Tuesday, September 30, 2014

andrew classon welcome to langley!

presented by coastal riders and dirtmedia.

andrew classon filmed an entire street part in langley, bc.

filmed & edited by dallas lang.

coastal riders ©dirtmedia ©
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

c1rca house: episode 17.

windsor james, jimmy carlin, david gravette & more in la.

this week the crew heads up to la, we hit the famous star park with the real homies, checked out lincoln park and jack and robbie get down on the redondo rail.

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

Saturday, September 27, 2014

north // west!

buttery...! for optimum pleasure, watch it in 1080p! now!!!

featuring: julian shaw, charles myatt, scott anderson, miles kondracki, jah ruler, george horler, daniel nicholas and jack mccallum.

filmed in edinburgh from july to mid september 2014.

additional filming by graham tait.

north skateboard magazine ©

Friday, September 26, 2014

pass~port in new zealand 2014!

view the tour article in issue #32 of the skateboarder's journal.

filmed by james james.
edited by trent evans.

pass~port ©
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tony manfre on the spot!

the one and only tony manfre gets steezy on the concrete lumps and ledges of the cow palace diy in san francisco. brought to you by oj wheels, independent trucks and strange notes.

oj wheels ©
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adidas originals x palace skateboards!

welcoming palace skateboards into the adidas originals family!

the first collection from the collab drops worldwide 27th September 2014.

palace skateboards x adidas originals ©

david sanchez's "consolidavid" part!

fukkin' raw skateboarding!

david sanchez has a raw, aggressive approach to skating and he destroys all transitions! his remarkable glue-feet keep him on the grip and allow him to roll away from everything!

consolidated skateboards ©

scott stevens skate part for 2014 "no country for bad burke"!

siq tricks!!! 'nd snowboarding! snowboarding???

i apologize for the delay. uploaded it the early saturday morning. drove out to a wedding… meanwhile my internet crashed ad the upload never finished… i’m back it’s up and hope you like feet touching the ground. thanks for the patience. the whole video will be out soon, some of the guys wanted a few more tricks for their parts.

change that tape ©
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wes kremer's "extra crusty by nature" part!

check out this ten minutes footy of wes kremer! bangin'!!!

simply amazing! kick back and enjoy this behind-the-scenes journey, featuring slams, outtakes and never before seen footy. wes is best!

also check out wes' "crusty by nature" part, here!

thrasher magazine x dc shoes ©
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manhattan days - a film by pontus alv!

manhattan days is a film composed by pontus alv celebrating the converse cons polar skate co. ctas pro and featuring cons and polar riders aaron herrington, kevin rodrigues, david stenström, jerome campbell, dane brady and pontus himself.

taking inspiration from back in the day when you skated all over the city we carted around some east coast style plates and a pole jam in a skateable shopping cart and just let the skating happen!

converse cons x polar skate co. ©
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

marky goes to europe!

the polo cholo, marky numbers went to europe this summer with no plans other than to take a train (run a train?) all over and skate some terrain. this is him in his alter ego's natural habitat.

welcome skateboards ©

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

jason park's "hometown" part!

skating level = asian!

no uniforms, pass interference calls or coaches telling you how to act in skateboarding. do whatever you like. jason park blazes his own trail. now watch him annihilate his local park in hawaii!

thrasher magazine ©
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long live southbank!!!

they finally made it!!! yes, yes, y'all!!!

long live southbank celebrates our epic victory in securing our undercroft forever! recap on our journey from our first jam in may 2013 all the way to the finish line.

featuring skateboarding from the likes of casper brooker, chewy cannon, blondey mccoy, domas glatkauskas, kyron davis, joleyon pressey, darius trabalza, rob smith, lucien clarke, chris ault and many more!

plus the undercroft community; tomek, louis, henry, grant, jason, dylan, jasper, ben, max, chillie, sam, rueben, zin, cameron, savannah, jin, george, felix, biko, thomas, rory, lukas, aaron, mekka, frederico, james, faris, craig, yaps, greg, mark, d*face, nick, danny, rob, will, tom, jim, emanuel, george, stella and a cast of thousands! 

this was all of us… together... for future generations.

a short informational film from the current generation of free minded individuals who call southbank their home - a now can do without threat.

we did not the this unique organic and expressive community be destroyed in the name of capitalism!

we took action - we stood form - we won!

watch how it all began here with '40 Years Later - long live south bank’.

get a piece of history by buying the book and helping the campaign, here!

long live southbank ©

"atom" a •source skateboard video!

get stoked!

"atom" is the first episode of my new independent video project called •source10 minutes skateboard films featuring our crew & wonderful encounters coming out every 4 months.

featuring: roman gonzalez, oako pion, remy taveira, gauthier rouger, alex richard, josh pall, fred plocque santos, guillaume dulout, luy pa sin, kevin rodrigues, paul grund, ben chadourne, manuel schenck, edouard depaz, silvester eduardo, jordan trahan & vincent touzery.

ben chadourne x •source ©
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cherrybrook cash grab!

red dawg's cash grab at the newly extended cherrybrook skatepark.

starring red dawg, the cbr army, nik stipanovic, nathan taylor, pup, john dykj, jack fisher, billy lukins, will hine, matty johnson, justin cox, macca, chopper, puff, daniel barsagin and many more!

filmed by george kousoulis.

skateboard shop ©
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adidas skateboarding: new stripes!

the future is looking bright for adidas skateboarding contingent, especially with newcomers, na-kel smith, miles silvas and tyshawn jones, joining the am roster. adidas have even treated us to this new joint part which is sure to get you hyped!

adidas skateboarding ©

Monday, September 22, 2014

crossing the perth dimension!

magenta presents 'crossing the perth dimension' - a short film about our connection with the skateboard scene of the remote city of perth, australia

featuring the skateboarding of leo valls, jimmy lannon, koichiro uehara, james whineray, josh roberts, liu puli, steve bailey, ricky watt, glenn palmer, james ahern, harry clark, eugene stewart & leigh barlow.

produced by vivien feil.
directed by leo valls
filmed by josh roberts.
edited by josh roberts & leo valls.
super 8 film by josh roberts, leo valls & james whineray.
analog photography by liu puli, james whineray & garth mariano.

magenta skateboards ©


Sunday, September 21, 2014

mike bricke for assault!

killing it!!!

assault would like to welcome vista ripper mike bricke to the team.

filmed by frenchy, clint wall, jon bricke, austin ayub, mike lawrence, cyle conger, scott gerent, eric bennet and peanut.

also checkout mike's video footage party, here!

residency in the uk!

from penny to lizard, switch god to furby, the supra team covers all the bases. they recently took occupancy in the uk and went to work. everyone put it down but special props to ellington for going the extra kilometer.

supra footwear™
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

nyc rat reel!

three days of good times in new york. featuring shane o’neill, josh pall, spanish mike and diego najera.

skateboard shop ©
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c1rca house: episode 16.

jimmy carlin, ryan reyes & more at woodward!

in this episode of #c1rcahouse we finish off our trip by stopping by woodward west, as  jack olson, robbie brockel, ryan reyes and jimmy carlin tear it up!

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

kill tapes: 24 hours in vegas!

some late night vegas spots get attacked and then a wild ditch session heats up during the day, including lizard king's truly epic nose manual. so sick!

thrasher magazine ©
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jak tonge - family edit!

drawing boards pro jak tonge skates his local in portsmouth with his kids. click here for his interview on being a skate dad.

filmed by matt simmons.
directed by ad.

caught in the crossfire ©

skate london with nick jensen!

nick jensen teams up with rob mathiesontom knox and jacob harris to give a virtual tour of london, skating from slam city skates, through the centre towards the east part of the city.

banging skating from all and an insight into isle skateboards at nick’s studio. tasty stuff indeed!

the ride channel ©
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loved by few, hated by most!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

word! stay pma!


copped a couple of skate stickers...

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

copped a couple of skate stickers from interstate boardshop earlier in da evening. a spitfire and a heroin skateboards "video nasty" sticker.

that singapura 50 cents coin is just to compare the size of those stickers.

a'ight, that's all! =)


Thursday, September 18, 2014

the beasts from the east!

one of the raddest things about skating is going new places, searching for new spots. boiling heat, packs of mentally disturbed monkeys and 100% skateboarding define this three-week journey through bali as the beasts from the eastan 11-person crew from germany — seek out untouched spots and skate everything from ancient temple grounds to jungle mini ramps. find the time and give filmmaker sebastian linda's visual treat a watch. you won't be disappointed.

check out the journey of the beasts, here!

the berrics ©
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the eric dressen collection by independent truck company!

skateboarding legend eric dressen talk about his inspiration and artwork behind his new line of clothing, trucks and accessories. the eric dressen collection by independent trucks.

independent truck company x nhs fun factory ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

independent truck company ©

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

torro! skateboards x good things skate shop!

the torro! crew recently paid a visit to good things skate shop in port washington, ny and beat the rain with a fun session at the manorhaven skate park. we ended our day in long island with an outdoor bbq and some good laughs. 

checkout the video featuring leo heinert, joseph gil, dennis miron and benny guerra.

filmed by founder rodney torres and edited by dennis williford.

special thanks to joe puglisi at good things.

torro! skateboards ©
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converse nyc & la street spots!

converse has a cool bi-coastal skate spot project going on you may have seen on the web and social media. it’s an offering to the skate world, so go find and skate ‘em while they last!

converse skateboarding ©


symirroretry is a docu-film by andrew lovegren. coming this fall 2014!

symirroretry ©
check out symirroretry.

escapist x krooked: kc city racers!

the krooked team heads to kansas city for the gonz city racer art show with special guest sean malto.

escapist x krooked ©

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

match made in hel!

want to skate at helsinki airport with arto saari and his crew?

join the arto saari invitational session and get access to totally unique skate spots on the top of the world, at helsinki airport. visit the link below and enter the session to match the best of east and west.

match made in hel ©
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bohnam fall 2014.

featuring koki kasai & cody subio.

bohnam co. ©
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Monday, September 15, 2014

c1rca house: episode 15.

santa cruz’n!

in this episode of #c1rcahouse we head to santa cruz and hit up nhs, then we make our way to san jose!

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

frankie heck's "dream" part!

this amateur dude rips! watch this footy, if you have not already! gnarly!

the state of texas has always been a hotbed for heavy hitters on the stuntwood. consider frankie heck its latest offering. this dude rips, so just wait till you see his last trick.

thrasher magazine ©
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the no skateboard!

remember dave england from jackass? the one who proclaimed himself "the world’s first professional pooper" because he can shit on demand?

well, now he’s making videos of his own – including this one where he rips off a ‘no skateboarding’ sign and turns it into a skateboard.

pretty sick, no?
- mpora.

rossangeles ©
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

man is the bastard deck!!!

substance abuse skateboards ©

man is the bastard x substance abuse skateboards ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

hey, namelbisivni! i'm still waiting for this plank! where's my b'day gift? =D

man is the bastard is my all time favourite band! west coast power violence!!! here we go!!!

board pusher ©
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jamal smith paines 2014!

nice and clean editing and filming on a vx1000. chill session...

jamal smith skating paines in philadelphia with friends kevin taylor & ishod wair.

filmed & edited by nick wnorowski.

check out nick's dvd "retrograde"here on big cartel or email him, here!

also, follow him on instagram, here!

nick wnorowski x retrograde ©
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riders of armageddon!!!

this was uploaded a month back but it's still legit! skateboarding and metal in da' mix!

also, check out their site for some seriously siqqq board graphix!

bpxsc presents "riders of armageddon"!

featuring kyle armendariz, matt valdez, bj valbuena, brayan osorio artega and jay mal.

many thanks to gorement, demilich and midnight for supplying the epic soundtrack! turn it up loud!!!

black pool skateboards ©

johannesburg dream!

converse cons presents "johannesburg dream".

featuring cons ambassadors, remy taveira, david stenstrom and introducing felipe bartolome

johannesburg was an amazing departure and the varied terrain of the city certainly threw up some crazy spots that made the trip really special and unique.

converse skateboarding ©

wair's wars - ishod wair remix!

the black soty strikes back!

rené is one talented mafaka! check out this edit of ishod wair made by him! fukkin' brilliantly awesome!

rené x pied de biche ©
check out pied de biche.

joyride by william strobeck!

a new strobeck edit is something we always look forward to. this new one’s got sage elsesser, sean pablo, tyshawn jones, ave, dill, bryan herman and more. the nine-minute back up to cherry.
- tws.

supreme ©
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