Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the phoenix lights!

last post of da year!

most videos feature at least some night skating but pyramid country goes all in and captures the unique vibe of empty streets and bust-free spots.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

50/50, bitches!

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photo: pinkviolence

50/50 - gulf coast x skate gore seven inch! tune, muthafukkas!

enjoy, grinders!

tim & eric's cool secrets.

what you are about to watch may be the last full-length tim and eric part for roger skateboards… not because they are cashing in on some big corpo sponsorships and getting fat (well, maybe getting fat) but because dorking around on your skateboard is hard work. you think it's hard finding that perfect handrail? well think about how hard it is to find a spot that isn't really a spot and then think of a way to wiggle around it and make your board do something and then land on it with some part of your body. these dudes have spoiled filming skateboarding for me, the standard stuff is just so boring. it's cool that little jimmy grinded a triple kinked rail into the roll in of the megaramp but i'd rather laugh and watch them try and throw their board into a crack for an hour. they're on a mission to have fun and get weird and they always nail it. when we first got together to film for a local video i would have laughed in your face if you told me a buttload of teenagers would be watching them skateboarding on the internet and they'd have a board with their name on it. it's awesome what having fun will get you.
- nate joski, filmer / editor of tim & eric's cool secrets.

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old woops new groove!

magenta pros leo valls & ben gore bringing new life to the woops (driveway bumps) once cherished by the sf downhill pioneers such as tommy guerrero & co.

power videography by zach chamberlin.

directed by leo valls & zach chamberlin.

worldwide connections - san francisco - 2013.

support underground skateboarding!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

steve cab's tech deck!

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photo: pinkviolence

my abah (dad) got me this powell-peralta steve caballero old school board tech deck!

my fam' knows the shit that i dig. thanks, abah! much love!

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you know who it is...

when you fall or bail, you get up and fukkin' try it again and again until you nailed it, biatch!

this is just pure fukkin' determination! ishod wair tries to do a switch bigspin down the love park gap! you hafta watch this until the end, yo! so many tries!

it's no wonder that he deserved to be thrasher magazine's 2013 skater of the year! hells yeah, hommes! big ups!

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"nike sb chronicles 2" full video!!!

com'on, guise! who doesn't like free potato salad?

unique styles and some of the craziest board control we've ever seen, all documented with high-end filming: this is a truly epic production. featuring theotis beasley, luan oliveira, shane o’neill, soty 2013 ishod wair and others. free and live on our site for 48 hours!!!

download this video from itunes.

p.s. just so you know, i still stand firmly on my ground! screw nike sb! free what? watch lah! =D

enjoy, bastards!

Monday, December 09, 2013

fukkin' well deserved!

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fuck yeah! congrats ishod wair for taking this years' thrasher magazine's 2013 skater of the year!!!

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Sunday, December 08, 2013

riley hawk is pro!!!

if you don't already know who, riley hawk is, go google him!

who turned 21, won the skateboard mag's year's best am and turned pro for baker skateboards today? riley hawk! andrew reynolds, tony hawk and all the homies were there to surprise him. here's the video of riley getting his first pro board. congrats riley!

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

gou miyagi's part in video nasty!

mr. miyagi is one hella skateboarder!

there are no rules in skateboarding. gou's part from heroin's video nasty is one of a kind.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

thrasher magazine january 2014!

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photo: pinkviolence

long time no thrash!

alright, okay...

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

sewa kroetkov at stoner park.

this dude has got mad flow! chekkit, yo!

check the second damn sunday on ride channel with sewa kroetkov at stoner park. #damnitfeelsgoodtobeaskater
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"...just do the ditty-ditty if you want to..."