Saturday, May 31, 2014

lib legs 2013 (the movie).

lib tech skate hits the road with rippers to rip ripping skateparks on unbreakable skateboards made by bitchin' skateboarders with jobs in the usa (near canada). these trips are known as lib tech legs. this movie features those legs with skating from the likes of sky siljeg, mikey swearingen, chad fenlon and a bunch of other rippers. it's a veritable roadhouse style roundhouse kick to the paunch of park skating! hide your vert! these piles love tile!

lib tech skate ©
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pop trading company.

pop trading company is the benelux distributor for palace skateboards, magenta skateboards, quartersnacks, dank magazine & grey magazine. they also offer a small line up of pop trading company dedicated garments to support their team.

clip #01

riders in order of appearance: hugo snelooper, alexanders belhadj, noah bunink, bastiaan van zadelhoff, tibbe deltenre, willem dirks & willem van dijk.

edited by styn dirkx.
filmed by sami el hassani, yannick wijgman, booticelliboys, simon ruesink, marc bolhuis, steff de haan and federico da fies.


clip #02

riders in order of appearance: noah bunink, bastiaan van zadelhoff, alex raeymaekers, hugo snelooper, simon de boer, willem van dijk and alexander belhadj.

edited by stun dirkx.
filmed by sami el hassani, yannick wijgman, booticelliboys, steff de haan, federico da fies and maarten de ryck.

pop trading company ©
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shane o'neill's backyard skatepark!

shane o'neill is the latest pro with his own skatepark. peep the backyard concrete beast! the first few sessions edit is fire!
- tws.

land of rad montage!

after a lot of injuries and rain we have been filming a few different people for the land of rad parts but have decided to drop this montage of all the footage so far! big ups to all the heads in the video. andy king, robert glennon, jack bereford, lou charles, mark stern, raw beats josh, daniel thomas. massive thanks to dotz for the music track "tomorrow" which you can download here.

arkology street media ©
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p.s. if you cannot access arkology's site, visit their facebook page here!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

vox backin' iowa.

this last week we swept through the midwest to catch up with the local skaters and videographers of iowa. we had the opportunity to cruise around our filmer's home turf and meet up with some of the kindest people around. huge thanks to subsect skateshop, the flat land crew and stone bros for all the support.

vox footwear inc. ©
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thrasher mag' june 2014!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

my wonderful second eldest sister copped the new june 2014 issue of thrasher magazine for me earlier yesterday. she da best!

thrasher magazine june 2014 - issue #407!!! i missed out on the previous months' issue of da mag'. fukk me! =|


first look with jimmy carlin.

in an era of dwindling page counts, the bible is still thick. jimmy pores through the june issue with his signature pizzazz.

thrasher magazine ©
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

alex olson web clip part.

here is short compilation of various web clips featuring alex olson. check it out, yo!


"from the borders" full feature!

laughs, slams, makes, nature shots, and some unique editing. this one is a trip. special mention for dave mull's ripping and creative part starting at 4:52.

the worble ©
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

one of a kind manwolfs' button!

ironxhanger x manwolfs ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

d.i.y custom made this manwolfs button for me earlier in da evening. it measures 1.2 inch in diameter. i fukkin' love it! thanks, brotha'! this is one of a kind! stoked!!!


be a manwolf today!!!

support kvlt skateboarding!

manwolfs ©
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Monday, May 26, 2014

tketht vol.2!

this is pure street skating!

tketht vol. 2 full length a film by aki turner.

starring ricky webb, victor garibay, marcus sorrell, matt jackson, rashad turner, mario realegeno and tislam smith.

guest appearances by nykel smith, cooper wilt, garret wilson, sunny jackson, derrick barney, kevin bradley, derek burdette, julian smith, emmet duffy, sean mccormick, felipe nery, julian huckleby, carlos zarazua, anders nordlow, kevin blanco, donnie dortch, mike patterson, jayden williams, rj cooper, sean hill, osmaan shamsiddeen, kento sasaoka, jp souza and ryan ashburn.

additional editing by osmaan shamsiddeen.

visual effects by ronald ashburn & ryan ashburn.

tketht ©
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putting indonesia on da map!

mentally ill.

mentally ill skateboard video by buckstore about semarang night skating featuring yoga satriya.

filmed and edited by asmoro dimas.

buckstore-id ©
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00.00 skate video.

this video displays 100% night skateboarding that features several skateboarders from jakarta, indonesia. when most skateboarders avoid to film at night because the lack of light will destyroy the picture quality it produces, but these guys don't take no for answer, they still go for it. the reason why is that night time is the most condusive time to film in jakarta. usually the security & street mercahnts aren't that much as in the day and the traffic is also not so hectic which makes it easier to move from spot to spot.

featuring adam andiga, ramdan hadj putra, jimmy bastanta and also other skateboarders like nur istaufa, panji asmorow, jaka satria, adhi kento, perwira bunga bangsa and many more. with all the limitations, once again they prove it's still posible to make something out of nothing.

filmed by mazini hafizhuddin and edited by adam andiga.

goo skate media ©
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enjoy da footages, yo!

downtown tko!

masaki ui - round one.

downtown tko part 1 featuring bordeaux’s own minuit tribe member; masaki ui.


evan kinori - round two.

downtown tko part 2 featuring evan kinori cruising san francisco by night.

thank you yoan & evan for making this!

filmed by yoan taillandier, remi luciani, nikola racan and colin read.

edited by yoan taillandier.

prize fighter cutlery ©

Sunday, May 25, 2014

the golden skateboard.

a fully functional gold plated skateboard for fifteen grand, anyone?

when his dad took a job at a brooklyn technology company that makes gold plated components for nasa, nyc artist matt willett had an idea: to plate a complete skateboard in gold. in the latest dose, timbo visits epner technologies in brooklyn to witness the transformation of a shut skateboard into a 99.9% pure electro plated gold piece of art.

network_a ©
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“born under a bad sign”!

this film was released in 2011. neckface as a super-villain!

an action horror meets street art film from isaiah seret + neckface.

starring: neckface, mindy kelly and wayne dalglish (stunt double).

directed by isaiah seret.

screenplay by isaiah seret & neckface.

filmed at the museum of contemporary art, los angeles (moca) in conjunction with the exhibition art in the streets.

c1rca house: episode 6.

in this episode of #c1rcahouse david gravette, ryan reyes and taylor kirby skated the fireside ditch. then they headed up to la to skate with jack olson. also windsor, james and kirby stopped by kr3w to skate the park!

skateboard cafe spring / summer '14!

fuelled by caffeine and alcohol!

this video advert to promote the skateboard cafe’s spring / summer range is too sick! nice editing, good aesthetics, complimentary music and fucking rad skating all feature.

watch to see mike arnoldjosh arnottshaun currieharry ogilvie and korahn gayle skating their locals really well!

skateboard cafe ©
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

converse "10 days to texas" full video!

this well-filmed video has a rad adventure vibe and has some of the biggest ditch terrain the us has to offer.

featuring manderson, louie lopez, sammy baca, kenny anderson and nuge. special mention for ben raemers' gap to 50-50!

keegan sauder and blood wizard!

long time shred veteran keegan sauder joins the blood wizard squad with a lil video of him rippin' some bay area skateparks.
- thrasher magazine.


blood wizard ©
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image: blood wizard

blood wizard ©
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anthony “gogurt” amedori for hustle skateboards.

skate all cities (san francisco division) anthony amedori a.k.a “gogurt” has been seen ripping the streets of oakland as of late. here’s his introduction video for hustle skateboards. stay grindin' my ninjas…

filmed by erick sandoval with a few clips from trestin jones.

hustle skateboards ©
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enjoy da footy!

skate melbourne.

nick boserio, jon fitzgerald, bryce golder, max couling, jack kirk, matt reilly, sam george, anthony mapstone, gabriel summers, casey foley and crew give you a personal skate tour of melbourne, australia.

more episodes of skate on the ride channel, here.

the ride channel ©
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welcome to sore, josh cox!

josh cox is officially a street serpent!!! welcome to sore, josh!

filmed and edited by jake martinelli.

check out josh's interview in caught in the crossfire, here!

sore ©
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introducing pizza skateboards!

pizza skateboards commercial featuring mike nero, cody hewitt, will grayson, chuck donnatin and jesse vieira

filming by richard hughes, matt mullen, alex kissinger, brendan stadelman, jesse welch and sebastian reetz.

edited by richard hughes.

pizza skateboards ©
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

vans poland 2014 welcome skate edit.

with pleasure we wish to present you polish vans team. present crew are three perfectly rocognizable shredders, already well known at the polish skateboarding scene. andrzej kwiatek from cracow, modest as usual, the man firework machine, making his lines at the totally spontanious way. rafał modranka brave rail-killer who has recently discovered his skills at rampskating. przemek hippler the youngest of them, typical "transition kid" fondly specialising in old-school tricks. watch the welcome video by radek drozdowicz which is more a documentary than a few-trick skate clip.

filmed on february 2014 in lodz, at 217 skatepark.

off the ©
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when a teenager gets bullied, he finds his own way to battle back. he doesn't engage or fight, he stays above it and true to what he knows, skateboarding and gets rewarded in ways he would have never imagined.

find out where you belong.

a film by lije sarki.

nut bucket films ©
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enjoy da film!

c1rca house!!!

episode 1 - windsor & kirby skate appliances!


episode 2 - ryan reyes.

in episode 2 of #c1rcahouse: ryan reyes moves in, we celebrate taylor kirby's thrasher cover at the new mousegrip headquarters and then roll out with the shep dawgs to prince park.


episode 3 - jimmy carlin.

in this 3rd installment of #c1rcahouse we unveil our new pro, get a private session at the new lakeside skatepark and then head to ikea to snag some bunk beds!


episode 4 - kirby & ryan reyes.

in episode 4 of #c1rcahouse: chef ryan reyes shows you how to make a super taco and then the team takes a quick trip down to az.


episode 5 - david gravette

in episode 5 of #c1rcahouse, the house gets sponsored by pabst, gravette takes on the gallon of milk challenge and we get a session in at the bread bowl.

c1rca team: adrian lopez, windsor james, david gravette, jimmy carlin, robbie brockel, taylor kirby, ryan reyes and jack olson.

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

follow us at: instagram to see daily updates from the #c1rcahouse.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

Sunday, May 18, 2014

huf x mc: australian for tour.

this video is about a month old but it's still legit. chekkit!

featuring huf team riders austyn gillette, josh matthews, joey pepper, peter ramondetta, dylan rieder, kevin terpening and special guest sammy winter, on a recent trip through melbourne and sydney for the huf x mc ‘australian for tour’.

video by martin reigelbrandon kuzma.
edited by martin reigel.
opening title sequence by martin reigelclint peterson.
photography by mike o'meallybrian kelley.


huf x monster children ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: huf

the huf x mc ‘australian for tour’ collaboration is now available at our huf online store and at monster children. all orders of the collaboration product will receive the limited-edition huf x mc ‘australian for tour’ zine.
- huf.

huf x monster children ©
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spa skateparks | arlington, tx.

by far one of the most fun weekends ever… from packing into a car to getting hammers all day and night and from getting our keys stolen and being at the park 'til 3am.

thanks again to spa for letting us come to yet another amazing skatepark!
filmed by rye beres and isaiah rendon.

edited by isaiah rendon.

spa skateparks ©
check out spa skateparks.

rat poison: cory kennedy!

cory kennedy's part in rat poison is full of fun, unique, goof-around tricks but he still has an ender that will make you pause and think, “what the?”. the whole video is sick so be sure to get your hands on a copy, here!

filmed and edited by shane auckland.

the skateboard mag © sk8rats ©
check out the skateboard mag and sk8rats.

"shep dawgs vol.4" full video!

here's the full video that y'all been anticipating for. chekkit, yo!

happy hour shades ©

what a long, strange trip. thanks for the ride, dawgs. here's the full edit from one of the hardest-skating crews we've ever seen.

order your shep dawgs vol. 4 dvd here.

thrasher magazine © shep dawgs ©
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the sesh: dirt jumps!

you hafta watch this footy, if you have not already. fukkin' gnarly, yo!!!

apparently these sweet jumps weren't only made for bikes because chris gregson, willis kimbel, mason merlino and a group of others session the hell out of what appears to be a dirt skatepark in our latest episode of the sesh.

the skateboard mag ©
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

spot on with brian anderson.

in this episode of spot on, the mighty ba talks 3d skateboards, brad staba, skating flatground and more...

interview by rob hoovis.

skatepark of tampa ©
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we are skateboarders (full documentary 2010).

poweredge magazine ©

image: poweredge magazine.

we are skateboarders is a 'as real as it gets' documentation of the soul of skateboarding and how some of the legendary skateboarders feel its soul has changed over the years. since the mainstream has come to play a major role in the skateboard industry, there has been much dispute amongst skateboarders if skateboarding is loosing its purity and status as a core activity. the film tackles this issue with enlightening interviews from famous skateboarders such as lance mountain, greg lutzka, rob dyrdek, peter smolik and christian hosoi, creating the most legitimate discussion towards the controversy in the skateboarding industry. shot in los angeles and nyc.

a film by ben duffy.

poweredge magazine ©
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enjoy the documentary!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

crash up derby tour!

davis torgerson, justin brock and robbie brockel head to england to hit the rugged streets and skateparks of bristol and london with uk real riders jed cullen, dylan hughes and harry lintel. super rad skating, high-speed "crash up derby" antics and overall good times across the pond, this is a must watch!

thanks to pixels for everything! check the uk distributor's site for extra bonuses from the trip.

real skateboards ©  
check out real skateboards.

innocence & experience.

innocence and experience is a short film depicting the changing face of the london skateboard scene in the year 2014. the big smoke has a rich heritage in skateboarding with its unique terrain and culturally diverse inhabitants fusing influences from all over the world to make it one of the most vibrant and individual scenes on the planet. the film is the latest in the ongoing saga that is hold tight london, an independent web video series set up in 2007 to showcase the up and coming talent from the streets of london. this installment contrasts and compares a new generation of skateboarders with the cities more established heads, many of which came up featuring in the original htl volumes.

featuring: domas glatkauskas, blondey mccoy, casper brooker, kyron davis, lucien clarke, nick jensen, sylvain tognelli and many more.

a film by henry edwards-woods.

hold tight london x hold tight films ©
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my tiny collection of skateboarding dvds!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
 skate videos and compilations / video magazines.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
free / promo skate videos.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

first from top left:
30 days - skate video projectpanaroma - di mana kita beradasambai by preduce skateboards and ashbury "part & parcel pilgrimage tour" (free with slam magazine issue 163).

second from top left:
transition video magazine (issue 2), royale video magazine - vol#1 and royale video magazine - vol#2.

first from bottom left:
real skateboards - "from the vaults" volume 1crunch time by strange notes and converse - "prevent this tragedy" (free with thrasher magazine february 2010).

second from bottom left:
thrasher magazine's king of the road 2012 (free with thrasher magazine february 2013) and creature skateboards csfu (free with thrasher magazine may 2013).

if you want ironxhanger to feature or review your skateboarding dvds, please get a hold of my mailing address thru' email here.

oh yeah, i'll post my skateboarding vhs video cassettes tapes here next time. if you don't know what a vhs video cassette tape is, go google it! =D


p.s. i'm searching for royale video magazine dvds vol#3 and vol#4. if you know where i can get a hold of them, please drop me an email here. thanks a whole lot!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

louis los angeles.

"louis los angeles" is an independent film promoting skating, lifestyle and overall happiness! the video itself was filmed over the short span of 4/29/14 to 5/4/14 upon my first few days of living in los angeles!

featuring: tony montgomery, zack whyel, anders nordlow, maurice jordan, daniel wade and rey arista.

filmed and edited by blaze dubois.

additional angles / production assistance by zack whyel.

whyelfiles ©
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the killing floor s/s14 team edit.

coinciding with the release of our new s/s14 season of boards and goods. a new short edit featuring the family.

skaters appearing are mark gutterman, lance chapin, matt barry, miles grube, taylor kennedy, clement oladipo and nate guest.

s/s14 is now available in select shops worldwide. get killing floor goods at your local skate shop, and if your local shop doesn't stock us, ask them to!

the killing floor skateboards ©

totally ozsome!

the creature fiends and friends get fully pitted in a bevy of bowls down under.

featuring creature team riders: darren navarrette, willis kimbel, al partenen, chris russell and friends: josh borden and bugs fardell.

creature skateboards © $trange notes ©

more skate brand key chains updated.

more skate brand key chains as promised in the post here.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

from top left:
ambig clothing - chopper key chain cum bottle cap opener, vans key chain cum pocket skate tool, bitch skateboards limited edition key chain and fourstar clothing key cap cum key chain.

from bottom left:
fourstar clothing - lakoston rubber key chain, zoo york - roach promo key chain, random aluminium skateboard key chain cum bottle cap opener and vans carabiner cum key chain cum bottle cap opener.


joey guevara video part for atlas.

atlas presents a full length video part of joey guevara.

filmed and edited by justin ching.

additional filming by miguel valle, carson lee and kevin calderwood.

atlas skateboarding ©
check out atlas skateboarding.