Sunday, June 16, 2013

41 bangers from charles bronson, spazz, asshole parade, pretentious assholes, unanswered, palatka & despise you!

this is skate thrash!!!

pessimiser records ©

image: pessimiser records

a1 charles bronson - the story of my life
a2 charles bronson - grown up corpses
a3 charles bronson - big pig on a pope
a4 charles bronson - i'm so smart now
a5 charles bronson - as fucked as gator
a6 charles bronson - skate for god
a7 charles bronson - you will go (steve caballero)
a8 spazz - sir wax alot
a9 spazz - billy pepper's fist in the glass eye of jake phelps
a10 spazz - skatin' and satan go hand in hoof
a11 spazz - b-street butta
a12 spazz - town center
a13 spazz - crazy eddie
a14 assholeparade - hash thrash
a15 assholeparade - 700 years
a16 assholeparade - just a reminder
a17 assholeparade - launch ramp


b1 pretentious assholes - south of new haven
b2 pretentious assholes - willow brook warriors
b3 pretentious assholes - servitude
b4 pretentious assholes - kill thy slavemaster
b5 pretentious assholes - player dog rest in peace
b6 pretentious assholes - decisions
b7 pretentious assholes - buried alive
b8 unanswered - social insecurity
b9 unanswered - classification
b10 palatka - bicentennial
b11 palatka - vultures, hyenas
b12 palatka - apartment
b13 palatka - property values
b14 palatka - straight (straight youth)
b15 despise you - blindside assault
b16 despise you - extinction by design
b17 despise you - it made that man snap
b18 despise you - end of the line
b19 despise you - run for your fucking life
b20 despise you - you can't...
b21 despise you - we won't stop cutting you
b22 despise you - cry to the bleeding sky
b23 despise you - mental winter
b24 despise you - rage of the helpless



Saturday, June 15, 2013

the duct tape surgery boys!

unknown ©
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photo: unknown

the duct tape surgery boys and me at the last leg of their tour. super fun guys to be around with! i'll see you guys in jakarta and bandung, indonesia this july, a'ight? you guys brought down the house, when you were in singapura! skate thrash at its finest! big up, guys!


p.s. roy is a retard! =D

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

some shit from roy of duct tape surgery! hells yeah!

ironxhanger ©
duct tape surgery tour t-shirt front.

ironxhanger ©
duct tape surgery tour t-shirt back.

ironxhanger ©
 duct tape surgery patch and stickers.

ironxhanger ©
 a bunch of happen skateboarding magazines.
photos: pinkviolence

received some goods from roy, the bass player of duct tape surgery from jakarta, indonesia and i only picked it up last night. ha! sorry, roy! dan terima kasih ya, boss! =D


Friday, June 07, 2013

dangerous posse montage june.

some footage not being used in the dangerous posse video. enjoy!

some footage has been building up, so here is montage of footage not being used.

featuring pedro day, jarrod rigby, kobe graf, lp nuku, nathan jackson, beacho, jayden dp and dennis durrant.

filmed and edited by luke rigby.

dangerous posse video coming soon.

gorilla jump!

unknown ©
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illustration: unknown

this is an old one but still a gold illustration.

going ape shit!!!


p.s. this image is definitely from deviantart.

hells yeah, word!

sidewalk magazine ©

illustration: sidewalk skateboarding.

get in tuned!


one day with 5boro.

tight video! chooon!

as nyc rising week continues, we spent a spring nyc day with the 5boro crew. we hit the les park with joe tookmanian, willy akers, rob gonyon, silvester eduardo, danny falla, mark nardelli and jimmy mcdonald, then trekked through chinatown in the rain to labor skateshop. an adventurous cabbie gets in the mix with jordan trahan, then the crew makes a rain day return to the manhattan bridge and willy akers takes his frontside grind to a whole new level! god bless new york city’s metal curbs.

video by richard quintero.
transworld skateboarding ©
check out transworld skateboarding.


Thursday, June 06, 2013

new july issue of thrasher mag from i-s!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

got me this thrasher magazine july 2013 - issue #396, above earlier in the evening. shukran, bro'!

on this month's cover features nyjah huston. a sexist pig, a homophobe and a sell out rastafarian. keep your hair short motherfucker, 'cause if i were to ever see you, i'll pummel your face in! =)

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

cctv surveillance master tape!

this is bad, as in good! nyc represent!

the end of the three video series the surveillance tapes. filmed and edited by nick vonwerssowetz.

dvd's available through here for for $10.00 which include all three tapes.

features jacob gottlieb, mike diaz, shawn powers, adrian vega, nick scott and genesis evans.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

siq ass art!

unknown ©
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art: unknown

blunt slide to revert! bad ass art!