Saturday, January 31, 2015

ambivalence | adelaide based skateboarding documentary!

inspirational and moving...! motivational! you have to watch this docu-film! =)

ambivalence ~ is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing. stated another way, ambivalence is the experience of having thoughts and/or emotions of both positive and negative valence toward someone or something.

the story behind the project:
my original plans for this project were to promote skateboarding not so much as a sport but more of a lifestyle. i aimed to reach out to the growing community of skateboarders and shed some light on this incredible sport.

i focused not so much on the feeling of skateboarding but more so the freedom of speech and the positives that come from skateboarding.

for the last few years skateboarding and filmmaking have played a huge part in my life. i wanted to get adelaide, my hometown on the map! this was my way of doing that.

attempting to educate the members of society that often cast a negative view on us as skateboarders and hopefully shed some positive light on this wonderful thing. that is skateboarding.

purchase the film, here!

featuring: james goreing, mark alcorn, matthew symons, jarrod knoblauch, andre castellucci, darryl heaft and joff s-l.

additional skateboarders: blake henderson, mitch horn, zack lycos, callum murray, kieren schroeter, beau hinge, mike andrew, andrew lovatt & many more!

written & produced by lachy pfitzner.
cinematography by lachy pfitzner.
ddited by lachy pfitzner.

post sound by kadison noack.
poster & dvd design by danny howe.
additional cinematography by christian nicolescu, rigel noble, jace mitchell and mike andrew.

music by canidae.

lachy pfitzner ©
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enjoy the film!

the tired video, yo!

long over due footy... thanks to yamani, for spotting it out fo' me! thanks, yo! chillax skate sesh', check it out! funny ass fukk!!! =D

some of us had it, then lost it. most of us never had it but still love it. this video is for you... and you too. welcome to the team!

tired skateboards ™
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Friday, January 30, 2015


these guise are not legit! they don't sponsor no fucks! they're just out there to cash in on your fukkin' money and not send you da' goods! fukk 'em!!! total rip offs!!! check out their instagram, here! fukk heads! fukk you, meat skateboarding!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

upcoming "black flag" spoof tee!

ironxhanger ©
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this new spoof tee of black flag's "police story", will be printed on dark heather grey fabric on gildan ultra cotton t-shirts.

look out for it!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

†alright now, won't you listen...†

ironxhanger ©
photo: pinkviolence

yabba dabba doobie in a dime bag! =D

vol 4 ©
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Monday, January 26, 2015

skyroom (full video)!

chillax skating... nothing serious nor too heavy... get yo’ drank ready, fellas! tune in and drop out!

downtown san siego skateboarding!

premiered thursday, august 14th, 2014 at the persian tf.

filmed by ricky covach and ryan rullman.

mixed by ricky covach.

featuring: alex pourfard, davis sarvey, jarrett toomey, collin demary, kyle kapanka, nick zacharias, ryan rullman, ricky covach, parkshark and gary bolos.

photos from the video, here!

ravebike x skyroom ©
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everything comes & goes...!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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again, i had nothing better to do but to recover from my illness... =|

i've been sick muthafukkaz, sick!!!



“dos amigos”!

check out our spring 2015 wild west inspired collection as dee & nuge head out to joshua tree searching for new spots and get swept into the psychedelic spaghetti western world in “dos amigos”!

vol 4 ©
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

wanderers of the wasteland!

our double rock filmer "redder" isn't always inside the park. check out this montage of his travels around the bay area.

thrasher magazine ©
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eleven episodes of thrasher magazine's king of the road 2014 + bonus!!!

i know, i know...! i'm far behind on this one but watch all of thrasher magazine's 2014 king of the road episodes below! have fun and enjoy the footages, yo! also, big ups to birdhouse skateboards for taking da title of thrasher magazine's kotr 2014!!! \m/

episode one!

the hour is upon us! we present kotr in all of its pee drinking, shit eating, booty twerking, hammer dropping and point counting glory!


episode two!

episode one was just the beginning. burger king, babes, buttholes and much more brutality are a click away!


episode three!

alec majerus kills kinkers, birdhouse joins team handsome and nyjah and the atl twins get buck on atlanta's cyclops rail!


episode four!

evan smith gets a heavy nbd, nyjah kills the milf game and majerus goes for the grind of his life. this kotr is out of control!


episode five!

louie lopez keeps it cherry, jaws takes the stank leg next level and matt berger boardslides the universe. heavy duty!


episode six!

majerus spins rail magic, raybourn breaks the blunt fakie world's record and nyjah makes out with himself?! shit's getting' trippy out there on the kotr!


episode seven!

the fan as kotr reaches skatopia - pipes, poultry, peter smolik and then somebody gets their windshield smashed in. and this only the halfway point!


episode eight!

clive swaps spit, raybourn goes gou, nyjah plays with fire and louie takes it off the top rope as kotr blazes on!


episode nine!

louie grinds a harsh 30, the rocks take revenge on clint and nyjah's piggyback ender has to be seen to be believed. new shit, kotr-style!


episode ten!

as the teams converge in their final city, curren battles fat bob, smolik flexes his tech and nyjah tackles two of the most hectic kinkers you'll ever see! only one more episode before the winners are announced saturday night!


eleventh and final episode!

in this final episode, nyjah continues his handrail assault, majerus gets sent to the hospital and clint dies for all his kotr sins. winners announced now!


highest, longest and most!!!

here is where the big points are earned. this has to be the heaviest kotr to date. nollie 3-flip fs board? wtf…!

thrasher magazine ©  vans shoes company ©

stickers, magazines + random mandom shmandom!

ironxhanger ©

got some stickers earlier today at a local skate shop! a spitfire wheels "keeping the underground lit", gold wheels and a small independent truck company decals. =)


ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

i also got the new issue of thrasher magazine february 2015 - issue #415 (king of the road 2014 issue)! it includes a free "thrasher magazine's 2014 hell of a year" dvd! hells yeah!!! can't wait to pop it in my computer and watch it! \m/

and check out the first look video of feb 2015's mag with jamie thomas below.

jamie was on king of the road with zero three times and they won it three times. it takes a kotr legend to comment properly on our february issue.

thrasher magazine ©
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Monday, January 19, 2015

rick rossi's "h:ead law" part!

i gotta cop me'self a copy of this dvd, pronto!!!

rick has a unique bag of tricks as well as some unreal, never-seen spots at his disposal. that combination will always create an interesting part. the last three or four tricks here are pretty wild!


info about the h:ead law dvd:

directed by keelin austin.

filmed and edited by keelin austin, mitchthefilmer and tony schwichtenberg.

original font by tony schwichtenberg.

featuring: rick rossi, garrett rathbone, luke clark, aaron cannon, keelin austin, delano harris, jered smith, mitchthefilmer, tyler smith, corey fisher and jx moss.

hand numbered, only 200 available on the first release.

screen printing courtesy of alec smith and kat stephenson.

video length: 50 minutes.

bonus length: 1 hour and 50 minutes.


gid cha'self a copy of the h:ead law dvd, here!

h:ead law ©
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enjoy, yo!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

welcome jake reppert…!


with the new year, comes the new blood!

jake has been with us for so long and has stuck by our side and supported us, that he has totally earned his way on to the team.

expect his first video part to be something worth waiting for later on this year.

bring on the freethinkers…!

filmed and edited by karl weber.

lost soul skateboards ©

p.s. thanks to ray gurz for emailing me about the updates! gracias, brotha'!

2014 mastertape!

“it was an accident man…!”

no music, no filler, just four wheels on the concrete. skateboarding is a crime!

gx1000 ©
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"true blue" (full length video)!

check this shit out, yo!

dekline footwear ©

dekline footwear's inaugural - all purpose / full-length / full-strength concentrated video presentation. contains thirty minutes of highly-saturated skateboarding with blake carpenter, chad tim tim, james hardy, pat burke, nick merlino, aaron “jaws" homoki, ryan spencer, matt bennett and dakota servold.

directed and edited by kevin barnett.

camera by don luong.

dekline footwear ©
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Thursday, January 01, 2015


pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©