Sunday, August 31, 2014

the lawless ones: japan!

feast your eyes upon this epic two and a half week quest in this installment of "the lawless ones". the blood wizard teams brews up mystical spells upon japan.

featuring jerry gurney, chris gregson and jack.
- tws.

blood wizard ©
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

end of summer / labor day weekend 2014!

kings of fall!

it’s that time of year again. this one is a little different because it includes a quick euro interlude from our time in paris and copenhagen this summer. thanks to everyone who looked out while we were out there: rich homie juan, frey dogg, hjalte (i lost your line for some unknown reason, sorry, i’m an idiot), etc. enjoy your long weekend and start planning those outfits for nyfw14!

features alexander mosley, connor champion, kadeem walters, ty lyons, tyler tufty, josh velez, michael gigliotti, matthew perez, jon diaz, haffa, jack sabback, antonio durao, pryce holmes, torey goodall, danny brady, frey dogg, pad dowd, andre page, emilio cuilan, rich homie juan, rory milanes, kevin tierney, uptown eddie and chris haslam’s ex-girlfriend.

contributing filmers: andre page, richard quintero and josh velez.

quartersnacks ©
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Friday, August 29, 2014

c1rca house: episode 12.

fast cars & flat bars!

in this episode of #c1rcahouse the team heads to k1 racing, hits up the dan drehobowl and then cruises out street skating!

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

wes kremer's "crusty by nature" part!

we'll keep this short. wes is the best! the part is amazing and not only that, it's a blast to watch! big thanks to dc shoes for helping to make it happen!

dc shoes ©
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Monday, August 25, 2014

bobby worrest for quartersnacks!

since when did big bob got on nike sb? guess he can pay his bills now... oh well...

with two solid parts already under his belt this year (including the frontrunner for the best part of the year altogether), we linked up with bobby worrest for a third on the occasion of his recent move to new yorkthis dude’s productivity level after over a decade in the game is really something to behold. still one of the greatest classically-trained plaza skaters working today!

guest tricks from lurker louantonio duraoconnor championdaniel kim, and bob reynolds.

filmed by richard quinterojohn valentiaaron chilenr.b. umali and steve marino.

thanks to everyone who helped out. it was a fun one to work on.

quartersnacks ©
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

brad mcclain's "die hard" part!

brad’s “die hard” part is finally out! fukkin’ hardcore skating! check out the drop in at the near end of the video! chekkit, now!!!

this guy is a wrecking ball on wheels! he goes big, he goes fast but he also has the technical touch along the coping. take special note of the backside ollie over the stairs in the pool's shallow end. wow!!!

thrasher magazine ©
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vx1000 moments by kevin perez!

florida filmer kevin perez just dropped a couple vx1000 montages. featuring bryan schaefer, chris blake, bert wootton and more.

most of the footage hasn’t been seen or used, so check it out!

volume one!

some of this footage was used and some clips haven't been seen ever. kevin perez has used the vx1000 for over 4 years and has captured some amazing skateboarding footages with it.


volume two!

here’s more unseen and seen footages that he has filmed over the past 4 years.

transworld skateboarding ©
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let's live!

happy birthday to shane cross, who would have been 28 years young on the 22nd of august! peep volcom's "let's live" in its entirety. this video dedicated in the memory of him.

a volcom skate flick dedicated to the memory of shane cross from 2007. witness life viewed from down under through the eyes of shane cross, dustin dollin, jake duncombe, lewis marnell, chima ferguson, chris wood, joe pease and shane azar. throwing down with mark appleyard, rune glifberg, darrell stanton, nick trapasso and other volcom mates.

in the spirit of shane cross, sit backrelax and enjoy "let’s live".

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
image: pinkviolence

volcom x veeco productions ©
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then & now: erik ellington - part two!

erik's iconic collection of skate shoe continues with his supra footwear models. as part owner & pro skater, erik walks us through the challenges he faced on both ends with supra. having the community support the brand, while encouraging their complex design aesthetic, was a challenge at first but ultimately created a niche that only supra can fill. with his latest model, "the ellington", erik explains how he's been motivated again to create something he truly loves for consumers everywhere.

this concludes erik's "then & now". thanks to all the brands and people involved that help make this possible. special thanks to dan rogers for helping us set it up.

filmed & edited by bobby spero.
produced by jeremy lugo & ashley ann lalicata.

check out part one, here!

ripped laces ©
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jay adams r.i.p.

c.r. stecyk iii ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: c.r. stecyk iii

14th august 2014 marked a sad day for skateboarding as jay adams passed away. jay adams probably was the single most influential skateboarder in the history of this past-time be it through ability, style or mentality, always seeking the enjoyment from it.

glen e. friedman was the first person to have a photo of jay adams published as well as being one of his oldest friends. click here to read the write up as well as to witness other amazing photo’s capturing the steeze and essence of jay adams.

sidewalk skateboarding ©
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video check out: charles deschamps!

sponsors: cliché, dc shoes, hélas caps, thunder, spitfire and spin skateshop.
home: montréal, quebec 
age: 23

plans for the summer: enjoy the good weather while it lasts, skate and travel.
best skate shoes of all time: dc council.
city for skating: barcelona is always a good time.
post session beverage: drink water.
funniest movie: beavis and butt-head do america.
last article of clothing you bought: socks.
new video that gets you hyped: shep dawgs vol.4.
words of advice: do what you love and love what you do.

charles knows what’s up. he knows to appreciate everything he sees on his travels, because not everyone can travel the world and do something they like to do. he knows how to be cool too, so say what’s up if you see him around.
transworld skateboarding ©

Friday, August 22, 2014

powell-peralta "nice beaver tour": part one.

the powell-peralta team invaded western canada on their "nice beaver tour" for concrete skateboarding magazine’s issue #132. this is part one of their journey. thanks to bones wheels, stiffy's, stuntwood and authentic boardshop and to squamish, poco and surrey for having us.

featuring: charlie blair, victor aceves, brendon villanueva, nolan munroe, zack kuehne, brad mcclain, ben raybourn, chris russel and cody lockwood.

cover photo by brian cassie.
filmed by kolby harris and terry larue
video by kolby harris.

powell peralta ©
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in loving memory of shawn whisenant (ako).

a short documentary following the late great artist, shawn whisenant.

shawn whisenant is a born and raised san francisco bay area artist whose art can be found lurking in the streets or galleries and museums across the usa, australia and europe. he has been working on the streets of the bay area since the mid 1990ʼs, where his images continue to endure on walls, mailboxes and other surfaces around the city. he enjoys making books and stickers, taking photos, painting signs and moving about in the city’s shadows. in the streets and galleries, his work has seen many different forms. from rare-hand crafted books, to skateboard films and a signature pair of osiris shoes, his creating doesn’t end with paintings.

filmed and edited by pedro alejandro verdin.

a / v san francisco ©

r.i.p shawn whisenant a.k.a ako. never forgotten...

my rules - the book!

old friends glen e. friedman and ian mackaye got together down at dischord house just outside of washington dc to discuss some of the photographs in glen's forthcoming book "my rules".

you can advance order the book, here.

burning flags press ©

dieta skateboards - california tour!

check out dieta skateboards shredding their way down to cayucos, california from portland, oregon. ripping so hard john morgan had to bounce out in a stretcher!

skaters: frank fariajohnny turgesenjohn morgan and ty hjortland.

filmed and edited by jonathan rezonable.

thanks for watching!

metro skateshop © dieta skateboards ©

Thursday, August 21, 2014

tee hee video: tum yeto section.

"tee hee" a video by tum yeto filmer don luong and furnace skateshop.

tum yeto bro section features: jeremy leabres, ed templeton, collin provost, billy marks, matt bennett, josh harmony, johnny layton, dakota servold, joey ragali, aaron “jaws" homoki and ryan spencer.

tee hee dvd available at furnace skateshop and here!

tum yeto ©
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c1rca house season two!

episode 11 - purge and destroy!

we kick off season two with the whole team reuniting at the c1rca house, hitting up the privateer for a team dinner and a demo at the bishop skatepark!

follow c1rca on instagram hereto see daily updates from the house.

c1rca team: adrian lopez, windsor james, david gravette, jimmy carlin, robbie brockel, taylor kirbyryan reyes and jack olson

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.
additional video by jacob nunez.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

5boro public service announcement!

after 17 years (and counting), 5boro has the distinction of being the longest continuously-running, independently-owned skate company in new york. they’ve helped establish the look and feel of east coast skateboarding from trick selection to graphics to overall attitude.

5boro ©
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note cons project!

the converse cons space in london may no longer be here but the evidence proving it once did exist is pretty powerful! especially when the note boys went in there!

watch the edit below from when 20 of the boys came down to london to completely have off the space.

for photos from henry kingsford, check out here!

whilst you’re here as well check out the manchester scene article and edithere.

edited by the jim craven.

note skate shop ©
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came home to a pleasant surprise on my bed!

some skateboarding art and photography books that i ordered from earlier this month. hells yeah!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

click on the animated image above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

the books.
book one: agents provocateurs: 100 subversive skateboard graphics, book two: maximum rad: the iconic covers of thrasher magazine and book three: fdr skatepark: a visual history.

i also did ordered summore books but they we temporary outta stock. next time perhaps... anyways, i am super stoked with these books that i ordered, can't wait to go thru' 'em. fukkin' a, hommes!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

marc churchill welcome to skate pharmacy!

marc churchill is the newest recruit to the skate pharmacy team. joining the likes of dan cates, dan gee, charlie munro, ross mcgouran and more.

mega props to marc for slaying it and being hard as fuck, recently recovering from a bad slam that left him hospitalised. can’t stop the churchell as he’s back and killing it again!

ryan rebotis welcome clip!

ryan rebotis keeping it raw in the north west streets here with this dope welcome to would skateboards clip!

ryan joins the likes of scott whittaker, ed russel, tom watts and laurie colley.

would skateboards ©
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video check out: cody hale!

home: underhill, vermont
age: 25

plans for the summer: back to vermont for cliff jumping, hiking, boating, and hanging with the homies.
best skate shoes of all time: dc mikey taylors.
city for skating: la is pretty proper, though new york is my kind of city.
post session beverage: modelos or water.
funniest movie: this is the end or step brothers.
last article of clothing you bought: socks. you can never have too many.
new video that gets you hyped: any of the new bobby worrest parts.
words of advice: never forget your roots.

cody absolutely rips! definitely an all terrain vehicle and a fun guy to skate with. he’s not new to the game but he is new to la. welcome brother! this guy is a ledgend.

supra midwest summer tour 2014.

this summer we decided to gather some of the team up and head out to the midwest to hit some skateparks, crusty street spots and hang out with the homies.

with a 15 passanger van loaded up with the likes of lizard king, chad muska, keelan dadd, dee ostrander, nick tucker, sascha daley and spencer hamilton, it was destined to be a good time!

we even scooped up neen in chicago and chaz in milwaukee to join us for a few stops along the way.

enjoy the ride with us through detroit, chicago, milwaukee, minneapolis and des moines.

video by alan hannon and dennis martin.

supra footwear™
check out supra footwear.

jake donnelly's "buffalo's finest" part!

trick selection, power, style - jake has it all and then some. this video part makes you wanna blast over something.

real skateboards © adidas skateboarding ©

r.i.p jay adams…

glen e. friedman ©

(february 3, 1961 - august 14, 2014)

it is with deep sadness that we say goodbye today to "the original seed", jay boy adams. the definitive spark of radical skateboarding and as history will remember him, the most influential skateboarder of all time.

we have lost the man but a legend has been born.

our thoughts and prayers are with jay's family and friends. 

long live jay boy! 100% skateboarder! rip in peace.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

davis torgerson is familia!

after recently turning pro for realdavis torgerson has dropped yet another part. this time it’s for his hometown shopminneapolis, mn’s familia.

familia skate shop ©
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"soy un perdedor, i'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me?"


blind x2 vision trailer!

blind's latest video by bill weiss and mike manzoori fouses on the dynamic duo of blind riders, yuri facchini and tj rogers in his pro debut part.

filmed in hd on locations across the world, yuri and tj put their unique take on skating to the streets and come through with breakthrough parts.

short, sweet and to the point! x2 vision will get you amped to grab your board and hit the streets!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

behind the french fred scenes: cale nuske part two.

cale nuske keeps destroying spots and slamming hard in france, mostly for his cliché's "bon appétit" video part.

watch part one, here!

thrasher magazine ©
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

fdr montage!

a light hearted under da bridge skatepark montage by these three fellas.

fdr montage with sebo walker, olan prenatt and elliiot murphy!

filmed and edited by ben fordham.

gracias la ©
check out gracias la.

p.s. i orderer the fdr skatepark: a visual history book from, should be arriving next week! so stoked! can hardly wait!

frank shaw at kensington skatepark.

this footy is four months old but it's still dope! frank's a ripper!!!

hoax x blk/mark

filmed by sheldon barr.
edited by alberto scattolin.

hoax mfg © blk/mark ©
check out hoax mfg x blk/mark.

wheels on fire – creature blaze it in copenhagen!

it’s nothing but bangers, as the creature team take copenhagen by storm on bikes with bbqs built in.

you really can’t beat summertime in copenhagen. it's a city comprised of thousands of bike riders, so the creature team and some friends took to the streets and skated anything that crossed their path, come hell or high water. sometimes literally floating on water.

check out the related story, here!

red bull skateboarding ©

p.s. the only fukkin' thing that i do not like about red bull skateboarding videos is that it auto plays by itself! fukk that shit! =|

life is...

this is an ol' one.

" is an ode to freedom, freedom of expression and action, through the skateboarding as a brush, the streets as a palette of colour converted to grayscale and carried to the visual record as a canvas in a screen, for its communication. life are two days and we embarked on the quest for color. life is... a poem led to the streets, through the am_r, not to say or, by its imperfection. the complete, the friendship, the collaboration, the day-to-day effort without the need for justification, an interpretation, of freedom, in my humble opinion."

unknown ©
click on the image above to check out brian perkins of am_r's facebook page.
photo: unknown

skateboarding in palestine - التزلج في فلسطين

"(i am submitting this video on behalf of mick kirkman who is out of the country with little to no internet!) my name is charlie davis and i set up the organisation skatepal in 2012 after seeing the potential for skateboarding in palestine whilst i was volunteering there as a teacher. mick kirkman volunteered to come out with me this spring (2014) to help out and to make a short film about the project. skatepal is a registered charity and promotes skateboarding in palestine through building skateramps / parks and holding classes. since 2012, we have been growing and developing the skateboard scene in the country. we are set to head out again in a few weeks, with a diverse team of 20 volunteers, to build 3 new skateparks in palestine responding to the enthusiasm we received on our previous trips. it is very exciting to be present at the outset of the growing interest in skateboarding in the west bank and to work with highly motivated children who have a love of the skating. we focus on areas where the children are most disadvantaged due to life under military occupation and we strive to offer young people a creative outlet to express themselves creatively and positively through skateboarding. a lack of sporting opportunities in the areas in which we work means that this project is very important for these young people, for whom there is not a lot to do. they often get caught up in the conflict and so we want to give them the opportunity to channel their energies through skateboarding. we were lucky to have mick come out with us and shoot this excellent short film to help promote our project capturing the feeling and atmosphere of the west bank."

please help us support skatepal! your donation counts! شكرا

skatepal ©
check out skatepal.

20 years of chocolate!

congratulations to two decades of chocolate skateboarding, since '94!

the magnificent manolo with another mixtape masterpiece spanning the first 20 years of chocolate skateboards. featuring the entire chocolate team and pulling from goldfish, paco, mouse, the chocolate tour, hot chocolate, fully flared, pretty sweet as well as other rare and unseen footages.

chocolate skateboards ©


house of vans london!

rob smith welcome to vans edit at the house of vans london!

kingpin skateboarding ©
check out kingpin skateboarding.


launch party!

last week we saw the launch of house of vans london, a 3,000sqm art, music and skate space under waterloo station and the latest addition to london’s creative playground. representing the eclectic diversity of london and the cultures that have embraced vans from its humble beginnings, through five decades, house of vans opens with a showcase of creativity and a commitment to nurturing its next generation.

house of vans london ©

ben grove's part in shads!

mark kendrick's psychedelic manchester street skating scene video!

ben grove's part is absolutely gnarly!

from manchester scene video shads.

filmed, edited and produced by mark kendrick.

purchase the dvd, here!

note skate shop ©
check out note skate shop.

grizzly griptape presents danny hamaguchi!

grizzly griptape presents a solid 3 minute part from danny hamaguchi.

camera & edit by peter alexander.
additional camera by amrit jain.

grizzly griptape ©
check out grizzly griptape.

brian douglas for bones bearing!

straight out of dirty jersey, making his name at love park, now residing in long beach, california and one of 5Boro’s finest! here's the long over due part from brian douglas also known as the godfather or bdougs by his close friends. brian tore some ligaments in his knee while filming for this part which put filming on hold for awhile but he's 100% healthy now and ripping! so sit back and enjoy the technical ledge skating of brian douglas.

bones bearings ©
check out bones bearings.


krooked x wes humpston!

dlxsf ©
 click on the image to enlarge.
image: dlxsf

krooked and wes humpston limited edition gonz release

available in select skate shops and bulldog skates.

krooked x wes humpston ©

east county bound & down intro!

filmed and edited by jesse silva.

additional filming by alexis mairena, nate correia and tyler aghas.

buy the dvd in da link below!

east county bound & down ©