Tuesday, April 28, 2015

thrasher magazine presents bffs: lucas puig!

euro skater... what can i say? shreds like no other!

lucas puig part one!

lucas has been in the skateboard spotlight since he was a young buck and french fred was there to capture his ascendence from child prodigy to one of the best on the planet! this edit is awesome!


lucas puig part two!

fred had so much epic lucas footage in the archives we made him make a second episode! cheers to 7 more minutes of raw footy from the french master!

watch the rest of that footage and a behind the scenes look at lucas, in a special extra bonus episode, exclusively on french fred's youtube channel, here

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just fukkin' watch these videos, will ya'? a'ight? \m/

“spur of the moment” video!

this video is fukked up!!! siqqq, yo!!! \m/

the crew packed up the rv in la and headed out for the southwest, blazing through nevada, arizona and new mexico before hitting our death match event in austin. they even brought a special guest, and he is actually pretty damn special!

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“survival spanish” video!

killin' it and raw ass fukk out takes!!! \m/

a killer soundtrack, amazing spots and a great lineup of talent, each providing their own flavour. this edit is a beauty!

thrasher magazine.
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yaje popson's “sk8rats” part!

li'l beast from the east coast!!! \m/

yaje came out to visit california from new york and knocked this part out in only three weeksnever underestimate the power of the avocado...
thrasher magazine.

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please, just enjoy these fukkin' footies!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

propeller trailer!

this video is out now!!! gotta git me a copy of da dvd! shit's gonna be dope!!!

propeller, a vans skateboarding video!

featuring the vans pro skate team.

directed by greg hunt.

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roy from dxtxs!!!

roy yusbar x duct tape surgery x ironxhanger ©
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my goofy, gendut homeboy, roy, from duct tape surgery sporting an ironxhanger “beer air” tee in jakarta, indonesia back in '13! i hate you, straight edge fag!!! hehehe!!! kiddin'... you know i love ya', b! =Þ


copp'a nadd'n!

ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

thrasher magazine may 2015 - issue #418! copp'a nadd'n!!! shit's too good!!! \\\m///

andrew borphy and pete eldridge cover it all below:


first look!

brophy and eldridge visit the site of jack fardell's gnarly grind on the may '15 cover to flip through the mag.



jack fardell does the cardiel kink rail fo' da cover...!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

vans laptop cases!

vans apparel x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

it feels really nice being liked and appreciated! thanks for these lovely hook ups! \m/

now, i can keep my macbook pro in one and the other for my electronic gadgets, safely tucked in these super padded cases, when i travel. i can even use them as me head pillows, that's how padded they are! =)

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

two siqq footies!!!

atlas' spring video!

atlas skateshop has been a bay area institution since 2007. this new video edit kicks off with san jose's joey guevara and epically closes with the one and only mark suciu. enjoy!

atlas skateboarding ©
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jack fardell intro!

adidas skateboarding is pleased to welcome jack fardell to the global amateur team!

adidas skateboarding ©

a serious video!

crazy french mafakas! no seriously! just watch!

skatefish presents “a serious video”!

featuring: hugo maillard, axel thomas, armand vaucher, hugo brillet and jean courtioux.

filmed and montage by léo lebas.

more videos, here!

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enjoy, yo!

3026 presents lee santer!

amazing footy of this kid, lee santer! shot using a super wide angled lens! nice soundtrack used too! amazing, i say! amazing! \m/

more footies from 3026 skate video can be found, here!  

a skate video by alex pasquini. shot between 30th march - 26th october, 2014! chekkit, yo!

3026 skate video ©
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siqqq short skate film from madrid, spain! a paradoy of bronze's trust video. chekkit, yo!

in the times in which we live where the metals have a great importance in the world of skateboarding (bronze, gold, silver) we were lacking the copper, one of the first metals used by the man. this is a edit centered in the city of madrid with images that i've been storing in recent years.

featuring: bruce, israel granado, andrew verde, darrel, fernando perez, benito, mateo rotaeche, raoni, pitxu, rodrigo mena, chuli, crisitian estrada, felipe bartolome and muchos más.

estaño + bronce = cobre

filmed and edited by mario fortea.
additional filming by vistol and felix bollain.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

eight things you didnt know about skate shoes!

ride channel ©
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"the intricacies some of us ignore…"


Monday, April 06, 2015

blue tile fever!!! \m/

fu manchu ©

“...a grind back at the far end
signs posted for all of you
things were alright just when
now here's what we're gonna do...”

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