Wednesday, May 27, 2015

skate session in a house!

t'is an old one but still gold! i posted the other video of philipp schuster's skate villa, here, back in 2012.

take one neglected house, add a bunch of top skateboarders, throw in a few tonnes of building material and what do you get? the coolest skate spot in salzburg, created by skater philipp schuster and friends inside a once glamorous hunting lodge.

red bull skateboarding ©


'jib sporting a “monkey air” tee!

najib x ironxhanger ©

my hommie, najib, sporting an ironxhanger “monkey air” tee. fits good on ya', hommes! ;)

also, thanks for the tk troopers, trade, b!


fos graphics!

click on the image above to visit mark fos' graphics page.

big ups, fos, da man behind heroin skateboards, for finally having his own personal graphics page! well done, mate! you're truly inspirational! \m/


nasty neckface loses his mind for baker!!!

one hella hilarious commercial for baker skateboards!

andrew reynolds has five baker boards due and neckface is nowhere to be found… lost somewhere in la. watch neckface rebuild his life!

baker skateboards x neckface ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

get nasty neckface baker boards, here.

baker skateboards ©
check out baker skateboards.

the life we chose...

a short biography film about don ‘nuge’ nguyen.

having grown up with very little prospects in oklahoma city, don ‘nuge’ nguyen made a choice to forge his own way of life, moving out west in pursuit of a dream career in skateboarding. a decade on and there's no doubt nuge’s risk paid off, going on to become one of the gnarliest skaters the sunshine coast has seen.

desillusion spent a day with nuge to discuss the local scene and how skateboarding might just have saved his life.

supported by converse.

this short film is based on the article “anything that can go wrong, will published in desillusion magazine 48, tome 4.

available, here.

desillusion magazine ©

volume 4 welcomes taylor smith! †

volume 4 is pleased to welcome to the team taylor smith! \m/

filmed and edited by dave hoang.

live heavy, travel light! 

volume 4 ©
check out vol 4.

sabotage4 teaser two!!!

nuffin' but random bails but shit's surely gonna be good! just like the rest of the trilogyraw ass fukk! hells yeah!!!  \m/

watch this #sabotage4 teaser, yo! shit's gonna be dope!!! coming soon!

sabotage productions ©

enjoy this teaser, yo! 

sean conover's “thin lips & ginger snaps” part!

sean conover just kills it all! watch this, yo! destroys!!! \m/ 

call it creature-tech: he can flip in and he can flip out but mostly sean just charges forward, destroying every spot in his path!

creature skateboards ©

tony trujillo's “propeller” raw files!

check out t-bird's extended and raw files footy from da vans' “ptopeller skate film! this man is a beast!!! \m/

tony embodies skate and destroy and these vans “propeller raw files are further proof!

vans shoes company ©
check out vans.


june 2015 ish' of thrasher magazine + first look! \m/

thrasher magazine x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

my homeboymiz and also flow rider for ironxhanger, copped me the latest ish' of thrasher magazine june 2015 - issue #419, before our skate sesh' last sunday. it was totally unexpected! shukran, b! great issue and skate session too! big ups, hommie! =)


first look!

daniel lutheran receives an epic surprise before his vans hommies joined him for a tour of the latest issue of the bible! he is so stoked to be on da cover! big ups, dan! super siqqq, siqqq, siqqq!!! \m/

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.

Monday, May 18, 2015

pass~port welcomes nik stipanovic!

smooth sailing! the aussies are killin' da spots! povver!!! choon, yo! \m/

featuring nik stipanovic with his homies and pass~port krew!

pass~port ©
check out pass~port.

city of sails v.1!

these bunch’a cats are fukkin’ awesome!!! check ‘em out, yo! just a short three minutes of your life. =)

featuring: sean bone, james finnerty, aidan rogers, isaac matz and flynn gough.

new montages coming regularly.

matisse banc for blaze supply!

this kid does big thangs! hells yeah!!! this three and a half minutes commercial is siqqq!!! fukkin’ sweet footy, y'all! chekkit! \m/

filmed and edited by guillaume friot.

blaze supply ©
check out blaze supply.


jodie foster's army - skate rock!!! \m/

jfa x jodie foster army ©

“skateboard anarchy”!

one of the best bands out there whom were pioneers of skate rock music! big ups, jfa!!! choon, yo!!! \m/

Monday, May 04, 2015

independent's “f#ck the rest northwest tour”!

fukkin' gnarrr!!! ride the best! fuck the rest! \m/

part one!

these dudes answered the call of the ‘crete and went round for round in the parks and ponds of the northwest. heavy ripping is just a click away…!


part two!

the van chugs onward, the crew stays hungry and the onslaught continues. time to grind…!
thrasher magazine.


part three!

it's hard to believe these dudes stacked so much footage on one trip. part three is the gnarliest edit yet and there's still one more video to come!
thrasher magazine.


part four!

the crew kicks things off at an epic indoor pond before laying waste to more terrain in today's series finale.

- thrasher magazine.

independent trucks co. ©

trooper skater fo' lyfe!!! \m/

listen to the imperial march above by metallica!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

a throwback from 2011.

skateboard trooper por vida! \m/

may the fourth be with you!

star wars x santa cruz skateboards x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

imperial stromtroopers fo' lyfe, yo! \m/