Monday, September 19, 2016

hoojemaflap online blog 'zine about 'zines!

some ol' newzzz...

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hoojemaflap ©

hoojemaflap wrote about ironxhanger some time back in '09. such an honour to be ranked one of the top online skate 'zines by them. the online web 'zine which was based in the uk, came to a halt at the end of '11. oh well... that's that! =|

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

first look at the october issue ov the bible with arto saari...!

living legend arto saari, our 2001 soty, takes a thorough journey through the latest issue.


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photo: pinkviolence.

great issue ov thrasher magazine october 2016 - issue #435 (a free sheet ov stickerzzz included too, yo!) as seen in da first look video with arto saari above, but in all honesty, “do you even subscribe, bro…?”=D

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Thursday, September 08, 2016

san antonio de los baños: a visual vignette!

the video is a 3 minute mood piece mostly shot in a small town called san antonio de los baños, cuba - where the second biggest skate scene on the island resides. on every trip to cuba, we visit this small town to deliver skate gear and support the town's emerging skate community. we bring havana skaters on these trips, and it's a great way to build and grow the island's skateboarding family. shot in july of 2013.

a big thanks to insightful for the licensing of his music!


veedro films follows a crew of talented and restless skaters from havana, 23yg, as they team up with american skateboarder miles jackson to build a state-of-the art skate park and vie for a chance to host their country’s first-ever international skate competition. the crew faces challenges. their current skatepark is decrepit and needs repairs before they can host a first-class skate competition, sponsors are hesitant to work around a harsh american embargo, and there are many bureaucratic hurdles in the way before the cuban government approves construction permits.

but over the 9 months it takes to build the park, jackson and 23yg will prove that they can overcome cultural prejudice, bridge the gap between cuban and american bureaucracies, and host a skate competition, opening cuba to a global cultural movement.

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