Sunday, June 29, 2014

davis torgerson's "ticket to ride" part.

thrasher magazine x real skateboards ©

it's tough to pinpoint but there's a bunch of unique elements to davis' skating that make this part so fun to watch. quick, explosive snap. effortless makes. trick choices that edit well together. congrats, davis. what a great part!

thrasher magazine ©
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davis torgerson "since day one"!

part one.

in a lead-up to his highly anticipated full-part (premiering here on friday), davis talks about how he started skating and shows some old clips.

part two.

here davis talks about the minneapolis homie vid that put him on the map and eventually got him on real.

part three.

a bunch of riders from real give their thoughts on davis and congratulate him on going pro. his full part premieres here tomorrow.

thrasher magazine © real skateboards ©

orchard's "stone soup" full video!

new england skateboarding at it's finest! chekkit!

shop videos represent everything we love about skateboarding and this one from orchard in boston has it all. it's a true glimpse into the scene, complete with sick local street spots, young upstarts, surprise guests, legends like jahmal williams and even some shredding from the owners.

orchard skateshop ©
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en'fukkin'joy, folks!

milk lisboa 2014!

milk skateboards hit lisbon, as seen in sidewalk issue 213.

the full edit from milk skateboards' recent trip to lisbon, portugal.
- sidewalk skateboarding.

filmed by luke petty, elliott simmons & mark radden.
edited by luke petty.

milk skateboard co ©
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Friday, June 27, 2014


owl skateboards presents: ‘nocturnis’.

a short promotional film to mark the launch of owl and the new parliament’ series.

owl is a creative collective with the aim of supporting artists through the medium of skateboarding. we are based between bristol & brighton, uk.

filmed by stefan darque.
edited by al hodgson.

owl skateboards ©
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tengu: god of mischief - subway skating!

the nyc subway skating section of tengu: god of mischief.

a film by colin read.

buy tengu now, over here!

mandible claw ©
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mail from the larb!!!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
the envelope.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
the contents.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

i contacted the larb a few weeks back and they sent me a coupl'a 'zines, that i received earlier yesterday to be reviewed. great effort! a+!


the larb issue #six and #eight!

ironxhanger ©ironxhanger ©

pictured above are two great issues of the larb from san diego, californiaissues no. 6 and no. 8, back to back! lotsa great tranny and vert skateboarding photos! xeroxed and in a cut and paste d.i.y manner. pretty good artworks too, i must say! not much words in these but they're simple and thin, yet pleasing to the eyes. you should grab these! imma sukka for anything d.i.y!

later, blader haters!

the larb ©
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p.s. send me your 'zines and i'll review them here on ironxhanger's blog. contact me, here, for my mailing address. thanks! =)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

still cookin'...!

it has been two years since “what’s cookin’?” came out. but here’s another recap, ready to go for get 3, coming out this october 2014! hells yeah!!!

watch the previous promo, here!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

josh matthews: perpetual motion.

josh matthews’ part in perpetual motion was the sleeper hit. with organika announcing josh as its newest pro and this in-depth interview by mackenzie eisenhourhere, we’re releasing his part online for the first time. get groovy with josh and the grateful dead.

transworld skateboarding ©


nate guest welcome to the killing floor!

the killing floor welcomes nate guest to the fam. we are stoked to have him along for the ride!

filmed and edited by nick kraus.

the killing floor skateboards ©

nick jensen's "eleventh hour" part.

we are proud to present nick jensen’s part from jacob harris’s award-winning independent video, eleventh hour. copies of which are still available from good shops across the uk.

you can read a short interview with nickhere.

grey skateboard magazine ©

my latest collection of skateboarding related sticker book!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

photos: pinkviolence.

i dunno what happened to the previous ones i made. but anyways, sorry... so, here's a new one i just did. hope it's fine.

i came to acquire these stickers thru' out the years from skate companies, skate shops, skate magazines, friends, pan pals and more.

these stickers are not for sale but trades are most welcome! but only if the value matches up. thanks, again! =)


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

phil zwijsen's "tokyo days" part.

simply put, this makes you want to skate. it's pleasing to the eyes (and ears), you'll see. a lot of enders are gnarly, this one's a beauty!

thrasher magazine ©
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p.s. this is my last post on this blog until i feel better. hate being sick... =|

got this in the mailbox yesterday.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
the envelope.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
the contents.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

i emailed sk8face, here, a few weeks back and they sent me this envelope filled with stickers and a postcard. thanks, sk8face!!! much appreciated!

email, sk8face, an you might get lucky too! =)


Monday, June 16, 2014

tom day x huf uk!

heroin skateboards representative tom day has landed himself a spot on the huf uk team and what better way to shout about it than with this raw as fuck section!
- pixels.

huf ©
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keep on pushin'!

i've been skateboarding for the past twenty odd years and i still suck! hey, i never claimed to be good at it. =)

keep on pushin' represents what skateboarding means to me, it is my way of thanking skateboarding for all that it has given me.

keep on pushin' is part of redirect, a celebration of skateboard filmmaking between red and the berrics. showcasing twelve of the most renowned skateboarding filmmakers in the world, each filmmaker had 2 months to shoot and edit a short film about skateboarding. the contestants were kitted with all components needed to shoot on red.

thank you berrics and red for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing project.

shot entirely on red epic-x mysterium-x with a canon 24-105 lens.

directed / camera / editor by ricki bedenbaugh.

narrated by ian mackaye recorded at the library of congress washington, d.c.
colorist by michael mintz for margarita mix hollywood.

drivers: vicky coleman, brad parker, cole mathews and ryan muldowney.

skateboarders in order of appearance: ray barbee, natas kaupas, matt hensley, pat duffy, eric dressen, kris markovich, salman agah, levi brown, stacy lowery, shiloh greathouse, chad tim tim, rob gonzalez, danny montoya, collin provost, julian davidson and ryder parker.


four, a short film by preservation board co.

starring: warren day, christian dufrene, justin higgins, sean guillory, mikey chim, ernie rivero, ty tarzetti and charlie thomas.

filmed and edited by todd taylor.

preservation board co. ©


working hard jivaro...

working hard: jivaro wheels.

filmed and edited by biedenbach.

lowcard mag © jivaro wheels ©

my ride presented by active: trevor colden.

sit down with trevor colden at hollenbeck plaza as he sets up a new board and then commences to rip. find all of trevor’s products from skate mentalnike sbthunder trucksbones swiss bearingmob grip and spitfire wheels at active ride shop.

skate mental ©
skate mental trevor colden check deck.
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: skate mental

active ride shop ©
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

shota kikuchi!

shota kikuchi filmed this part to introduce his consolidated board coming out!

some of these new spots were created by the earthquake and tsunami in japan.

filmed and edited by hideki takahasi.

consolidated skateboards ©

ryan decenzo's "double down" part.

ryan has that rare "problem" where he stacks such a firestorm of utterly insane clips that even a skate rat's brain has a hard time comprehending it all. you just have to watch this.

thrasher magazine ©
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‘el•sol’ taylor nawrocki.

“it was filmed all in valencia, spain in 54 days. from january 17 to march 12. i filmed this part to stay busy for the winter, new york winters are harsh and it’s hard to stay productive, so i decided to skip the winter and make something. el•sol means “sun” in spanish, which is why i went to valencia in particular, it’s warm in the winter which is what brought me there. maybe it will give spain a different look. people think spain and automatically think barcelona or madrid, which puts other cities under the radar. the filmer, alex marco is from valencia, the producer of the song, quique “keith dramn,” is from valencia as well so it’s for their scene as well.”
taylor nawrocki.

transworld skateboarding ©

cuba skate.

one of cuba’s most creative skaters and surfers, yojani pérez rivera reflects on how he and his amigos are #livingoffthewall to make the most of the little they have. mamerto, as he’s known around the island, is among the most active local skaters advancing cuba skate's mission.

cuba skate, an ngo created by american skater miles jackson, is in the process of creating a documentary feature following the lives of mamerto and his scrappy crew, 23yg, to rally the international skate community around its goals:

1. provide much needed skate materials to the cuban youth
2. renovate the only, dilapidated skatepark in havana
3. establish the first skate shop in cuba and foster a bilateral educational exchange between cuban and american skaters

winning vans’ #livingoffthewall contest would help us make the cuba skate documentary a reality and share mamerto and 23yg’s story with the world

thanks for your consideration!

cuba skate ©
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behind the graphic - ben krahn.

behind the graphic with blood wizard's warlock, ben krahn showcasing his graphics and ambidextrous wizardry at burnside.

shot by elias praise.

new boards out now!

blood wizard ©
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9 1/2" of pure evil!!!

heroin skateboards ©

this piece of wood is fukkin' siqqq!!! i need me on of these! now!!!

heroin skateboards ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
images: heroin skateboards

hail thy barrier kult!!! \m/

barrier kult © heroin skateboards ©
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skate brand related lapel pins!

random shmandom bored ass fukk post!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

this is my tiny collection of skate brand related lapel pins. i'm sure i have lots more but i just need to look for 'em and post 'em up here.

i'm pretty sure you can still get the thrasher magazine pin on their site but as for the rest, they are relatively old, so i suggest you try and go look for them on egay or something, if you want some that is.

i can't even search for their names on the world wide web.

but anyways...

from left to right:
thrasher magazine, fuct, dickies, rebel8 and dickies.

thanks for viewing!


skate vietnam with timmy mcmeel.

these local vietnamese got pop, son!

this week, timmy mcmeel and crew give you a personal skate your of hanoi, vietnam.

more episodes of skate, here!

the ride channel ©
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raymond molinar's "metro lines" part.

late nights sesh' are always da' best!

the streets are raymond's kingdom in this stylized, conceptual edit that combines skating in the dead of night, public transit and classic live hip-hop. brought to you by wknd skateboards.
wknd skateboards ©
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Friday, June 13, 2014

lieqi (lq-001) universel lens clip for mobile phones.

here's a sample footage taken by pinkviolence with the lieqi (lq-001) universal lens clip using only the fish eye lens attachment on to a samsung galaxy s iii lte (gt-i9305) android phone.

portable and detachable, you can take photos with your device at anytime. includes a fish eye lens, wide angle lens and micro lens.

fish eye lens: approximately 180 degrees filed of view.

macro lens: incredible focal distance of 1/2" (13 mm) for some amazing 10x macro shots.

wide angle lens: expands the native viewing angle by 2x and screws on to the macro lens as a precision set.

uses high quality glass for high clarity. provides you with a great photo effect. works on most types of mobile phones camera lenses that are not bigger than 13 mm in diameter. also, comes with a small carrying pouch to fill da' goods in.

applicable with many devices and i got it at a discounted price of only 20sgd! fukkin’ good and cheap, compared to this one, here! hells yeah!!! \m/

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
contents of lieqi (lq-001) universal lens clips' box.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
how it looks like when the fish eye lens is clipped on to my samsung galaxy s iii lte (gt-i9305).

click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

can hardly wait to shoot skate videos with these lenses!

p.s. just in case y'all are wondering why i got new lenses for, it's 'cause the previous one i had, got badly scratched. it's all good, 'cause just for two dollars more, i got more stuff in da' box, yo! =)

ba. ku. x osaka daggers in japan!

click on the image above to view the ba.ku x osaka daggers video in a new tab.

apparently there aren't that many jersey barriers in japan, but the barrier kult and osaka daggers still managed to skate the rawest, steepest, most horrendous spots they could find and came back with this sick edit.

filmed and edited by chopper.

adidas skate copa - london 2014.

here’s the sam bailey crafted clip from the banging adidas skate copa event that happened last weekend in hackney.

shop teams from across the country battling it out on the custom street course and then on the footy fields…

sidewalk skateboarding © adidas skateboarding x skate copa 2014 ©

creature skateboards sean conover in the park.

sean conover gets in a little sesh with the homies for this “in the park” for creature skateboards, independent trucks and oj wheels. surprise manuals inside!

creature skateboards ©

footprint insole technology!

featuring: felipe gustavo, paul hart, joey brezinski, vincent alvarez, guy mariano, pierce brunner, chris brunner, enrique lorenzo, alex mizurov, dane burman, kevin romar, jaws, terry kennedy and ray maldonado.

footprint insole technology ©

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the rosa parks boys!

the spirit of skateboarding is alive and well in detroit, michigan, thanks largely to the hard work and creativity of the rosa parks boys. levi's® skateboarding got behind their most recent project, which we were lucky enough to be a part of and document. you're going to want to build something of your own after you hear their story and see what they were able to accomplish.

levi's® skateboarding collection © the skateboard mag ©