Tuesday, April 29, 2014

“kids in a candy city”

“kids in a candy city is a new skateboard film directed by adam turrisi out of the washington, d.c. area. the video features five new full-length video parts from skateboarders rob fall, jason sinnawi, tony rollins, daniel kim, isaiah rodriguez, stephen jefferson, jonas durney plus a full part featuring homies. 

k.i.a.c.c. features spots from different areas such as washington, d.c., viriginia, philadelphia, new york city and california.

“as skateboarders, we’re all kids until the day that we die—it’s undeniable. we love to have fun and please our appetite by chasing down the candy which are these spots we crave in these certain cities around the world. once we get the tricks we want at the spot, we’re satisfied.”

enjoy the film!

episode four of skateboard makes world go round!

este é o quarto vídeo da nova série do olho de peixe, uma coletânea com as melhores imagens do ano passado mostrando que o skateboard faz o mundo girar e nos leva a diferentes lugares. o episódio é produzido por marcos de souza e passa por diversos países na europa.


fourth video of our new series is out now. a mix with best footy of last year, showing that skateboard makes world go round and bring us to different places. this episode is produced by marcos de souza at many countries in europe.

skaters: elton melonio, andrej suchan, caio guimarães, thierry gormit, luypa sin, tuukka korhonen, rodrigo leal, miloslav saly, felipe gustavo, donovan hofbauer, flo erkinger, andreas luger, julien benoliel, alexander risvad, diego fiorese, juan carlos aliste and nagy bertold.

filmed and edited by marcos de souza.

olho de peixe ©
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oh well, whatever, nevermind...!

ironxhanger x vivos apparatus ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

moon will be screen printing a handful of these t-shirts with the design above, for pinkviolence / ironxhanger it'll be a limited edition run and will only gonna be available after labour day (first may, twenty fourteen). so, keep your eyes peeled for it, a'ight? no reservations, thanks! =)


p.s. also, maybe some patches of the same artwork will be in da' works as well! stay tuned! =)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

'lawless' full video!

g'morning sunshine! ;)

brought to you by ripper / filmmaker chris gregson, check out over twenty minutes of concrete crushing from chris, cody lockwood, mason merlino and too many homies to mention. washington street to washington state, these guys are on a non-stop mission. get some!

transworld skateboarding ©

enjoy muthafukkas!

joy riding with nate linford.

nate linford takes a joy ride at his hometown park.
filmed & edited by david duesterberg.

new joy ride deck in 8.1", 8.3" standard shape and 8.5" 90's shape.

available in shops and online at fayuca skateboards and skidmark skatemag.

fayuca skateboards ©skidmark skatemag ©

welcome to the sweet sktbs team barney page!

insane!!! such gracefulness… here's a short promo part. tune!

it might no longer be that much of a secret, but we are super stoked to introduce the newest addition to the sweet team, barney page.

sweet sktbs ©
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walker ryan in méxico city.

fukkin’ gnarly, man…!!!

méxico city trip keepers and b-side footage put into an edit with assistance from quentin tarantino's "death proof".

the skateboard mag ©
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Friday, April 25, 2014

anakin senn and friends.


went down to the new eugene park with anakin senn, micah spiegel and preston cahall. it was pretty blown out but still had the chance to get some quick clips.

the level army in brighton have gone hd!

that’s right jack jeffrey has made the switch to hd and commemorate this technological switch up he has released a new edit of the level skateboard in brighton getting a rate seeing to.

sugar rush, quadrophenia, multi-culturism, gay pride and a rad skatepark. brighton is winning!

additional filming by doyle doyle.

level skateboards ©
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stoops euro tour full video!

for those of you who missed it! =)

huf x thrasher // stoops euro tour | featuring huf team riders kevin terpening, austyn gillette, dylan rieder, peter ramondetta, dan plunkett, josh matthews, keith hufnagel, brad cromer, joey pepper & special guest ryan lay, during the huf stoops euro tour through holland, germany, denmark, england & canada! as featured in the december 2013 issue of thrasher magazine.

camera operators: martin reigel & tyler cichy.
16mm operators: martin reigel & kevin terpening.
still photography: brian kelley & david broach.
video editing: martin reigel.


huf x thrasher ©
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enjoy maniacs!

strange notes presents blow'n up the spot!

killin’ it!!!

josh borden, robbie russo and riley stevens work out some savage lines at channel st. in this blowin up the spot for independent trucks and strangenotes. full-on concrete decimation!

$trange notes ©

matt bennett and chad tim tim lbcity!

matt bennett and chad tim tim get busy at cherry and the lbcity park in this clip for silver trucks.
- tws.

silver skateboard trucks ©

a day in the skate life of klaus bohms in são paulo!

i wanna go to brazil! hells yeah!!!

são paulo is packed with people and sick spots. check out what this brazilian city has to offer while klaus bohms and crew throw down a heavy hand of tricks at every stop on the new #skate.

the ride channel ©
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Saturday, April 19, 2014


pinkviolence / ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

hahaha! what a funny little signage that i knicked in da city earlier! i just had to! lol! =D

"sk8boarding is definitely a crime....!"


p.s. i had to whited out the corporation's logo it was from. i don't wanna be getting me'self in trouble... =)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

skate plank!

jenkem ©
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image: jenkem mag


Thursday, April 03, 2014

doom sayer x brad cromer!

welcome to the doomsayers club. brad shreds!!! he filmed this part on his iphone just for kicks. let the good times roll...
doomsayers club ©
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