of the entire expedition team we would like to send our condolences to the victims of the bombing attack on april 15th and their families.

expedition one ©
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everything goes!

siqqq montage!

a waltzing photographer follows a loose board around a city block.

shot and edited by joe pease.

the predatory bird ©
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99 degrees skateboard emporium hoody inspired by thrasher mag'!

hells yeah!!!

99 degrees skateboard emporium ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: 99 degrees skateboard emporium

dedicated to the best magazine in skateboarding!

99 degrees skateboard emporium ©
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hans moleman going skatin'!

the simpsons / matt groening ©

art: matt groening.

you are never too ol' to skate! if hans moleman can do it, so can you! hahaha! =D

the simpsons ©
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team habitat in colombia!

team habitat kickin' arse in colombia!

fukkin' hell!!! you hafta watch this flick! big ups, team habitat!

skateboarder magazine © habitat skateboards ©


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

paradise wheels - spring team montage.

they're are all killin' it! big ups!

paradise wheels - spring team montage.

featuring: matt rodriguez, ron allen, dave abair, carlos young, hugo balek, fernando covarrubias & zak gonzalez.

paradise wheels co. ©
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

skate wars!

jon wallack ©
click on the image to enlarge.
 illustration: jon wallack

boba fett 5-0 grind on the copping of the pool! epic!


slap presents: dime turd season (full length).

a li'l late but what da fuck?!!! this shit's insane! taking canadian skateboarding to a whole new level! fukkin' hell!!!

slap presents 'dime turd season' in it's entirety. with savage street fights, cgi animations, animal genitalia, juvenile tobacco use and joe valdez all packed tightly into 22 minutes, the dime trilogy has been completed. this third installment will leave you craving for more.

featuring: antoine asselin, scott decenzo, andrew mcgraw, hugo balek, grant patterson, charles rivard, js lapierre, lee yankou, alexis lacroix, wade desarmo, kevin lowry, plg, eric riedl, ryan decenzo, paul liliani & many more.

directed by phil lavoie.

slap magazine © dime © 
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

come one, come all for the deathwish video premiere!

unknown ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: unknown

the deathwish video singapura premiere!

venue: home club
date: saturday 20th april 2013
time: 8pm - 10pm

and what more, some deathwish product toss! hells yeah!



this is real street skateboarding at its best!

filmed & edited by quentin guthrie.
additional filming by phillip james, josh roberts and tyson may.

featuring: tyson may, mitch cunningham, eugene stewart, matt reilly, josh roberts, harry clark, justin lloyd, phillip marshall, joe bothams, alistair bell, issa hassan, paul bruno, quayde baker, quentin guthrie, steve bailey, ryan mclagan and james ahern.

"word is bond, son!"


why closing southbank skate park would suck for london.

southbank is one of my list of spots to skate before i break my bones and they are demolishing it! fukk this shit!


if you're anything like me, you'll often find yourself approaching people in the street, saying, "hey, you know what london needs? more cafes." because there just really, genuinely aren't enough, are there? i mean, take supposedly gastro-friendly spitalfields market, for instance; there are only four prets, three eats and two branches of pod in a five-minute radius. and as for fusion taco stalls and evisu stores? don't even get me started, mate. honestly, it's like living in brezhnev's russia sometimes.
- clive martin.

read more, here!

vice magazine ©
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first look thrasher magazine may 2013!

the may 2013 issue comes fully loaded with the full-length csfu creature video. let corey duffel give you a quick ride through some of the highlights.


ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

so, i copped the new issue of thrasher magazine may 2013 - issue #394 + creature skateboards csfu dvd earlier in the afternoon! hells yeah!!! can't wait to watch the dvd! super stoked!

thrasher magazine © creature skateboards © 
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Friday, April 12, 2013

philadelphia with mark suciu!

i need'a get me'self a crowbar! for real, for real!

filmed over a couple of trips to philadelphia during the fall of 2012 and winter of 2013, mark suciu makes his official debut for adidas skateboarding.

adidas skateboarding ©

Friday, April 05, 2013

adidas x blood wizard.

adidas and blood wizard have teamed up to bring you the adi-ease blood wizard shoe. this shoe is available at select retailers today. be sure to check out the adidas blood wizard giveaway on facebook happening all week for a chance to win one of 70 prizes. we will be giving away shoes, boards and wizard packs with stickers, temporary tattoos, koozies and patches in them.

adidas skateboarding x blood wizard ©
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death match 2013: part 1 of 2!

live music sparked the session, and with guys like raybourn, raney and zered attacking the ramp, you knew things would get gnarly.

watch more of thrasher magazine's death match on facebook, here.

thrasher magazine x converse ©
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Thursday, April 04, 2013

switch mongo...

forty two minutes of pure madness!

out of portland, oregon comes these guys' fourth installment of skating, beer and plenty of other antics.

lowcard magazine ©
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Monday, April 01, 2013

this is skateboarding!

unknown ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo and words: unknown

damn straight!